Настоящий Гламдринг Гэндальфа из “Властелина колец” и “Хоббита” – Искусство молота [Eng CC]

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Look to my coming, at first light of the fifth day. At dawn, look to the east. Lord of the Rings. Is there anyone who didn’t watch that trilogy? I hope, you watched it.
– Of course. So I’ve met it through the screen version. Woof, I re-watched again, and again, and again. And then I’ve read the books. I don’t want to compare what’s worse and what’s better but when movie images in my head are layed out on the book narrative, it blows my mind. I’m a die-hard fan since then. And it would be strange if we missed the opportunity of making “Lord of the Rings” replica. Valentin prepared the outline of Glamdring – the sword Gendalf found in trolls’ cave… …wow, in “The Hobbit” novel. – Is it the way?
– Don’t know, let’s try it. Obviously. The forging of this blade is rather easy, but it has some tricky metalwork, so, to simplify it, we must make the billet as detailed as possible. We’ll take the stainless steel 40Kh13 (420 analogue) for the base, beacuse that sword was found in the trolls’ cave, it was there for a very long time, so there are only 2 reasons for why it didn’t deteriorate. It’s either MAGIC! Or it was made from some anti-corrosive material. So stainless will make it just perfect. We weld the round 20mm-long rod as a handle. It’s easier to hold the billet without using tongs. Start the small furnace, it has rather small chamber so the heating is faster, and fuel consumption is slower. It’s perfect when working only with one billet. Firstly, we need to lengthen out the billet in a bar. The peens are half-rounded so the billet is stretching out in desired direction. Reduced contact area increases the impact. This process is simplified and accelerated at times. Switching to the flat peens, we straighten up the surface of the billet. So we forged the steel in a bar from the shapeless billet. Finishing off the tip, we can start to give it the desired shape. When you have round profile peens for the power hammer, you forget the most of your equipment. That’s why you can see it all the times in our works. To forge the tip and not to miss our billet’s length, it’s better to start from the edges to the center. At first we form the edge point and then pull everything to the desired angle We must narrow the blade slightly and then pull it back on bevels, leaving that area wider. We slightly narrow the blade, exactly 5mm, so after bevels’ forging the expanding in the base part would have the same angle that have other parts. Now we’re chopping off the welded handle, the blade is long enough, so we don’t need it anymore. Before bevels’ forging we must form the tang. I’ve made the rough forging. The blade is much narrower than the outline. It’s alright. We have enough thickness and while forging bevels, the blade must match the desired size perfectly. But if wideness wouldn’t be enough, then we forge the fuller. If everything would be OK, we make the fuller on metalwork. For bevels we’ll use the device we’ve made in Zirael’s episode, you can see how we forged Ciri’s Sword, link in the description below. It’s a rough-made tool but we’ll fix that soon. Such a device forms wedge-like bevels’ shape on both sides simultaneously, so the billet doesn’t go sideways. There is still a great deal of material on the edges. We have a special oblique peen for forging the points. With its help, we disperse the metal at the edges. Unfortunately, the angle between peens is very acute. We reduce the center and edges very much. We have to work manually a little. Alexey finally finished the forging. It turned out to be the exact size so I must be careful while cutting off the excess material. Also it is 2cm longer but I think this is good. Everyone loves big swords. We decided to make the handle prefabricated. So we’ll make a thread at the end of the tang. Let’s get to work. On 40 grit rough belt Valentin scrapes the blade by the perimeter and aligns the edges, stainless is a difficult metalwork material. Not titanium, but still. Because of increased flexibility and ductility the abrasive becomes full of metal bits very quickly and the belt becomes worthless. After blade’s forging, the little piece is remained. We’ll make the guard out of it. The problem is, guard has rather complex shape and… …I don’t even know how to make a hole for the tang. Initially I wanted to pass it for the milling. But it’s stainless, 40Kh13, it can leave a scale… I don’t think miller would be glad to see us. So I’ll try to make it with forging. Usually we forge almost everything on power hammers. But I want to make the guard by hand on the anvil. Val got bored of working at the grinder alone, and while i’m enjoying forging the guard by my hand, he decided to work with a disc grinder and vise. Don’t need to ask why. Our self-made machine wasn’t suitable for such a purpose. And Val is better with a disc grinder. Moreover, Val is Gendalf himself as for working with sanders and grinders. I’ve finished the rough forging of a guard and with help of a punch I’ll try to…
– Lex, we’re not going to the milling shop?
– No, you better come here and help me holding a guard while piercing. OK. Piercing the guard of such size is a thankless job. So, with some troubles, we’ve decided to make a slot from outside, where the blade must go through. Thus, we’ve reduced the thickness of the billet more than twice and have given direction for the punch. Everything should work out now. Only Gendalf’s sword was planned, but in our “Guess the Next Replica”, there were so many suggestions about staff so we thought why not to make it too. Gendalf The Grey Piligrim had a staff in the form of a branch. But we’re in the blacksmith shop, and the only thing is made of wood here is me, so we’ll forge. For the base we’ll take the round 51mm pipe. Unlike forging the mass, we need to texture the pipe only while cooling down. When the pipe is heated up, it crumples under the punches. When it cools down and hardens, then there are wood-like notches on the surface. The rough draft is almost done, stainless steel metalwork is difficult, many bumps and curves are left by scotch-brite. I’ll be aligning our future fuller and bevels and giving the blade its proper thickness. Valentin marks the fuller’s borders with a ruler. Oh, if we only had a narrow grinder wheel, this process would be much easier. Well, continue working with a disc grinder. Alexey finished the texture forging. It’s already looks like staff more. With a twisting we’ll give the branch some “vivacity”. Twist the branch in random order. The less evenness and symmetry, the better. The iron wood branch, the strongest wood in the world, is finished. Now with help of 12mm pipe we’ll forge smaller branches and Val’ll pile the pommel. And while Alexey is preparing every element for the staff assembling, Valentin is doing the metalwork on a guard. Yeah, it’s out of stainless steel too. This episode will come to his nightmares for a very long time. All staff details are finished. With a fork, Val is giving the spiral form for all the branches and welds them on in turn. When all branches would be in place, he welds all adjoining parts in a single weld. Then he removes the welds and with a 2mm disc gives the texture to the wood. We anneal all ends and the texture with a torch. This method smooths out the serif, removes all agnails and staff would look like more naturally. This is the pommel of our sword. And even if we drop these turnings, this shape is still complex. We’ve decided to make the base on the lathe, and in usual case, it need to be done on CNC, but we have only general-purpose one. So to achieve this shape, we’ll use the technique of double feed. For the longitudinal feed, turner will switch on the autoequip. And for cross feed he does it by himself. As a result, the cutter moves in an arcuate curve in two axes. Then we mill the hole with a 8mm drill and do a thread. Turn over the detail and that’s where all songs and dances begin because it’s nearly impossible to clamp the curved surface in ‘jaws’. Our detail is 100%-irresponsible and we’re not interested in the processing quality. Even if turning will be made by steps. The centered mounting hole in a tang is more important. That’s why we decided not to forge out the pommel. Even if technically it could be easier to do. But in further work, it could cause some difficulties in centering that hole. What a precious… My precious. Erm, we annealed the staff with powder paint to make the shade of wood darker. And now we will soak it with copper patina to reveal the texture. So I’ll pass the staff to Valentin. Patina is exclusively decorative paint. It’s applied with a brush or a sponge to a dry thing to mark individual elements or texture. We prepared several shades for colour not to be monotonous. A person can hardly see the difference between the metal and wooden staff if he doesn’t know much about it. It’s time to make a pommel. Alexander made this ballistic shell. and I’m to refine it. Now we’re in the paint department where we will cover the guard with a powder because usual paint won’t allow us to etch it. The symbols on Gendalf’s sword refer to Sindarin language. The caption in the guard’s center is pronounced as Glamdring, “foe hammer” in Westron. Symbols on the sides is pronounced like ‘Turgon aran Gondolin tortha gar a matha, i vegil Glamdring gûd daedheloth, dam an Glamhoth”. Translated as “Turgon King [of] Gondolin wields, has and holds
[the] sword Glamdring, Foe [of] Morgoth’s realm, hammer to [the] Din-horde”. Everything is ready, and it remains only to do the handle. We still have plenty of oak, so we’ll use it. Such a bar would be enough, we just need to cut out the shape. Give it a rounded look. And make spiral cuts. We didn’t do the heat treatment this time and there are 2 reasons for it. The first is – stainless steel is hard without any treatment. And the second is – it has high expansion ratio, even in heating, not even tempering. Sword can be warped very much. We don’t want it. You can support us by payment details in the description. Art of the Hammer – Val, are you coming?
– Yeah, yeah. Where are you going, halfling? I’m going home. – I’ve done everything.
– YOU SHALL NOT PASS! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Are you coming? Thanks for watching this episode till the end. And now we want to gift this staff to one of you. Subscribe to the channel, share this video to the world. And there is no random! Tell us why you deserve it and I’ll choose the winner for myself. Everything will be counted, even commas’ places. Thank you for watching and subscribing! We always glad to see you on our channel. See you in future episodes!

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