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Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready to resign your own dream home with today’s surprise toy! The Dr. Panda Home Designer! Thanks to Dr. Panda Plus for sending this to us! It’s an amazing augmented reality kit that comes with a free app which works on… mobile phones and tablets! The kit comes with 12 erasable markers and 51 flash cards! So, let’s open the box and check it out! Here are the flashcards and the markers! The flash cards have characters and different furniture you can choose from! And here are the 12 markets with different colors! Add any of these cards into your design by scanning them Into the app! You can see that on the other side of the flashcards, there is no color! Here’s where you can use the markers to make your own patterns and shapes! You can design it and be as creative as you can! And then just like magic, your own designs will come out in the app! So, now let’s get the iPad to begin playing! Just visit the Dr. Panda website to download the app! There it is! Let’s try it! To start, tap on the plus sign to create a new house! Then, we can select from one of the many rooms! Let’s try the bathroom! Let’s see what we can add… Whoa… Check that out! Nice bathtub! Then, we can also learn about letters! Just drag the letters to their correct positions to spell the word! Bathtub Ha! Awesome! It’s now in their bathroom! Once we’ve added it, we can move it around! Or tap on it to interact with it! So, let’s give a bath! Ha ha! Nice! So cute! Let’s try using the washing machine to wash his clothes! Cool! And maybe we can even try to make him go poopoo! Whoa! Now, let’s try to use the markers to make our own designs! Let’s start with designing some shirts! Hmm… What can we make? Let’s see… Maybe we can put a big “K” for Keith! Then, we can add in some color There you go! I think we’re all done! Then, we can try scanning it into the app! Heyyyy There he is! Wow.. It’s exactly what we designed! Now, we’re in the dining room. Let’s give him something to eat! Now, let’s try to design a chair! Add in some flowers Let’s color this brown for wood… and make the legs black! Scan it! There it is! Nice! Let’s add it to the living room! Cool! Now, let’s add Richy the Raccoon And make him sit on our newly designed chair Now, let’s try the Quest Mode! It’s a fun mode where you can help the characters move into their new homes! They’ll tell you what they need and you need to find the matching flash cards! Do you want to help me choose some furniture? Have you seen a plant? You can spend hours playing and learning at the same time! So, that’s the Dr. Panda Home Designer Augmented Reality Kit! Hit the thumbs up icon to see more videos like this or tell us what you think in the comments below! Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos! Remember, always pack away your toys after you play!

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