100 thoughts on “1000cc 4WD Go Kart Build Ep. 5

  1. I think the front end would look awesome with the body panels from a Yamaha Raptor. Give it an aggressive front end look for sure.

  2. My VT750 Vtwin might need to be taken to a machine shop ill have to find a way to get the cylinder heads off to see the condition of the parts but if its in good condition i can get it running and finish one of my power wheels

  3. Are you going to put electric power steering? That would make it easier to steer and more manuverable with less effort. I've seen kits on eBay for around $400-$700 dollars.

  4. It's gonna sound bitchin because it's a v-twin, too. Keep the exhaust separate and equal length for the best effect. Maybe do an H-pipe.

  5. You guys are a great team. Love how everything is machined in house! Cant wait to see the end.. and the lawnmower

  6. Ooo mmm ggg seeing that massive engine all tucked into steel tubing like that have me a erection…!!! Just kidding but it is awesome looking.With all four putting it on the ground it's gonna be dangerous.Really dangerous.

  7. @grindhardplumbingco hey guys awesome build huge progress! I've commented before about the rotation of everything and if those diffs go out on you I have a idea that may fix it. I'm not a genius nor do I have any special training with fab, design, just a good ol back yard shade tree mechanic. Yew!

  8. I really love this channel. It's so fuckin cool watchin you dudes make awesome shit. Youtube is so crazy man. Shouldn't you like blur your license plates and shit though?

  9. The wheel base could be a half a foot maybe a foot longer and a tiny bit wider to compensate for how high off the ground its gonna be with you added on it sitting in a seat

  10. 990s have an issue with water pump drive shaft wear and leaking coolant into the oil. Also trapping air pockets in the heads. With your orientation when the coolant system is done, hang it up from the rear to burp the heads, get the air bubbles out. Great videos!!!

  11. A drive shaft almost killed me once, my coat tails got wrapped around one when it was running, ouch really really bad memories, of the emergency room.

  12. Someone should bring back the Yamabuggy or something similar.
    A two seater with a 400 cc Yamaha engine those bugs could hit up to 60mph I, think and sure looked like a lot more fun that a super expensive razor as you were closer to the ground and looked more like a go cart than a bug.

  13. Great content as always, thank's. What is the name of the song at 6:45 ? Cant find it in the link in the description.

  14. Hey brother, to conserve space and keep a lower center of gravity by using part of the tube frame as your oil reservoir. It's really easy and depending its location it could have the benefit of cooling your oil a little

  15. Adoro este tipo de trabalho com adaptações bem elaboradas ,já fiz muitas adaptaçoes em vários tipos de veículos entre carros motos etc .
    Mas infelizmente aqui no Brasil peças, mesmo em desmanches tem o custo muito elevado levando a qualquer projeto por mais simples que seja a ficar com custo muito elevado .
    Parabéns pelo seu projeto ficou muito bem elaborado não tenha dúvidas que vai ser um sucesso

  16. Круто сделал друг мой. Но ты попробуй из Русских автомобилей собрать! Привет из России город Краснодар, ты классный чувак 🙂

  17. Хах. Прикольное расположение кардана и подвесного. Дай бог что-бы все узлы были надёжно сделаны. Ну или кожух из хорошего металла. Кто знает тот поймёт.

  18. That thing is looking gnarly boys! Great work! Wish I had enough bankroll to sponsor a series with you guys to build a UTV for my farm! Or build a sweet off roader out of my '53 Chevy pickup…

  19. Man this is cool ! You guys are great. I did notice one huge problem you gotta fix before you run it the drive shaft yokes are not timed properly and you will break cross bearings and damage the gear boxes. I’d hate to see you guys get hurt with a flying drive shat. Be safe guys I can’t wait for the next video.it’s gonna be crazy !

  20. This vehicle is going to be AWESOME. even without the body a person can see that it is going work very well. I can appreciate the fact that the guys are building such a well designed vehicle. with mostly ingenuity and thinking ways to overcome issues. and working with tools that are not the most modern. and thinking of ways to make the tools and equipment they have work better. I know because I have to do the same thing quite a bit. and that I'm correct when I say. that these guys are the the best builders on YouTube. keep up the good work I'm definitely hooked.

    Oh the music is not my favorite. but because you are so good at everything else you do. I will deal with it.

  21. Go me parece bien que hayan puesto subtítulos asu vídeos gracias 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

  22. This is going to sound kind of weird, but I feel like watching fabrication videos makes me a better person: the patience you display; your analysis of problems; and the elegance of your solutions — makes me want to try harder to possess those qualities myself 🙂

  23. i have alot more control with bent knees lol i kno it sounds weird but its true lol we had a modified off road buggy like a wanna b honda odessy but more like a 4 wheeler frame but with a 4 cylinder 600cc street bike engine n without a roll cage it was Fn scary! the only problem is u lost alot of maneuverability because i couldnt throw my weigh around like i can on a four wheeler, it gives u sooo much more of a feel of control, that and it also keeps the center of gravity more towards the center o f the bike, i kon the engines heavy but its not right over the back wheels

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