Andvaris Arise IBO – Is working from home right for you?

Host: Hey guys welcome to Andvaris Virtual
Solutions, today we are going to go over a little Q&A on one question, I think this question
is very important. It is; can anyone work from home? I think the answer to that question is no,
not everyone can work from home, but I’m going to get into more detail in this video and
with a few other questions that will help you decide whether working from home is right
for you. Alright guys welcome back; let’s get started
I’m going to jump right into it. Can anyone work from home? That’s something we were talking about just
a second ago and I think that not everyone can work from home and for many reasons. I feel like it’s a certain person with certain
dedication to be able to work from home. Remember you won’t have anyone on top of you,
you won’t have anyone checking whether you work that day or not, you won’t have anyone
checking whether you came in late today or yesterday or day before that. There’s no micromanagement, you’re working
from home, most of our CSP work in other states from their home, so we’re not on top of you. There’s no one there supervising you or managing
you therefore you have to be responsible for all the work that needs to be done, for clocking
in on time for, working their clients you say you’re going to work or the hours you’re
going to work. So no, I feel like not everyone can work from
home. I guess if I want to just wrap it up it i
would say it takes someone who’s resourceful, highly motivated and could work independently. If you require consistence in a direction
or feedback then working from home probably isn’t for you. That is the truth. Alright, let’s go ahead and answer the next
one. I have some questions here you should definitely
ask yourself before starting to look for a position or work at home position. The first one; am I happy spending long period
of time on my own? You really have to ask yourself that because;
you are going be on your own. You are on your own, you sit at your office
desk, you clock in and you’re working you’re on your breaks you are off, and the entire
time you are working you are on your own. There’s no one micromanaging you telling you
what do, no one on top of you. Second question; am I self-disciplined and
self-motivated? Remember you have to be on top of yourself
pretty much, so are you motivated enough? Do you have enough discipline to clock in
on time to work the hours that you said you would work you know to work for the clients
that you chose to work for. So something you do have to ask yourself guys
is; am i confident working without supervision? If you’re confident that you can work by yourself,
double check yourself, not needing anyone giving you feedback or directions all the
time, then yes maybe that’s something you can do. So working from home might be for you. Another question you have to ask this; am
i comfortable communicating with my colleagues via email, chat, video conference, instead
of face-to-face? All of our CSP are in our portal and our big
company portal therefore we communicate with all of our CSPs via chat, via text, emails
even sometimes video conferences but it’s never face to face. So are you comfortable with being able to
work for a company where everyone likely will never see you face to face? Do you have a quiet distraction-free area
at home in which to focus on my work? That is super important and crucial, when
you work from home you need a dedicated office space and the reason for that is because you
can’t have any background noise, even if you have really good noise cancellation headsets,
it doesn’t matter no one can be walking by you or kids running around you or anything
happen into space where you’re working because it will distract you from the work that you
have to do so that’s very important. Will telecommuting help me achieve the work-life
balance I want? That’s my final question here and I think
it’s a really important question as well because I feel like most people why they want to work
from home is because they want to find a work-life family balance where they can spend time with
the children spend time with your husband or wife and be able to be home and close to
the family on a more regular basis. So you have to find out if working from home
will do that for you and if it will, great that’s you know something you should do. But it can actually work against them if you
can be working from home and work more hours than you normally would if you were to go
to a brick and mortar location, then may be working from home may hurt your work-life
balance because you’ll be working so much even though working so much is it so bad. That’s pretty all my questions there guys,
I think its important questions for you to ask yourself before you take that step to
look for a working home position. I’m going to go ahead and wrap it up here
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