100 thoughts on “10 minute build-Building HMMWV in 10 minutes-AMAZING TRANSFORMATION

  1. 손재주가 장난아니게 좋으십니다.👍
    좋은 정보 잘보았습니다. good job.💝

  2. awww yisss another upload

    also that horn sounded very sick, good thing there's a doctor right there

    btw where'd you get the battery gauge? It looks really slick

  3. On my bucket list. Now I just need to win an auction (kee trying but keep loosing). Spent 23 years active duty and retired in 2016 and want to get one to fix up and travel the Dalton in AK

  4. Nice, neat and clean upgrades, with a more reliable, comfortable, practical and very sharp looking outcome.

    As a result of your thorough approach, good workmanship and videography, you have a new subscriber.

  5. That was awesome!! Is there a chance you can put the names of the places and costs where you got the aftermarket parts from, seats, fan, etc. ? Again that was awesome!!

  6. nice very nice

    First take a Humvee
    Second make it a Funvee

    I painted mine in sky blue with orange stripes. I added maroon leather to the dashboard and a matching carpet on the floor. I installed a stereo system and some colored LED lights

  7. Inspirational. It's taken me 9 months to completely tear down an LMTV… it's time for a "look back video" I think. Thanks for the idea, and great job on your hummer.

  8. Kool Dakota the Military sure could use you in the motor pool what’s the cost,doors,headlights,air conditioner change I was wondering about cost I would love one from a Veteran who rode the old jeeps!!Great Work,Great Video!!!

  9. Pretty sad that now a beat to crap HMMWV costs as much as a new car 🙁
    I'll never be able to trade up from my CUCV at this rate.

  10. holy fuck the view count is already at 85,000 views and it's only been 6 days…did this video get shared on facebook or something?

  11. Esa hamer Qué diseño tan pirata que tiene por dentro no me gusta el diseño por dentro está bien anticuado muy caro tan feo

  12. Doesn't matter if 99.9% of people think a dog can squat down and make something better than that. As long as you like it, that's all that matters.

  13. I can't believe how dumb people think that this only took 10 mins, if you look at the video he is moving like 5 times as fast as the normal speed of the video in real time, he is like 12x, and we are watching in regular speed ,if he had been moving in regular speed with no cutouts then I'd say it's legit but it's not

  14. Hello, I would like if it were possible, you give me the idea, what is the value of a vehicle of this later and ready.

  15. well done on project…next time you change fluid in geared hubs, pop the back plate of and check torque, or actually torque the spindle nut to 27 ft lbs… very important to do this! believe there is a spider washer as we called them, push up the tab with a flat blade and if you dont have the cookie cutter socket, brass punch and a hammer with light taps it will come off… damn nice video and job well done!
    Kurt Seidel USMC

  16. As long as it rides like bone stock, no matter how clean it looks, it is for sure crippled and unconvenient performer in any relation.

  17. To clear up any confusion, this video is 10 minutes of time lapse from the build and 3 minutes of showcasing the build at the end.

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