10 Most Expensive Construction Projects in the World 2018

10 Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever
in the World We’ve often heard that money talks, we have
even believed it even though we know that our dollar bill doesn’t come with a long
tongue! Okay, bad joke! The point is that money has the power to speak
for itself because it equips humans with the capacity to develop the society. Apart from education, what is a major way
to do this? Construction, that’s right! Big, important and expensive construction
projects are the lifeline today and money makes it happen. But how much money could you burn for such
development projects? Loads of it, tons of it, way beyond your imagination! Oh forget imagining, we have a list of 10
of the most expensive construction projects ever, it’ll leave you awestruck! Number 10. The Channel Tunnel: $22.4 Billion
Did you know that the Channel Tunnel is known as “Chunnel”? We must say it was a case of smart naming,
100 points for that! Anyway, Chunnel spans beneath the stretch
of water between the southern coast of England and the northern coast of France. It comprises of 3 parts, 25 ft in diameter,
and one service tunnel 16 ft in diameter, with each spanning 31 miles underground. Whoa, that is not small but then it also took
a lot of time, the machines began working on it in 1988 and the tunnel was functional
only in 1994! But the most interesting thing is that it
cost fifteen French and British companies $22.4 billion to complete! That’s a lot of money and since it is controlled
by the financing group Eurotunnel, we can say they have some real assets here! Number 9. The Big Dig- $23.1 Billion
The Big Dig was the most expensive highway project in the US, and was plagued by cost
overruns, delays, leaks, design flaws, charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials,
criminal arrests, and one tragic death. Even though its planning began in 1982, the
construction work was carried out between 1991 and 2006. That’s a long gap as you can see and when
the project finally concluded on December 31, 2007, it was over ten years behind schedule! We’d call it unpardonable! But the worst part is that the delay cost
millions of dollars more than it was expected to. All this happened because it was badly planned
and went massively over budget, costing the taxpayers an estimated $23.1 billion! Isn’t that a little too much? Number 8. Kansai International Airport- $29 Billion
Located off of Japan, in the middle of Osaka Bay, the Kansai International Airport was
another expensive construction. After all a construction cost of $29 billion
cannot be called cheap by any means, right? Part of this money was used for metal support
columns and other structural pieces that were a must in order to prevent it from sinking. What, didn’t we tell you that the airport
rests on a man-made island? Anyway, it was constructed to resist the semi-frequent
earthquakes and tidal waves of the region. Interestingly, it has withstood both typhoons
and earthquakes successfully since it was built. This is proof that Japanese technology is
not overrated! Number 7. California high speed rail: $33 Billion+
It started in 2015 and Phase 1 is expected to be completed by 2029, good news. But the flip side to this good news is that
the California High-Speed Rail project is already way over its original budget. This isn’t so welcoming! It is the first project of many that will
be underway to complete one of President Obama’s first-term pledges, which was to connect some
of the major US cities by high-speed rail. What chief executive officer adds is for the
project, Jeff Morales, has said that although the project will cost more than the $33 billion
it was originally budgeted for; the costs are trending down due to new emerging technologies. Let’s have a happy dance! Number 6. Songdo international business district-40
Billion What do you think would be the cost of building
a smart city from scratch? If you have $40 billion in your pocket, you
have nothing to worry about! That’s how much is estimated to be spent
on building a ubiquitous city in South Korea. Songdo IBD is the smart city we are talking
about which is built on 600 hectares of reclaimed land along Incheon’s waterfront, 40 miles
southwest of Seoul. It will be a “smart city” like no other, complete
with ubiquitous WiFi, automatic recycling plants, and other technological innovations. Some replicas of landmarks from other cities
will be built there, including one of Central Park. Sounds cool! Number 5. Dubailand-$76 Billion
Let’s take you back to 2003, when Dubailand was announced, it was one of the most ambitious
leisure developments ever proposed anywhere in the world costing $64.3 billion. But Dubai’s financial crisis severely affected
this and the project was paused in 2008. It was later resumed in 2013 after a long
gap is now expected to be opened for public by 2020. So far, it has cost investors a whopping $76
billion! A Disney theme park and IMAX theater are some
of the many other attractions in its plans. But the best part is the design aspect of
Dubailand which will be based on Arabian Folklore, specifically the tale One Thousand and One
Nights. This will probably give a push to Dubai tourism! Number 4. King Abdullah economic city: $86 Billion
This mega project was announced in 2005 by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the then-king
of Saudi Arabia. Located a little over an hour away from Mecca,
the city is sure to become a grand new tourist attraction for Saudi Arabia. It will be slightly larger than Washington
D.C. and will house 2 million residents. The city will include a couple of high class
hotels, many luxury villas, some prestigious universities, and a massive airport. You can expect to see the city fully functioning
by 2020 after about $86 billion have been spent to create it! Number 3. Kashagan Fields-$116 Billion
Located in the Caspian Sea, the Kashagan Fields represent the largest oil discovery made in
the last 40 years. That’s quite a discovery we should say! But the bigger news is that $116 billion has
been spent on tapping it! The operation is expected to produce over
90,000 barrels of oil per day, starting in 2017. The total amount of retrievable oil that is
estimated to be there is a whopping thirteen billion barrels. Can you beat that? But leaks in its pipes and other difficulties
have caused delays in construction of the project. The fields are under high pressure, which
makes drilling into them very dangerous. Number 2. The International Space Station- $150 Billion
Obviously this had to be on the list, we couldn’t have left the International Space Station
from this list! The modular orbiting research station cost
approximately $150 billion to complete. Isn’t that an unbelievably huge amount? Wait, you need to know that many countries
split the tab. The nations responsible for putting together
the ISS were the US, Russia, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany. ISS might fall out of use by 2024 but we’ll
have to wait and watch to know how it ends! Number 1. The US interstate highway system- $459 Billion
Here we bring to you the most expensive construction project, the US Interstate Highway System
that has cost taxpayers an estimated $459 billion! The project was started in 1956 and involved
creating new routes, and converting old ones to serve as “interstates.” The Interstate Highway System in America connects
more than 47,000 miles and took almost 35 years to complete! Despite costing much more than expected, and
finishing many years after it was intended to, the IHS has benefited the US and its economy
in ways like easy evacuation and 17% lower shipping costs. Let’s just say, all is well that ends well! Are there any expensive construction projects
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  1. OTHER things for your most expensive construction list

    The large hadron Collider.

    I'm not sure the name of it. But I hear there is a absolutely huge tokamak being built just south of the LHC ( large hadron Collider). But I guess it could have been just a pipe dream for fusion.

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