10 Beautiful Two Story Homes for Small Families

Why should I build a two-story home over a single-story? Just like one-story homes, a two-story comes with its benefits. So if you are planning to maximize your home lot, we suggest, you study the advantages of having two-story homes. Here are 10 beautiful two-story homes for small families from Seaconhome in Thailand. The first five houses in this video is a three-bedroom two-story house. There are three basic benefits of having a second story. For practicality sake, it gives you more living space within a given footprint. By going vertical you can get more house in a smaller lot. Here are another set of two-story homes designed with four-bedrooms with a total living area of not more than 200 SQM. Estimated construction cost for these houses Including the first five is $60,000 to $90,000! Aside from space, the two-story house brings better views of your surroundings! So what’s your favorite in this list? For more house designs, don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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