「AMV」Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – And I’m Home (Eri Kitamuta & Ai Nonaka)

What does a heart encrusted in rust see in a still and soundless world? Looking for someone who looks like they can say, “I’ll see you again” I only end up repeating this over and over again. Once you take notice, there’s the silhouette of someone’s back, crying all alone In a heartrending, lonesome place I want to remain with my hand entwined in yours How many times have I felt the warmth here in this very place? Even if I’ve only mistaken being by your side, I don’t mind The sound of our tears and the colour of our sighs Now ascertain where we are now The distraction of an everyday routine is something that I want, I want to see, even in the future When I think how my voice, full of false bravado, has cracked I find myself surrendering to the dream world When I hold my knees close and cast my gaze downward Suddenly I feel like I’m going to crumble At this rate, at this rate The distant exit we dash toward together is still within reach. Now, let us smile and gaze into each other Your guileless, innocent face bears a jumble and medley of feelings Even when you’ve lost your own way, you remain too kind I call out your name again and again Even if the future is uncertain It pains me just to think of what I can’t let go I’m right here I’m right here You know there is always a place for you to return to, here And that’ll never change With these feelings that remain

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