hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new my name is Jessica today I’m cleaning my entire house so you’re gonna get some extreme cleaning motivation I also stopped to make lunch and I made a healthy lunch so I’m going to share that with you just a little recipe that was easy to make and then I’m also doing a science experiment if you saw my recent video where he tested different cleaners against bacteria a lot of you had asked that I do it again this one isn’t as big as that one because I only did Clorox against thieves but I did do it and I do have some results for you guys and you’re definitely gonna want to stay tuned to see those [Music] if you are curious where anything in my house is from I just did an updated home tour I’ll link it in the description box if you’re interested in going and seeing that but that should answer for you where I got everything of course I missed a few things because we would have been there for hours and hours if I said we’re absolutely everything is from but you can of course ask me if I didn’t mention it in that video but I would love for you guys to go watch that video and show me some love over there as well and give it a thumbs up and also if you enjoy my cleaning videos I would love to have you subscribe and if you would give me a thumbs up before you click out of this video I would appreciate that too [Music] grasping at straws trying in a safe don’t wanna be a place we used to go all the time I need to do this alone so stop calling me I just realized [Music] so I’m curious if you’ve seen my recent video where I tested six different cleaners against bacteria if you haven’t you’re definitely going to want to check that out it was very interesting and I’m gonna be showing here in a little bit where I did it again using some tips that that a scientist that I spoke with gave me it’s a much smaller experiment I just tested Clorox bleach against thieves and I did swab the toilet but in the other video I swab the dog bowls and I grew bacteria and in this test instead of growing the bacteria first I went ahead and sprayed the cleaner on each petri dish to see which one would grow or not grow so I’m excited for you guys to see what results I came up with [Music] [Music] so I have Becky going in there vacuuming the floor for me so that I could mop in there today I’m just doing a light cleaning if you’re interested in seeing a deep deep clean of my bathroom I posted that we’ll leave last week so or the week before actually it’s been two weeks now but I did a complete deep clean of this bathroom it’s so satisfying to watch and definitely it gives you tons of motivation to clean your bathroom but today I’m just doing a light cleaning so I’m starting by cleaning the mirrors with my method glass cleaner I don’t love this glass cleaner but I’m just trying to use up a lot of my cleaning products that I’ve had forever like this mrs. meyer’s I’ve had forever and that thumping of the tripod is becky my robot vacuum she kept bumping the tripod but anyways I ended up adding some water to the mrs. NARS because it wouldn’t spray out and was almost out and I just wanted to finish that and be done with it so I’m using a bunch of random cleaning products in today’s video just because I’m trying to get rid of some cuz you huh [Music] but nothing I can say Oh make I get a lot of questions about the little pedestals that I have in my home there throughout my home because I love them I have them linked in the description box they’re always linked in all of my videos so if you want to go check out their Etsy shop they do custom orders so if you don’t see something on their Etsy shop that’s available right now you can just message them and they can make a custom order for you [Music] says [Music] I really don’t know [Music] actions will be given if you’re new here and you’ve never seen these Clorox toilet ones or maybe you’ve seen them and you’re curious about them I highly recommend them they are a game changer I love them so much when I found them I threw away all of my traditional toilet bowl cleaners and was disgusted with myself because these cleans so much better and they get up under the rim so much better and I love them and I feel like they’re really inexpensive the refills will last you a long time and just to get started with the whole system is also really inexpensive in my opinion so all of the bathrooms in my home have one of those little Clorox toilet run set ups I tried the other one I forget what brand it’s by maybe Lysol I can’t remember but I don’t like those at all the pads are flushable supposedly but I just I tried it and I don’t like it I loved the Clorox toilet ones though so if you haven’t tried them I highly recommend that you do but nothing I can say or do make it come under so even though I hate the thought of leaving you I hope you come to terms and have it anymore you better I belong since so if you don’t give me a thumbs up for anything else today can I get a thumbs up for fresh vacuum lines I think across the board this is something that people love to see I don’t know what it is but fresh vacuum lines are so satisfying [Music] I’m using my gain original with my gain original scent beads that just it’s like a simp Buster it adds more of the aroma of the gain and then it also lasts longer so it just kind of keeps your laundry smelling fresh for longer and then I used the blue spa Patel that’s my holy grail trio I’ve tried other things I’ve liked other things but that’s what I always go back to I still do really like the Persil that you guys recommend it and I still use it it smells really good it cleans really good and I will repurchase that too I’m somebody who likes to kind of go back and forth with things because I get bored so those are my top though and I highly recommend them okay so now we’re in the play room and as you can see it’s a mess usually the girls clean this room up but one I thought you guys might enjoy seeing it because I don’t show this room too often but two I just wanted to get it done because I was fixing to film my home tour after this and I needed all the rooms to be clean so Kinsley is in there helping me she was very reluctant to do it she did not want to help but once she got started she did a good job and her attitude changed but I do make them help me clean especially when it’s their toys and stuff because they need to learn that if you make a big mess mommy’s not the maid she’s not gonna come and just pick it up for you like you’re responsible for your own actions so usually they clean up in here but like I said I just thought you guys might like seeing this room and also I was fixing to film the home tour so I needed all of the rooms to be clean follow that hi one step at a time we all play our card [Music] I know somebody’s gonna ask because I do get asked it seems like every time I show these cube shelves on my videos and they are from Walmart and I believe there were $60 a piece which i think is a really good deal and they’re very sturdy I’ve had them for years you can stack them and I believe but they come with stuff to anchor them to the wall because in our other house we did have them anchored to the wall because I had them stacked but I don’t have them anchored to the wall just like this but they are great I have three of them and they’re really heavy-duty they’ve held up really well they’ve survived a new they’ve survived kids and they’re only like $60 and I know they have other colors too did anyone see at the beginning of that clip Kinsley was coming into the room and she was picking out her wedgie I saw that when I was editing and I was like who should I cut that we’re gonna leave it I’m gonna leave it because I think it’s funny but she was totally picking a wedgie as she came in here [Music] so in Kinsley’s room her bed was actually already made because their beds are so easy to make now with the Betty’s bedding so I had already made it earlier that morning but I did want to go ahead and bleach her bathroom floor I clean her bathroom almost daily I have some Clorox wipes in there that I wipe it down with because with her being young and using the potty you know she can be kind of messy so even girls can be messy if you only have boys I know I’ve heard from my friends about boys and how messy they are when they use the potty but let me tell you girls can be messy too so I keep that bathroom pretty clean but I just wanted to bleach the floor while I had the bleach mop water out so I just vacuumed in there with my Dyson because it’s a lot easier to use in this ginormous shark vacuum that I do like the shark vacuum it is a nice vacuum it does a really good job I’ve never had any issues with the roller brush getting hair tangled up in it which is the way that it’s designed to work but the only one thing that I don’t like about it is it’s SuperDuper heavy and so that’s the only con to that one but I do it does a great job and I do like the vacuum but it was just easier to use my Dyson cordless in the bathroom so that’s why I use two different vacuums I wish I could show you sir Simone I swear when I’m cleaning the house like this or I’m busy during the day and Tucker follows me everywhere I go I feel like he’s following me around and just like okay mom when are you gonna sit down so we can snuggle and it’s like at the end of the day when I’m exhausted and I just want to sit back and relax oh is he because he’s literally followed me around everywhere he doesn’t rest he wants to be where I am I mean you will see him not being like on the back of the couch and stuff but he’s in every room that I’m in so if I leave the living room he follows me so I swear he gets exhausted when I do a whole house clean with me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so as you can tell from the music I chose more relaxing songs this time because in the feedback that I get from you guys a lot of you tell me how relaxing my videos are or how they help to soothe your anxiety or lift your mood and although they are motivating as well they are also very just relaxing so I figured that I would change it up a little bit and add some more relaxing chill music so I hope you guys enjoy that I have music playlist and I will link them for you I have I believe three and those are all upbeat music and it’s just music it’s no video or anything so if you want to put that up and listen to it while you’re cleaning those are available I hope you enjoyed it and let me know in the comments are you someone that watches the videos solely just because they’re satisfying and relaxing or do you watch them because they motivate you to get up and clean or is it kind of a mixture of both okay so I’m done upstairs I just have downstairs to go which is like the big cleaning but I’ve got to clean in there there’s some things to put out my office is a mess I’ve got toys over there just stuff everywhere I don’t you really can’t tell from here but I promise you it’s like crazy just go straighten this up and then the living room isn’t too bad Kinsley actually picked it up for me but I want to show you the kitchen so I have some expired food up there dishes that are clean but need to be put away dishes that need to be done and more dishes that need to be done the kitchen really needs a good scrub down but I’m gonna eat lunch so I’m gonna make that really quick and I’m going to show you what okay so I’m using this rice cauliflower it comes in this bag and you actually cook it in the bag I’m showing you the nutrition facts because it has great nutrition facts if you are counting calories and carbs and that sort of thing so this is a really healthy and low-cal meal idea for you and then I’m using a Swiss cheese because it has a lot of protein in it so this is a way that I sneak some protein in for myself I got a block of it and then shred it because it melts easier than the kind that comes in like the slices or whatever I have done that it works but it just depends on what you like so anyways I shredded up the Swiss cheese and then I’m going to put some fresh garlic in there I love fresh garlic I love cheese so this is just the way that I seasoned it you could season this however you want there’s like a ton of different ways that you could do this but that’s how I do it and it actually tastes really good also I add salt and pepper [Music] a dream [Music] and we’re live [Music] so from you guys I need some suggestions on some good protein bars because the last couple that I have tried has been so disgusting I just didn’t like them I need to add some protein into my diet I don’t eat a lot of meat just because I’m just not a huge meat fan it’s more of a texture thing to me than anything but I need a protein bar that doesn’t taste like a protein bar but that makes sense that it seems like I’m eating a treat when in reality I’m getting that protein that I need so if you guys want to leave me some suggestions I would really really appreciate it [Music] and don’t click out yet because the science experiment clip is coming up right after I clean the kitchen so you definitely want to stay tuned and see that I guess should have been a breaks in my heart it’s mainly down baby I’m like a river that super flood you know it the Lester we are let me speak the truth I know you don’t want to face it you think it’s too late but I can see past a break won’t you don’t turn the bed and burning let’s me I’m fine on the beach with this since our line and throw our problems in the face through our problems in the fair we’ve known down to the bottom survive a monkey get Oliver I see the smoke in the livers I’m holding the gene one step away from salvation Jonica notion said the open I’m picking up speed no bread falls penetrate oh but this is the first time our destiny calls not even the sink told you only turn the page age and burn let’s me on the beach with the stars sr9 and throw our problems in the fail throw our problems in the face and throw our problems [Music] I’m using the soft scrub with bleach to clean out my sink and then I just squirt some mrs. Myers hands so actually and they’re another random cleaning product that I’m just trying to use up and then I’m using this glisten garbage disposal cleaner it foams up like that I really love it I use about one of those a week and then I use the little lemon planks like on a daily basis that’s what I have in that little birdie there I recently updated that if you follow me on Instagram you see I found a really cute little dish at Walmart but that is how I clean my sink I have to add a little bit of soap when I use the soft scrub because it helps it to suds up and just spread easier [Music] cuz make me wanna sing inside [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m cleaning my coffee bar area now and I still have my warm up with hot chocolate sign which I love I got that at Hobby Lobby but I’m transitioning into all of my spring decor and I need you guys to tell me if you have seen out and about when you’ve been shopping or maybe online have you seen a really cute coffee bar sign that I could put in its place something for spring it doesn’t necessarily have to be spring but just something that’s not wintry I have been on the hunt so if anybody knows or has seen a cute wouldn’t let me know I get asked all the time recently what do I use on my stainless steel and I use in dust the regular in dust I love it it doesn’t that that can’t talk it does an amazing job I’m going to show you in this clip right here I have finger prints and just stuck on food and stuff from people opening the fridge with 30 fingers and I just spray it on and it wipes right off so it cleans off the dirt and the like food particles or whatever and it also shines it so beautifully so I love in dust that’s holy girl for me [Music] alright so I’m gonna go ahead and start talking about the science experiment because that’s coming up and I feel like I have a lot to say first I really do suggest that you go and watch the video of the six cleaners and the way that I did it the first time that might explain a little bit more to you don’t click out of this video just yet just go watch that when you’re done with this I’ll have it linked but that time I grew the bacteria and then I sprayed it with the cleaners this time I just did thieves and Clorox because I feel like those are two of the most popular and controversial cleaners I feel like you are either like a non-toxic or a bleach person so I’m using the thieves I got from Young Living and I’m going to mix it up I did use the correct measurement and then I’m taking some saline and I’m going to saturate my q-tip and I’m gonna go and swab my toilet and I’m going to keep these petri dishes upside down last time I had them the wrong way and they got some condensation in them but anyways I went ahead and swab them and then I went ahead and put it into the petri dish and I loud or I didn’t allow the bacteria to grow this time I went ahead and sprayed each one so you’ll see me spraying after I put all the nastiness on the petri dish and hopes that it will grow bacteria I sprayed one with the theives and then I sprayed one with the Clorox bleach and then I incubated them because that’s something I did not do last time and they do suggest that you incubate them because bacteria grows better in warm environments so I did incubate them this time I turned them upside down and I went ahead and did the toilet this time so just keep in mind I’m not a scientist and this is not a controlled laboratory so it’s obviously not going to be 100% accurate however I am confident in my results I am confident so you can make up your own mind of course and I think you should just do what you think is best for your family but I think the results are pretty shocking and I really think you guys should consider it but here we go [Music] [Music] all right so as you can see on the left is the thieves petri dish and on the right is the Clorox these are my actual results the thieves has bacteria growing all over and the Clorox does not have one drop of bacteria in there so I’m showing you the bottom side of it so you can see that’s the thieves and then I’ll show you the bottom side of the Clorox there is nothing there now I want to say my opinion take it for what you want to because it’s just my opinion but my opinion is I think that it’s a healthy balance I think that there is nothing wrong with cleaning with sieves or any other non-toxic cleaning product on a daily basis I think you should in fact because there’s no need for chemicals all the time every day all day some germs are healthy we need to build up an immunity and that sort of thing I do think there’s a time and a place for something like bleach or Lysol or something like that that is an actual chemical cleaner that’s just my personal opinion if you have sickness in your family or an animal messes on the floor or you’ve cooked raw meat and you have that on the counter that’s an instance that I feel like you should use a chemical base cleaner rather than something like thieves but again that’s just my opinion you can make up your own line I just wanted to show you those are my honest to god results again I’m not a scientist but I’m confident in those results I’ve done it twice now I’ve had the same results so it is what it is and you can take it for that but I hope you guys enjoy [Music] also if you guys found this interesting please share this video with your friends I would love to have as many people as I can to get eyes on this because I think that it’s very interesting and enlightening all right so I had somebody ask me if this bissell cordless cross wave actually cleans the floor and so I wanted to do this experiment for you guys so I just cleaned this section of the floor and I’ve got this paper towel or showing you what it looked like and I’m wiping down after I’ve scrubbed it with the cross light and then I’m going to show you the paper towel afterwards there are a couple spots that are from my fingers because my fingers must have had makeup or something on them from touching my face but as you can see the paper towel is clean so this thing does actually clean and also stay tuned for just a couple more minutes and you will see the dirty water tank and all of the nasty gross nests that this thing’s pulled off my floor [Music] in my office I’m using this spick-and-span cleaner I can’t even remember where I got it I think Walmart and I don’t dislike it or anything but it’s another one of the cleaning products that I was trying to use up because it’s not something that I reach for so I just want to use it up I don’t want to just throw it away and waste it this one claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and I don’t really have anything to say about it like I said I don’t dislike it I’m just using it so that I can throw it away [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you’re interested in knowing more about the bissell cross wave that I’m using there I do have a video where I reviewed it and I tell you all the things that it does and my opinion on it so definitely check that out [Music] okay so while I’m cleaning the floors here I was just thinking while I was watching myself and it’s totally random but I was thinking about this show that I’m watching on Netflix it’s called love is blind if you’re watching it let me know but I love it it’s an experiment where these people meet in these things that they call boxes it’s basically a room and then the mail is on one side and the female is on the other side and they can hear each other but they can’t see each other in the name of the game or the goal basically is to see if you can make a connection with someone sight unseen and once they do make a connection they propose and then after they’ve proposed and said yes then they finally get to see each other and then from there they go on basically kind of like a honeymoon although they’re not married but they just spend some time trying to like get to know each other and stuff and then they go home and meet the families and then they get married at the end of the show so it’s kind of like married at first sight and I love that show too but it’s a little bit different taken it’s so interesting and it’s got so much drama in it and I just find it so interesting and I’ve been loving it so I wanted to share that with you guys they have I think nine episodes that are out now that this video is live and then so this will be up on Wednesday Thursday they’re dropping the I believe it’s the last episode and it’s the wedding so you’ll get to see the results of who stayed together and who didn’t and I cannot wait I can’t stop thinking about it that’s why I was cleaning the pores and this clip here and I was watching it and I was thinking about that show that’s my life but let me know if you’re watching it too and if not go check it out and see what you think Oh [Music] I’m a when you come everything just turns around I get stuck by your drum follow you into the Sun shotgun you gotta be with someone [Music] [Applause] [Music] when you come everything discerns around I get stun I follow you into the Sun human race like a shotgun you gotta be with someone [Music] [Applause] alright guys I’m gonna show you the dirty tank for the Bissell when I got done another thing I wanted to mention is that it is completely cordless as you can see and it claims to have up to 30 minutes of runtime and I cleaned all of this and it still had like two lines left it has three on three battery lines and it still had two left when I was done so I’d say that that’s definitely true but I hope you enjoyed today’s video don’t forget to share it and give it a thumbs up and comment below and I will see you guys next time stuck in the middle tried to burn but there’s no way [Music]


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