4L60E Rebuild In your Driveway: Car Truck Van Automatic Transmission 700R4

I’m Chuck Fasst and this is a bit of a departure from
the event coverage that i normally do ah the event here it is me
rebuilding my 4L60e for my Z-28 in my driveway without specialized tools now i’m not a tranny guy i havent rebuilt uh… trans since the
turbo 400 I did I put a B&M Trans Kit in thirty some
years ago so this ah … turns out this is part 1 of probably about a four part series it is a
pretty involved process working with these new electronic
transmissions however it can be done and you’ll see now alright here we go the next driveway repair my ninety five z-28 transmission went out so i have pulled out the 4L60e electronic automatic transmission in
there it is in the driveway oh look at that now it’s starting to rain how nice well it’s time for us to tear
this down so lets take a look at it so you can see where everything goes learning all the connectors and we just keep pulling this thing apart further and further we are down inside the
transmission now just pulled that little snap ring out so we could get that little sun shell out of there and here is the setup and let’s take a look at how the how that is right there that’s how the snap ring is positioned against that anti clunk spring in there alright I continue to tear down this
transmission been working on the inside of it it has come down to this last servo piston at the end this ring here was the worst getting this out it goes it holds this in here i had to rig up my own little puller set up here to compress that so I could get that out of there need to get this out we need to get these two bolts out here before we can get this piston out of the
bottom of the case now I have removed this wiring harness which you have to get the valve body out first before you can get this thing out set it aside
over here with the valve body set in the pan and i took out this servo as well so I can get the separator plates loose and this
right here these three screws so now i should be able to get the plate out and
here’s a problem that the manual mentioned right there that little ball is stuck in the steel plate so that had to have caused a problem so we’re
going to check into what that ball was and what that thing did so now we just take this off fortunately none of the gasket stuck anywhere there’s the seventh ball stuck right there they’re so now I have removed the bracket on this parking rod which allows this
parking pawl to snap back will get it out of my way so I can push this out and allow me to get into the inside of the transmission i noticed how this piece of linkage here
slipped right out of the manual valve when I lifted the body off from the case there so i just about got it down notice my
mount not much there i got to get this out got to get the servo out of the side got to to get that out of the back and now about ready to splash this thing so there you have the empty case the rest of the transmission came apart just as the manual said and I uh used a little bit of the xylol xylene tire treatment that i used to
clean it up and the the driveway while I was at it and we will just blow this off the driveway it’s …
friday night okay I’m working on my sub assembly now taking this ring off here noticing how it is hooked underneath that tab right there got it stuffed done into a wheel here we’re gonna pull these clutches out and count them O
K now here are the clutches and steels just as
they came out of this and I have this up-ended in the wheel i’ve got uh six friction discs and six steels and the bottom and the top the bottom steel here had one friction up against it and on the top also there’s a friction which goes to this which has which is to be top one bottom one having having these tangs right here and there I see a steel ball and this is the torrington
bearing that fell off of this when I had had this turned upside down and the spacer washer which has the numer 67 on it torrington bearing seems good these are the five little cushioning springs that came up around the edges that
came out when
I took this out from under here next I’m gonna take the next set of clutches out of there okay next I’ll be taking this next clutch
pack out of here and noting how again we have the split ring comes together right underneath that tang and I can see how it has shifted somewhat I can see the little
marks where it has moved over just a little bit OK as
I pull the next clutch pack out I’m
beginning to see signs of wear now here’s the thick steel that came off the top just as it came
out just as it came out out of that and i’ve got trhese little diagonal lines in the uh… clutch surface as i get down toward the bottom of this clutch pack I start seeing evidence of some
burning here and uh… seems to be moreso as I get further down
into a okay now I get down here I got 2 steels together against the thick bottom steel when i look on the other side of it is looking pretty rough that could be where the clearance was that i was
feeling that’s been scraping there looks like that this overrunning clutch here came out it
has a little bit burned around the edges there it seems to be working great turns clockwise smoothly and a doesn’t feel rough or anything I’m seeing something else down in here right now looks like a sealing ring or something sticking
out of the side there will have to take a look next we’re going to have to get this
apart we have to see what i can bring up next may be running out of ingenuity to come
up with clamps and things to get things apart cuz I have to get a uh snap ring outta here I can’t go down thru the middle so … OK here we go just as they came out I had 4
steels come out of here it’s lets turn them over they came out of there just like that concave steel on the top which i
remember hearing about in the manual concave on the inside of these are
pretty burned up you sure you know a lot of wear on them then another concave the flat then underneath that’s is another concave one and … it is starting to rain and so here we have in here as I look closer look at that that sealing ring has come clean out sure would like to know how that happened okay we managed to get this out without
the special hundred-dollar clamp uh… with the help of the cheap
tools that i broke but uh… all and all there’s the the split ring
unharmed didn’t hurt anything uh… just some screw drivers and this little gadget I have used many times
through the years this little uh… piece of welding rod bent up with a little hook in the end helped me to pull that OK, hm … that looks bad smells bad too i can smell it right here is looking like it uh… slipped out shoved up against the side righ there some question is what made it do that?

55 thoughts on “4L60E Rebuild In your Driveway: Car Truck Van Automatic Transmission 700R4

  1. how many hour did the rebuild take after you had it out. i lost 3 and 4 gear in my Z71 so i guess i m baout to do a rebuild on it.

  2. Hah – I spent many, many hours over the course of a coupla weeks. Working on everything, fashioning Rube Goldberg type tools, reviewing the manual and DVD over and over, going to the tranny shops for parts and services and talking to them. Lessee what else… oh, avoiding inclement weather out in the driveway…. and I try to forget the rest. As I said – I don't recommend this….. But, one must do what one must do – no?

  3. i have a 94 camaro z28 (LT1 engine) with a 4L60E AUTOMATIC transmission i would like to know what other years fit my 94 camaro Z28 with out any problems at all ?

  4. Look at part 4. I bought a 1/2" drive metric socket from Sears. They grip the flats of the bolt instead of the corners. I had the trans low enough so I could get a long extension or two straight onto them. Tapped it on with a hammer (to get it past the rounded edges I had previously created) and then untorqued them with a breaker bar.

  5. Why, what's up with Dave's Farm? Is the Channel still up? I've been out of the country these past few months (see my most recent vids here, on shark fishing). Tranny still hammering hard. Noted a delay in full throttle upshift into high last time I raced, last year. Could be a factor as far as bracket racing is concerned.

  6. would u know why my tranny wont shift from 1st gear? it use to shift if i give it gas then it well shift but now it doesent ?

  7. At 3:03 the housing you called a servo is the 1-2 accumutator piston. One tip is to replace the OEM plastic piston with a aluminum piston to prevent any failures. whatever you do..do not block or remove those springs, at most go with a slightly stiffer spring for a firmer 1-2 shift…..nice video

  8. UPDATE UPDATE: Now is the New Year and time to update. Comments have been really great here. This vid has been popular. YouTube partnered with me because of it 🙂 Check the ads in my vids. First of all – I truly have LITTLE knowledge of trans. But I see other ques get answered by commenters here. GREAT FORUM 🙂 My trans is still hanging tight for 2.5 yrs. now. Z-28 At 125K. mi now 🙂 Outlasted my 3.23 Rear. Had to R&R to a junkyard unit (see vid soon). LT1 still hanging tough-knock on wood.

  9. I would like to ad that all my comments and subscription vids are now routed to a new Gmail acc't. on my Smart (dumb) Phone these days. I often don't see comments right away, as a result. People have commented heavily on all 4 vids and sometimes answers to ques. might be found in here. Also you might note ads in the vids you can now click on. Maybe some of them might be relevant to parts or services related to these repairs. Thanks again for all the GREAT comments and don't hesitate to "Like" me

  10. @60magras I hope you determined your problem. Others have discussed various symptoms like yours in these comments. I can't troubleshoot. Good Luck.

  11. I tried to link my vid to the the one that sells the vid but they didn't respond I don't think. But they're on YouTube. Do a search.

  12. We live in such a small world! I live in Portland as well and I remeber seeing your camaro for sale. I tried talking to my dad to buy it for us but he said no. Too bad though! Yours was so nice and it was such a good deal. It's too bad though that you had to sell it in the first place.

  13. I have a 93 lt1 and it begins to stumble in 4th gear at 45-55 mph.(only after WOT/after 5-10 min of running) the missfire is more noticeable in the lower rpms (1000-2000). I have replaced the fuel pump and the spark plugs and plug wires and o2 sensors and the problem still persists. The car is also running very lean. Ive been searching for the issue for the past 6 months and have taken numerous things apart and replaced a lot and still nothing. Does anyone else have this problem too?

  14. Great videos Chuck, would you by chance have the part# of the rebuild kit that you used for the 4l60e & a parts list of items that you decided to pick up in addition to the kit. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

  15. This tranny didn't see any abuse, did it? Do you think these transmissions are rugged enough from the factory? Or will this happen to any transmission that is subjected to too many WOT takeoffs? Thanks for posting the vid.

  16. Tranny seen abuse! And yes they have a coupla weak spots in 'em so they won't outlast the engine. Now the TH350 in my old Chevy van however – still running strong after 200K!

  17. I mentioned the extra parts I bought in one of the vids. The kit was a TCI Street Fighter. I think it was well worth it.

  18. Well Chuck, you are one brave soul! I couldn't rebuild an automatic if I had all the tools and a nice bench to work on it! Good luck!

  19. A 700R4 and a 4L60E are not the same. The 4L60E is the electronic version of a 700R4. Some of the parts will interchange. But as for control the 700 is hydraulic (has a governer and a TV cable) the 4L60E is fully electronic controlled.

  20. Just thought I would thank you 2nd time for uploading this video. It's been 1 full year and the 4L60E n my 96 Tahoe still run and has over 11,000 miles. I wonder would I had tried to rebuild it if I hadn't seen your video.

  21. Chuck I'm putting my 4l60e back together, I'm at the front planetary part and everything has been going good, but now I notice when I install the front planetaries it turns only one way and it makes a noise like maybe the bearing in the reverse plate! what are your thoughts!

  22. 4L60E Quality Transmission Master Rebuild Kit Overhaul Clutch Module 93 to 03       

  23. The idea is to show HOW to remove the stuff, not to show us the stuff after you removed it. Way too much going on here. Distractions galore.

  24. I have a bad sun shell no reverse overdrive or second the part is $38 I'm debating doing it myself but I am scared to pull the valve body off afraid ball bearings will go everywhere any suggestions?

  25. I can tell you exactly what that stuck Ball bearing did and how it damaged the 3/4 clutch if that was the one that was burnt !!!! (I Think)

  26. I remember watching this video and thinking I could never get this far in my rebuild. Rebuilding my 4L60e was my greatest accomplishment.
    My stock aluminum forward clutch housing cracked. That caused my overrunning clutch to not work and the forward clutches to slip shifting too second and third gear.
    I replace the forward clutch housing with a used steel unit from a 99 Blazer.

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