Alexanderplatz Station City Hall Spree River Ferry Boat Oberbaum Bridge Berlin Germany

okay what we’re looking at here are
folks coming and going from Alexander Platz this is the railway station subway
station transportation facility you’ve got streetcars outside buses trains
regional trains you can go anywhere in Germany if not Europe from this location
it’s absolutely amazing and over top of the roof we’re looking
out over a little bit of the city of Berlin and that is the city hall and
that was used by the East Germans as their City Hall for East Berlin during
the years that the Berlin Wall was up right after the war and then when
reunification happened the city of Berlin unified as one and now that is
today’s City Hall with a flag on top the Berlin flag here is the 110 story tall
TV tower in formerly East Berlin that the East Germans built in 1965 I really
tried with my camera to focus in on the tip and it’s hard to capture it it’s
so far up there but eventually my cameraman actually got it
don’t finally focus in on it that’s way way up there and you can see all of this
technical equipment here all these satellite relays and and for cell phones
and televisions and radio signals it’s an amazing complex piece of technology
the round ball there that is the observation deck and of course it has an
elevator to take you up and down now all around this area there are churches and
buildings from every time frame you can imagine we’re talking about buildings
from the 15 1600s from the sixties the 20s modern-day Berlin is a hodgepodge of
architecture just no end to it forgive my shaky shaky filming here but I’m
trying to catch the top of some of these church spires and it’s an amazing thing
to see when you’re there in person beautiful city to visit you just can’t
go wrong going to Berlin they speak English everywhere there are English
signs everywhere these rectangular buildings that you see here are from the
East German days from the 50 60s and 70s and 80s
these were prefab buildings that were designed to house East Germans they
desperately needed housing to attract people to come to East Germany in East
Berlin in particular here we have the spree River looking down here towards
treptower park and this old bridge that it used to be part of East Berlin 700
year old bridge there’s the Alliance Insurance Building part of the treptower
office complex it’s a 410 foot tall building 31 floors about and condos are
beginning to be built along the side of these these canals these Rivers office
complexes cranes you’ll see cranes everywhere in Berlin it’s still under
construction because of the reunification there’s the TV tower and
look in the other direction looking back at the churches or shopping malls all
around they’re very people friendly pedestrian friendly bike friendly rent a
bike and tour of the city you’re gonna love it you’ll be able to experience the
feel of neighborhoods rather than being in a car or just in the subway all the
time you’ll do a lot of walking too don’t worry about that
one more thing down the river here I’m gonna zoom in here shortly there’s a
tour boat there are tons of these there have to be 50 of these in the city
they’re quite large in some cases they’ll hold up to 250 people at a time
the top deck is for viewing the bottom deck as the restaurant the bar the
bathrooms comfortable you go for one hour two hours fantastic
experience you really get a great view of the city by the way the the tour
guides on top of those ferry’s they speak English as well as a German
they’ll tell you what’s going on and they’re happy to answer questions
you really can learn about the city from from those guys this
here is I think a college I just stopped my bike and had to take a shot with my
camera the beautiful colors of these leaves we’re looking here at the end of
September early October for timing it’s just gorgeous great time of year to go to
Berlin because you’re out of the high season that’s not 95 100 degrees anymore
it’s a comfortable 65 75 degrees during the daytime and go for a nice long walk
and see these magical colors and experience the city and in a quieter
setting very bike friendly as I was saying this is basically a lane way
for vehicles took another shot of that building the colors at the end of the
day there with the sun shining in on those I think stained glass windows and
so on just amazing that red brick just stood out really caught my eye but here
on the sidewalk you’ll notice here are bike lanes so you can you can give
pedestrian to to walk your bicycles to ride parks everywhere great experience
go to Berlin you’ll love it

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