Генератор мыльных пузырей ! Это просто бомб…

hello dear friends next
package china. open and look at what’s inside. training team came
soap bubble generator model. everything is packed quite simply. is available
many spare parts. but the most important thing is the instruction in
which has phased pictures on assembly with a little description. enough
everything is clear, so let’s proceed to the assembly. First, we’ll put all the spare parts on the table,
in order to understand what’s what and visually review everything. happy that in
comes with a curly screwdriver for assembly. but I don’t use it
I liked it, it is not convenient to hold in my hand. therefore, he made his assembly. and more
To assemble the generator you need a soldering iron. so if you give a model to a child, Your participation will be necessary.
build the model, respectively from point number one and this is just the same
soldering. it is necessary to solder two engines
wires. Soldering done. maybe not as high quality as if
like, but most importantly, tightly. then we fasten the corners to two shelves.
then you need to assemble the fan. for this we take one of the engines. assembled
fasten the fan to one of the shelves. done.
then I take the platform and install a compartment on it, in which I will install
batteries. the platform is caught by two bolts. I screw another engine to the second stick. then I install the mill from which
soap bubbles should be created. And grab it with one bolt. and already
assembled mill with engine I fasten to the platform.
Next, you need to install a fan. fasten it so that the center
there was approximately a fan in the middle of the circle in order to be
maximum pressure generating bubbles. I bring out all the wires under the bottom of the platform.
Next you need to screw the button to enable / disable the generator.
button in place. just do not tighten the bolts all the way, as under them will
start the ends of the wires. on the one hand we start one red wire from
battery compartment, on the other two red wires from the engines. then you need to solder all three black wires together. The main assembly of the model is over. Now with the help of couplers I will put things in order among
wires lest they cling and interfere with
time of use. there were four plastic gizmos in the kit and there were
it’s not clear where to bridge them. the instructions for them did not say anything, but
twisting a little model in his hands realized that they are installed at the bottom of the platform,
for sustainability since without them the bolts stick out strongly.
Now you need to make a trial run. To do this, install 3 AA batteries. everything works! and the last element of the model assembly. this is
the container in which it is necessary to fill in soapy liquid. unfortunately due to the harsh delivery conditions and ease of packaging, container
lost shape and looks wrinkled and broken along the edges. but still I will
I want to use it all components as is. container
glued to the platform on double-sided tape, which goes to
kit. and yet containers which comes from the kit turned out to be unusable
for use. he is leaking. so I had to make a new one from the box
with capsules for washing. the container got a little size
more, maybe it’s for the better. Next, you need to make a soap solution.
unfortunately personal experience on there was no solution, therefore
I had to ask Google. and as it turned out, there are a lot of manufacturing methods. to me
liked one. it is a mixture of detergent, glycerin and water. in relation to
1 part glycerin, three parts detergent and 6 parts of water. volume of new
the container was approximately 450 milliliters, therefore I fill
respectively 135 milliliters Fairy 45 glycerin and 270 water. but that is of course all
approximately, do not focus on accuracy, since I flooded approximately
150 milliliters and 50 glycerin, and the rest of the space is just filled
water. stir the filled mixture and send to
refrigerator for a day. what for? honestly I do not know. such
instruction. therefore, I will not depart from. yet
important point, water is desirable use distilled or though
would be boiled. a day passed, even more. I will conduct tests. container
it turned out to be a little high it’s not convenient to install, it will be possible later
undercut. all is ready! can be tested. as
the bubble exit is huge. you need to try to run on more
space. run in the room. another thing entirely!
this venture was not left without attention of my daughter and she really liked.
there is one drawback is that the bubbles got strongly soapy out of funds for
washing dishes. and launch in the apartment can lead to unpleasant consequences.
so I recommend starting the generator bubbles on the street or change the composition
mixtures. and now a little slow motion.
soap bubble generator really cool. he can not only
develop motor skills and thinking of the child during assembly.
Well, in the end, add a gallows to any children’s holiday. on this review is completed.
Thank you all for watching! I recommend the goods. link under the video. not
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5 thoughts on “Генератор мыльных пузырей ! Это просто бомб…

  1. Своему ребенку обязательно закажу такую модель генератора мыльных пузырей, я думаю ему интересно будет!

  2. интересный видосик. такой генератор в квартире точно нельзя на долго запускать в квартире, будет краш!))

  3. как раз такой же генератор мыльных пузырей хотел себе заказать, хорошо что посмотрел видео.

  4. зачем делать этот обзор. там и так все просто, этот генератор соберет любой желающий

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