360 HD Aerial fly-over Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay with CLOSED CAPTIONING.

Here we go! Don’t get airsick on me! Taking off from Petaluma Airport Departing on Runway 29 Wheeeee!!! It’s 3,600 feet long. Pretty smooth so far! If the engine quit now, I’d try to put the plane down in the fields or golf course. Oh, no! The engine’s sputtering! Just kidding 🙂 Turning right cross wind 29. Sonoma Mountain in front. Turning right downwind 29. We’re following Adobe Road. General Vallejo’s Adobe is below us but it’s hard to point out. It’s a nice morning for a flight. A little hazy but nice and smooth. This is where you have to look out for birds. Especially Turkey Vultures. One went through my friend’s windshield. He was lucky he made a safe landing. Petaluma River is in front of us winding toward San Pablo Bay. We’re really close to Gnoss Field in Novato so you have to keep a close eye out for other aircraft. This is when I start looking for a snack. Unfortunately, I got nothin’, honey. Notice how green it is along the river. That’s where Petaluma sent its eggs to San Francisco during the Gold Rush. We’re coming up on Gnoss Field. That’s Highway 101 on the right. Still can’t find a snack. Wait, are those peanuts? Ew. They have dog hair on them. We can see the edge of San Pablo Bay now. I used to play in those mud flats when I was a kid, chasing tadpoles. The landfill is below us. Breathe deep. Smells nice. Now I’m dizzy. Gnoss Field. It’s notorious for nasty cross winds. It’s named for Marin County Supervisor William A. Gnoss. He secured funds from the FAA for the runway in the 1960s. The big white roof is the old Birkenstock’s Shoe headquarters. I lived in Novato in the 2nd grade. I don’t remember much except we had a walnut tree. …and a Concord grape vine. And I got sent home from school for bringing a King Snake to class. It was Show and Tell day. They showed me the door. And I told my Dad I was in trouble. I like Petaluma better. Sorry Novato. Nothing personal. These peanuts aren’t bad if I brush off the dog hair. Now I’m thirsty. We’re getting back into the moutains. I have empty Gatorade bottles everywhere in here. I use them as a back up in case I can’t get on the ground fast enough to use the restroom. This looks like an awesome golf course here. I have no idea what it is. I’ll get called out for that by the golfers. Over this hill and to the right is the Lucas Film ranch. It’s pretty impressive. A nice cluster of buildings and pond. Too bad we’re not going to fly over it. Maybe next time. Now we’re getting into the Terra Linda area of Marin. I have very little knowledge of this area. No questions, please. Although Terra means earth, or land. And Linda means pretty. So that makes sense. I might be able to show you where I was born. I know you’re dying to see it. Marin General Hospital is in this area somewhere. It’s in Greenbrae. But my birth certificate says San Rafael. Wait for it… There it is! I can see my old crib! Mt. Tamalpais is coming up on the right. My Dad claims he shot a deer with a bow and arrow at the bottom of the mountain when he was a kid. He lies alot. He’d probably be in jail if he did that today. Sammy Hagar lives nearby and told me he hikes on Tam almost every day he’s home. When he’s not in Cabo… …drinking Mesquila. Jessica Alba told me to stop name dropping so much. Mt. Tam is 2,572 feet high. We’re flying right at 3,000 feet. Tamalpais is Miwok for “west hill”. It’s the highest peak in Marin. There are amazing views of San Francisco and the Bay. I covered a fire here back in the early 90’s. Grace Slick’s house burned down. Very sad. She moved to LA after that. We’re heading for the ocean. Stinson Beach and Bolinas are up the coast on the right. If it was clearer we’d be able to see the Farallons. This never gets old. Look straight down. Muir Beach on the left. My Facebook friend Pamela lives here. Pretty frickin’ amazeballs, right? It’s only going to get better. I always wonder what the first explorer’s thought when they first saw this. Cronkite Beach This is one of the most beautiful spots coming up. Pt. Bonita! As you can see, it’s a point… and it’s muy bonita! Off to the right is Ocean Beach. The entrance to San Francisco Bay…. …the Golden Gate! The Marin Headlands used to house Nike missiles during the Cold War. The bunkers are still buried in the hillsides. This is where passengers suddenly turn quiet… ..and just take it in. Wow. Just… wow. Crissy Field on the right. It was an Army airfield back in the 1920’s. Barge! Marina Green Those big piers are part of Fort Mason. It was a major supply center during WWII. The circular structure in the bay is part of Aquatic Park Alcatraz on the other side. Treasure Island. It’s man made and was the site of the World’s Fair and then a Navy base. I almost got discharged there but decided to do it in San Diego. Ferry Boat, probably coming from Vallejo. Angel Island on the left. It was the Ellis Island of the West Coast. Now you can camp there. Richmond-San Rafael Bridge on the right. Larkspur Ferry San Quentin Prison San Rafael Marin Civic Center (Frank Lloyd Wright) Petaluma We call it P-Town Petaluma River Turning Basin It hasn’t been dredged for years. 🙁 Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds Home of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Petaluma was also the birthplace of the World Wristwrestling Championships

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  1. More 360 degree videos are coming. By next week I hope to have video of much of the Northern California coast from Bodega Bay to Eureka. Sonoma, Mendocino and Humboldt Counties including the Lost Coast.

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