All English Ganz designers own your satisfaction is our success My name is Manish Gupta This is my wife Sonali and my son graduate. Should I purchase this go gaze cap flat in? 2015 I wrote this plan I got position in the last year 2018 so when I purchase this flat and certain ideas about its interior decoration searching power Right designers will do the interior decoration as per my wish and my ideas So I was all looking on searching on the internet so I came across camps designer So worried now really only so like the images on their website. There are very impressive So I generally go through the customer reviews So I went through all the customer reviews But I was surprised that all the reviews under % reviews were positive Not a single negative or use and all we’re given 5 star rating So I started thinking this must be Union Lee good designer. So I thought that we should visit their office. So once we Revisited Tam’s office, which is in change world. So there we met Mrs. Meenakshi, Joshi, so I found a very junior person. She’s very cooperative So the first interaction was a very good and very positive so we weren’t sure at that time we have parties the current destination Then we met mr Kemal Doshi, who is the senior architect and here also a nice person? When I’m talking to and very knowledgeable person. He has exhibited many sights in this area And this a very proficient in is a job. So he explained the Working methods by camps and what will play or look good for my to base camp flat? And There are very systematic style of working the sequencing of each task The climb very in a coordinated manner and they’re very competent team of first subcontractor so each of four is what men are very proficient in their job and They know for their job very well Also, they created the whatsapp group and they do it for every site the curator whatsapp group and add the clients then their subcontractors the designers in that group so that everyone is aware of for what’s going on in that position and we can share these drawings designs our suggestions in that whatsapp group so that Everyone is aware of for what what is going to be done? I like very much that idea Also the color combinations for the painting on the Ceiling the wallpaper for those he gave the perfect ideas They know very bit more than the clients. They have that experience that will help you or guide every client to select the proper colors or the wallpapers for your rooms So his guidance walls are very important in selecting the wallpapers for ceilings or the color combinations and he also accompanied us for selecting those laminates We went to the showroom for selecting the laminate and he helped and guided us to select the perfect one I Really interacted very very less with them because he was the main person interacting with Meenakshi lamb and Kamal sir, but how far I’ve interacted her. I found her very cooperative very friendly and More important in this house. I really like the master bedroom the shower curtain that she had suggested the color combination and including the Wardrobe mirror facing what room even the children’s bedroom suggestions the color combinations the blue color combinations Even she had suggested And we are very satisfied to have this dream home come true, so I like to thank Kamal sir and Meenakshi aunty and one thing I want to mention that initially they gave us the fair idea for the costume also and this to VST was around the 1250 split with total beta period and the carpet area is around 950 square feet so the gave us an the premiere idea that it will cost around 10 to 12 lakhs and It was fairly enough for in that range only finally when I calculated the overall cost it were Fitted in that budget only and do not cost me too much For that also. I am very thankful to come answer that they gave us what we wanted in our budget so thank you very much and Keep it up. Come on, sir, and Meenakshi one. Thank you. Thank you games You


  1. Nice but aap ke bete Rajveer ki smile dekh Hamko ex-speaker "Meera Kumaar" yaad aa gayi

    U have a great god gifted smile Rajveer 😚

  2. Sir I need for decorated my house in Kannauj Uttar Pradesh..can you pls suggest me something or can decorate my house

  3. This is by far the best 2bhk design I have ever seen. Everything is where I would wanted and way I would wanted.

  4. Hi sir, we are importer exporter, can provide most beautiful product for interior at very cheap price for further discussion 0091-7503616800,

  5. First of all..I just want to say that ur video is so nice..so clean..thanks fo that information bout this flat..I want to ask this flat realy price is 12 lakhs? Do rply..

  6. Maine abhi new house purchase kiya h but m kuch changes chati hu mujhe kya karna hoga batye please

  7. How much money you spent to purchase simple house… And how much take designer take to make house… And total money… Please reply me…

  8. अप्रतिम…. स्वप्नातल्या घराचे प्रदर्शन…👌👍

  9. Will you work in Mumbai with 1530 sq ft build up area to have 3 bed room with wash room & a pjs room Give me your contacts detail please

  10. Is this 2BHK costs 12.5 lacs? What's the location of the property. I am interested to look to buy for some such property. Any additional information. Pl share

  11. Sir meta contact nahi Ho PA raha customer care bhi nhi lagta kya office jana padega me Indore so hu mera new Home he 2000suq ft please provide contact no

  12. I watched many videos of all of u r project… i found each design is unique not repeted single one.. all project are superb…

  13. Sir please can you reply on which color is used in living are means shade color…its very subtle and bright…kindly rply

  14. GOOD DESIGNING. Its better if you include Details in description. Details like What are things included in budget and what are not.
    For e.g. Few designer includes Doors, Floor tiles etc.. and some designer does not.

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