2020 Golden Globes Official Aftershow with Winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge | THR

– So do you.
– I might cheer up. I’m gonna apologize in advance. I love your show so much. I think I’m more emotional about your win than you are. (laughs) Hi, I’m Kristin. – Hi, Kristin. Very nice to meet you.
– Congratulations. – Thank you.
– I was just telling them I might cry in this interview because I’m so obsessed with your show. – [Fleabag Actors] Aww.
– Congratulations. – Thank you.
– How does it feel? – It feels great.
– It’s incredible. – Incredible.
– Yeah, incredible. – Sometimes we don’t like repeat winners. You won the Emmys. You slayed it at the Emmys, and now you’re slaying it here. I’m just gonna go on record and say you can win for the next decade, as far as I’m concerned, every award show. – Aw, that’s so sweet.
– Thank you. – All right, so, question
for you hot priest. – Uh-huh. – Are you tired of being
called hot priest yet, or is that, are we still okay? – Uh, no I’m– – Andrew, should I go with Andrew? Or pebble? You called him your pebble. Can we call you pebble? – Call me pebble. – No, I’m the pebble. – She’s the pebble. – You’re the pebble.
– Yeah. – How many times a day do
people walk up to you and say, “Can you look me in
the eye and say kneel?” (laughter) – It has happened to me. – [Phoebe Waller-Bridge] Has it? – Yeah, yeah. It happened to me on the
plane on the way over here, but the woman was very, very drunk. So, you know. You gotta do what–
– Did you say it? – Well, of course I did. – Did she kneel? – She fell over she was so drunk. (group laughs) – Is this really the end of the show? Is there any chance we’re getting more? Is there anything we can
do to get more “Fleabag”? – No, I think we have ta let her go. She’s exhausted. She’s been through a lot. (laughter drowns out speaker) – You’ll have more Phoebe though. – We have more Phoebe.
– More of all of us. We’re all gonna work together again.
– More of all of us. – We’re definitely gonna
work together again, so they’ll be something of spirit, “Fleabag” spirit will come back.
– Could you do an anthology series, sort
of Ryan Murphy style. Where it’s a different show every season, but we just keep getting
more of all of you in different roles. – I mean, yeah, I’d love that. – [Brett Gelman] Sure, let’s do it
– Why not? – Now, Phoebe–
– I mean, yeah. – Phoebe, you, we had a
quick chat at the Emmys. You told me that you had
like closed your laptop as you pulled up in your limo.
– Yes. – Writing some secret project. You can look in the camera
and tell us what it was. – Oh no, that was, that
was, that was actually the book of the “Fleabag”
scriptures that came out. I was writing some other bits for that, so yeah I’m not giving any– – No exclusive, we’ll
wait for the next one, but I know you’re writing
so many other things with this deal with Amazon. How far along are you on the next project? – Well just, I know what you’re trying to do. There’s lots of ideas at the moment, and just actually taking some stuff, and again Amazon is so amazing. They really have said take a little bit of time, go and get bored somewhere, and the good stuff will come. And actually, yeah, we’ve had a couple of really
exciting ideas for them. So, not gonna say anything more than that. – It’s hard to imagine any of you guys being boring at all, under any circumstances. Especially tonight, yeah.
– Thank you so much. You’re all so talented. – Thank you.
– I can’t wait to see everything that’s
coming up for all of you. Can you look at our
camera and just say kneel on the way out? Do you mind? (Andrew Scott laughs) – Come on, kneel. – Kneel people, just kneel. – Thank you guys. Have fun tonight.
– Thank you so much. Congratulations.

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