2019-10-02 (VOD) Building ARM template for Azure Subscription Cleaner project

bonjour hi this is a recorded version of a
live session from twitch it will be a very long video and that’s why I put Tim
stamp in the description so you could skip and go directly to the part that
interests you if you want to know exactly when I’m streaming go visit
twitch.tv slash fu charros but for now let’s watch this session hello welcome
to the stream I’m Frank Boucher your host and for the next two hour we’ll be
coding having fun chatting doing stuff in the cloud in Azure because I like the
Microsoft cloud on today’s it’s a relaxed as usual I always say that tides
relax just mean that there is no rush spend time learning talking explaining
when you have questions sometimes it’s me not have questions because it happens
I don’t have all the answers and that’s the kind of the the goal of that stream
where we exchange information I build stuff I try to build stuff that helps
you answer your questions or they are useful and can be used by many different
people on today’s stream let me share right away my screen just like that so
on today what I want to do is I’ll be working on the Azure subscription
cleaner been working for a little while in and out just came back from vacation
Monday was my first stream back and was just playing around I really really
wanted to have this solution easy to deploy in your subscription you don’t
know much about a sure but you just want to feel comfortable this solution is met
to clean up your subscription so you don’t have any surprise at the end of
the month because you forgot to delete your stuff so I really want there’s two
solution available in that project there’s one to work with as your
function and the other one worked with Azure automation
build our template so they could be deployed in one click so for example I
think right now the agar function works partially meaning that you could click
on this button here and then you just need to go add the permission so that’s
good it would be nice if I would have a script that had those permission but at
least this is very very simple for the other solution the version with Azure of
the mission I don’t have anything yet it is well defined I exported an arm
template when I created I created everything manually and I export the
inten plate with the intention of cleaning it and you know using it to
build something new but I never spend the time to do it so that’s what I’m
planning to at least start because I don’t think I will be able to finish in
two hours though we’ll see maybe everything will maybe the stars will be
aligned but I’m thinking more it will be a little bit more longer oh I didn’t do
my sound check networking and yes it’s working
cool did I have anything else to say right now I know where you are but here
winter is coming and for real it’s not the TV show like it was summer but now
it’s it’s done it’s super cold yeah so that’s the plan so let’s add this in
my reading notes not reading notes and these tree notes will have this just so
we know it started and I’m assuming somewhere in 10 minutes it’s not ten
minutes it’s five minutes maybe eventually I will need also to this is
my chat is acting weird it’s always refreshing strange you know
let’s close this I’ll need one I won’t point to change I would like to have
some a better and an animation in the stream I want to have liked but where
you can have more interaction and things like that I want to finish that project
and after that I will I will make a pole or something where you can participate
and select what we should be working on because you know like I’m on that side
of the camera but we are working together so yeah so start let’s recap
where we where recap on easy and then when we know we would be able to start
cleaning and plate
so really the the goal of today is to be able to deploy deploy the imager
automation solution using an arm template yes at least it looks like it’s working
correctly on for me it’s this the chat is always flickering so if you send me a
text and I don’t reply immediately like I think now it’s fixed I kind of forced
the Refresh I think it’s good now maybe you want the only thing that it needs
was a message okay so let’s open let’s so I should be I’m up to date in this
project the flow chart so let me paste first the project so if you want to
follow this is the project I will be working on so like I said to solution as
your function the arm template deploy the solution but then you need to give
the permission manually will be nice to add a script we could add a task for
that if it’s not only done let’s check the so to Do’s create an arm template so
that’s what I want to work on instruction add remove tags I was kind
of done but then we have a grab a bug and there’s other solution so it’s a nice to
have I will put that on old old kind of column I will put this here until we
have we fixed this this cannot be complete but in fact like I’m done like
I don’t want to spend it’s documentation I said oh it’s possible but then we’ll
figure it out later so create and I’m template with areas that’s one thing I
want to do at the role assignment and the deployment
oh yes already have tasks oh that’s like I thought about it Oh where’s so I’m
missing light down that side ah this is sad can I just pump it up
I need something to light up my background and not me otherwise I will
be okay so let’s move this so create an arm template we’ll start working on that
and I still have my problem with the chat on my side hopefully it works on on
your side so I feel free to say hello just to confirm or just continue to lurk
I have no problem with that how can I say I start working on that just write a comment say I’m starting
more at working on that maybe I should just assign it to me that that make more
sense sign and by the way if you want to participate this this thing is public
it’s a pro public project this board is also public adding is public
everyone gets aboard oh wait there’s another thing also I wanna and it’s
synchronized so now if we go here and look in the oh I have a poll request no
let’s check the pull request after I just want to confirm yeah so see I’m
assigning it to now I have full requests and Oh excellent excellent let’s have a look
oh this is cool I wanna see the file and I see the file what is it me or
like some like it’s missing it eat maybe here how can I see the full document display the dip displayed view the file so to add tags and to delete tags and what’s my version I think this won’t work because it’s
missing it II I want to be nice with you men and add your stuff so should I do it
and just fix the air or what you know what let’s let’s test it first maybe I’m
wrong and there’s no typo ah this page
Oh took a note and here it was not doing this it was
zero zero zero zero zero maybe 20 minutes in 15 minutes I’d say
15 minutes in just to give me a bowl cap because when I do the montage I clean up
the beginning and the waiting and I check if everything is good when I
upload the archive on YouTube and that’s when I clean up and get specific with
those things check PR from I think it was Alec no worse
Frank you’re so nut on it was I click on his name but I am it’s Chris mr. Chris I don’t think I am in Britain I am in deployment I had that and
there’s one thing also on a try and it’s the new tool for and let’s take a note
right away that’s that’s one of my goal today I want to do that absolutely try
new have you seen the the Microsoft event today hey Michael Julie been there
lurking hey I wanna try the new tool in the new art
tool the new alarm so many things that happening on in my head
try the new be s code arm and plate expansion I don’t know if it’s public
yet a Michael Jolie does it do that for you
also like the chat for me it said you know when you start the chat that say
welcome to the chat room and for me it’s doing that like every minute or so quick
so on my screen a app welcome to the chat welcome to the chat welcome to the
chat welcome to like 10 times and I got your message and then I got again
welcome to the chat does it do that for you it’s all only on my side okay I’m special Frank you should not say that online
okay oh man my daughter is sick and I think I
like I have it but I don’t have all the symptoms so I just feel like tired and
everything is you know like like if my skin was like three three eight too
short so I feel like everything is need to be stretch that’s what having my
clipboard I think he’s just Oh
mottling you know like you’re the flight to come back from Crete is 10 hour and a
half so you’re ten hour and a half with recycle air and I don’t want to be mean
but it’s not you I was not the youngest because I heard some babies but like I
was definitely helping to lower the average of age in the plane it was it
was all gray head gray hair had white head oh my head it’s white head right in
English no no I don’t need vacation and I just
think my daughter is sick and maybe I catch it from her or maybe it was
something in the plane oh it’s not traded in super cold to here
so maybe I just I was still done turn me shocked whatever just feel like it I’m
I’m about to start the cold or something like you know just kill it you know like but no no I feel good no I don’t wanna
break come on work wanna do stuff and even if I don’t want to I need to people
are expecting stuff okay so let’s try this and I need a portal I didn’t drink
enough to justify a break after a break that’s when you’re younger when you’re
old you know you don’t do that all you’re not supposed to be doing that
right 95 this is hot no here it’s very cold so Oh like this morning it was that cold
now it’s in a bit so this morning it was 42
erinite six Celsius and right now my phone tells me that it’s 13 Celsius so
55 and when I was in Crete it was more like you
95 and up so it’s chilly yesterday I went to meet up and see my old bus and
bunch of stuff in Montreal and like it was raining and I oh yeah it’s true
where where did I put my umbrella because it was wet forgot anyway my
umbrella died also so I was like pouring water and was walking with my brought a
broken umbrella and then when I was trying to close it of course like one of
the this his branch was like with like it you know if he was happy if that
thing was a man and he was happy to see someone else I was like good can I say
that on Twitch will I be in trouble I didn’t say anything right okay but it’s very annoying that book because it’s always flickering in my
corner so I think I delete everything no tests nope so let’s create a let’s
create a starch ok to delete because it’s obvious uh
I’ll call it stream stuff best we’ll build it then East us and I think that’s
it oh let’s do expired on and then let’s
put tomorrow right and let’s put Ola and let’s say it’s me it’s me Mario I didn’t prepare anything for the game
segment of the stream I really think I will do at one point a stream a stream a
week I will schedule something and I will play games I cannot only talk about game you never
play come on Oh let’s create this so I already know pretty sure this is
for sure decisions of law can I let’s remove a value with an e I don’t
even need to test it right Oh that’s unfort like he
and easy tag remove value am I missing something doesn’t work you need to specify stuff you need to
specify the resources like names is probably yeah mr. Chris you didn’t do
your homework correctly I’m pretty sure because remove value let’s do this let’s
do tag and then do a remove value and I need to pass
what’s oh so n is the name of the time but that will remove the tag everywhere right for example if if so in my to delete I
have that thing with the tags oh I saw the tags from the overview not right is
it new I think it’s new this the tags it’s cool though
so here I have it if I go to the resume I could add the tag also in the result
go so let’s add the owner again owner and I will put Frank B so it’s a
different value and let’s put test and then let’s test a save it so we move tag and I wanna remove the
tag owner now if I see Frank oops yeah so what can I do with that if I don’t specify the value what remove okay I need to value this tag is associated with more could I do then an easy tag I’m and then
I’m list weary hot they like and then it’s so bad querying I didn’t put myself into presenters
presentation mode so receiving all my stuff so expired on expired on display
name so owner once okay so doesn’t work thanks Chris
but I will need to decline or ask you to rework your things so let’s do this here or you fool thank you for your there is title and this by this not this and the script is and the command is not
the script so and the command is not working well there is multiple resources with dot tag maybe if you not to myself there it is hey dude picture stuff super
happy to add that functionality but yeah it just need to be a little bit more
clean but yeah super cool thanks Chris for your participation and now let’s go
back so I’m assuming in automation
I had the deployment let’s close this close this close this now in Azure
automation did I delete it I think I deleted oops sad how can I retrieve I’m assuming Newton I can do that right
I don’t want to check out that older version but I would like to retrieve one
file if I create a branch here let’s say I
call it camp and now pretty sure I maybe I did not because I
had that and when I went in vacation I delete the solution oh I have the
solution so where is it preserves blue 12 five minutes
excellent excellent delete that branch go back in master delete that branch delete tamp yep yep tag instruction I think we should delete
that also we merged it don’t need it anymore how long do you keep your old
branch do you delete them as soon as you merge them honest questions but makes
sense but that’s that’s an honest questions yes okay ah doing too many things at the
same time so I had to keep bolt I have those things if I go in my tool if I go
in my run book I have here the PowerShell runbook subscription cleaner and it runs multiple time because I
didn’t kill it my little dog was sleeping on my lap and apparently you want to sleep somewhere
else because it’s hard to sleep can i edit the code the code is there too I’m assuming if I go to module module
modules or have I think I need graph and account doesn’t look like I happened yeah okay let’s let’s okay so close this
I’m pretty sure if I go in automation I need to import to module I don’t insta sky from here what there’s a bug in my documentation pretty
sure I need yeah
I need to module it’s missing from the dock we need to fix that it’s really
really bad people are trying to do stuff here Frank and you’re doing again your
squirrel your Darwin doggy oh okay so bla bla bla and lets it out 50 minutes yeah 55 minutes let’s do it whoops here add module no no
cancel Cassell Cassell and the other one is a resource a graph we import them I was too fast did I do something wrong so here I have a count it’s not yet
ready let’s not yet ready no it is available there it is there no more conflict so I
can import it module import in progress that’s why I
was not pay chef patient enough you know come on it’s boarding importing your body and I
have a schedule the script the module and the schedule once it will be
imported let’s do it quick while it’s important let’s do a quick change in master oh yeah will do just like
quickly and master will do that in automation to be me voila and bush okay so now we have all the component that we
want if I go run book now I could just run it we got a bad feeling about this why it’s
taking so much time feel like it’s not even the good get easy group I said get easy or so
loop look just one sec Hey hello mr. Cooper birdie I’m really happy to be back I’m sorry
I’m chatting with my daughter she’s sick and I’ll be back in one sec sorry about

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