6 thoughts on “35-foot by 10-foot Gooseneck Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes | Living Design For A Tiny House

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  2. I would have preferred a different layout of the bathroom, but other than that, I love this build. I would use the goose neck as a living room, the current living room as a dining area, and the loft for my bedroom. For the bathroom, I would prefer the shower in the corner where the sink is, the sink sink where the toilet, and the toilet where the shower begins having the short wall hiding the toilet from view. The woodwork and colors are fabulous. Would like to know how much this design costs.

  3. ? Tiny houses are getting bigger and bigger originally it was a slightly bigger house I guess you could travel with somewhat but now it's okay you have a house that you can move to another piece of ground that you bought or rent or a campsite Community you can't travel with this??
    And I have to laugh when I see Washington and Oregon are doing communities now where everybody's album forever wasn't that the point of having the tiny house so you can buy some land but afford the smaller house because land is cheaper than the house especially like in Southern California or other parts of the country… I do like the fact that it's mobile and you can move it from place to place but it would only be if you buy a plot of land that also allows this to be on the land cuz in California you can't do that with a mobile property… so I'm really not understanding where and why or how people are living in these things….. and mark my words there will eventually be electrical inspections and permits and everything you should get them from somebody who knows what they're doing a regular company hopefully they're doing that but I seen so many people doing their own electrical I've already seen a family of four die here in California cuz they did the wrong van and they didn't put in carbon monoxide detectors two parents and two children!

  4. ?? I didn't watch the whole thing but I saw in the notes that I has a rooftop deck well on this maybe it's not as laughable but I still think it's crazy a tiny house a van and RV and mobile home whether you live in it or just travel part of the year should not have a rooftop deck ever! You're out in the land you are parking in the mountains you are four wheeling or whatever you're at a campground your deck is the land in the scenery that you just went to visit!! The first time I ever saw somebody sitting on top of their van I just laughed… you're not really getting that much more of a great view sitting on top of an when you're in the middle of the wilderness! People are forgetting what Getting Back To Nature and mobile travel and all of that other stuff is about

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