🔧 DR350S Rebuild – ep.25 Camshaft inspection and sealing the valve cover

Hello, I’m Marta and this is 25th episode
about rebuild of my DR350S. This time we will check the camshaft condition. Unfortunately, in DR there are no bearings
at the camshaft. It is placed directly in the cylinder head,
so after running without oil, your cylinder head and camshaft are roasted and there is
no way to fix them, you have to buy new ones. We had no idea about engine condition as it
was not running, so we decided to check it before putting it back to frame. So let’s start with the service manual. There we can find what’s the order of unscrewing
the screws holding the valves cover. So nothing more to read here. We just have to unscrew all the marked bolts. Do not unscrew this one. It’s decompression shaft bolt, so we should
leave it alone. After unscrewing all the bolts holding the
cover, we can release it. At first look our camshaft looks very nice. We don’t se any signs of worn out bearing
bushes. Bearing bushes in valve cover also look nice. You can notice only some scratches at the
rocker arms. But it seemed they are very shallow and impalpable,
so we hope it’s ok. Next step is cleaning. We get rid of the old silicone leftovers with
abresive fabric. When everything is ready for assembly we need
to set the camshaft to specific position by pushing the kickstarter lever. Groove at the camshaft should be oriented
like this and cams should point down. In this position all valves are closed, so
there is no tension on the rocker arms. Thanks to this it’s easier to put back the
valve cover. Next we degrease the contact surfaces between
the valve cover and cylinder head. Before using silicone on the cylinder head
I think it’s good to make couple test runs somewhere else. I put on very small amount of silicone on
the cylinder head. We have to go around the whole surface. We spread the silicone a little. Here we made a little fail. We’ve omitted putting silicone around the
rubber cap and then we’ve noticed small oil leakages, when the engine was cold. Not great, not terrible. Before screwing the cover back, we use some
engine oil on the bearing bushes, cams and rocker arms. Finally we can put back the cover. We start with four inner bolts. At each bolt we add new crush washer to preven
oil leaking. Now we are putting back rest of the bolts
and tighten them a little. Now according to the service manual we tighten
the bolts to 10Nm in specific order. We leave the valve adjuster holes open, because
in next episode we will set valve clearance. As you can see, despite we put very small
amount of silicone, it got squeezed out, so there is no need to use tons of it. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed leave a like and stay tuned
for the next videos documenting DR rebuilding.

4 thoughts on “🔧 DR350S Rebuild – ep.25 Camshaft inspection and sealing the valve cover

  1. Here is table of context:
    0:33 – Start

    0:44 – Valve cover unscrewing order

    2:20 – Camshaft position before screwing back the valve cover

    5:16 – Valve cover bolts torque and torquing order.

  2. My mechanic did the same thing, but he forgot to put back the Camshaft Keeper ring, and after running it the Camshaft broke in 3 pieces, destroyed the entire head, and cover….you guys make great videos on the DR350

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