Ants Crossing a Suspended Ant Bridge

It’s night time in the Antiverse, and the
ants of Avista are awake and ever ready as usual, ascending up the Great Tree of Wisdom
to collect food for the colony. These ants known as the Bobbleheads, are climbing
to the colony’s primary source of sugar: the ant cows. These white fuzzy mealybugs, which suck the
sap from the tree excrete honeydew, a precious golden syrup from the gods, to the Bobbleheads,
and look, these ants are about to drink this honeydew now. Wait for it… The mealybug signals the excretion… and
there! A tasty blob of sweet goodness. We saw this ant-mealybug mutualism come together
in the last episode on the Bobbleheads and their floating ant island, known as Avista. But, today, Avista is about to become a lot
bigger. The Bobbleheads have no idea they are about
to discover that the world is much bigger than the only ancestral floating island they’ve
ever known. The great bridge is about to be set in place,
and I can’t wait to see their reaction to the new world, which awaits to be claimed
new Bobblehead territory. Ladies and gents, welcome to the Antiverse
and the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please Subscribe to my channel, and hit the
Bell icon. Welcome to the AntsCanada ant channel. Enjoy! AC Family, if there’s one thing we’ve seen
on this channel, its that some of the most epic scenes we’ve ever captured involve ants
moving into new territory, and this week’s episode is no exception. My ultimate plans of expanding the floating
island of Avista, this open-concept island ant farm, are about to become a reality as
we add the first extension to what I am hoping will eventually be the first of multiple island
add-ons, making Avista, an impressive archipelago of connected floating islands. Keep on watching until the end for the big
move and some pretty heart-stopping scenes! The Island of Avista and its inhabitants have
truly flourished beyond expectation. Take the Great Tree of Wisdom, for instance,
with its new shoots extending high above the island, with rich green leaves bursting from
every branch and twig. I never anticipated this bonsai Japanese banyon
tree would do so well, so quickly. It’s a great thing the tree is healthy, because
as you know, on Avista it brings life and nourishes the mealybugs, who go on to produce
a reliable sugar source for the ants. The honeydew is collected in vats within the
ants’ bodies known as their crops, and then taken home to feed to the rest of family in
the nest. Another way in which the tree brings life
to the Avistans, can be seen below ground. You could see that the Great Tree of Wisdom’s
sacred roots, have penetrated every area of the soil now, sucking up moisture but with
it, the droppings and waste that the ants and resident soil creatures leave behind. The tree keeps the soil clean for the ants
and soil creatures. But what’s even more interesting than that,
is that the creatures also nourish the tree, thereby closing the entire beautiful circle
of life and interdependence on this awesome ant island we’ve crafted. In fact, the island is so self-sufficient,
I only need to do three things to maintain the island. First, to control the shape of the tree, so
it doesn’t just grow in all directions, I use wire braces to guide the branches where
to grow, as this Japanese banyon tree naturally will climb and attach to other trees and natural
land marks in the wild as it grows, so it doesn’t hurt it in any way. Second, I add water. Now AC Family, brace yourselves, as we’re
about to have a look at the Bobbleheads emerging. As soon as water trickles down into the soils,
the Bobbleheads instantly come rushing out carrying their young to dry areas. Look at them! The ants are carrying eggs, larvae, and pupae
up into the tree where they know it is driest. These daily watering sessions have been quite
fundamental as it also gives me a chance to take a better look at the ant colony and assess
their progress. And, speaking of which, I am happy to inform
you, AC Family, that the Bobble heads are no longer as mite-infested as they used to
be. It’s great seeing the Bobbleheads doing so
well. And look at all that incredible brood! Their four queens must be doing so well down
in the soil. Which brings me to the last maintenance activity
for the upkeep of Avista, and that is the provision of protein. All this healthy brood, has definitely been
the result of feeding the Bobbleheads a steady supply of insects. Let’s remove this piece of roach exoskeleton
and in its place, add a baby cockroach. Watch as the Bobblehead horde discovers this
new heaven-sent morsel! One ant starts to feed from the pre-crushed
cockroach while another starts laying down pheromones to let nearby ants know about the
roach, and in no time, a crowd of ants get the message. Here comes the horde! The ants swarm the roach and oh, look! A major also appears to help out with her
head just packed with ant muscle. The ants are incredibly fast and strong and
begin to pull the roach to take it to the nearest nest entrance. Look at that amazing cooperation! Imagine if we were those ants? This would be like us carrying a rhinoceros
home to eat. I love watching the ants work together every
time I drop food onto Avista territory. The roach disappears as they stuff it into
one of the nest holes. Success! But I knew the ultimate day would come when
this explosive super colony would grow too big for this single island. I told myself that when the ant colony would
show signs of needing more space to live, I would then make plans to expand Avista territory. AC Family, that day has come. I’m starting to see more and more ants wandering
the dead space below the island, the hostile Avistan netherworlds which are much too dry
and barren for the ants to frequent often, but I now see them scouting the space, assumingly
looking for new territory into which to expand. I also see more and more ants wandering the
island’s edge platform in search of something, I can only assume is new territory. AC Family, I think it’s time to give the Bobbleheads
here what they need and deserve. I can’t wait to show you what I have planned! I waited for sun down to make the grand installment. A few ants covering the night shift were crawling
around the premises performing various random tasks. Avista at this time was quiet and still, but
it wouldn’t be long before the big news would reach the island’s inhabitants. AC Family, little do they know that beyond
the great chasm lies, a second floating island waiting for them to conquer it. On a completely different but neighbouring
continental shelf, this new island, floating above a crystal disc houses another ornamental
tree, cute and towering. It’s paddle-shaped leaves, spreading exponentially
into the skies, flourishing from a single slender trunk, I have named this tree, the
Tree of Counsel. The Tree of Counsel grows from rich virgin
soils, adorned by liverworts and patches of moss. I think the Bobbleheads will really like these! Also on this island is a red rock, which leans
against the Tree of Counsel. I do expect the ants to climb this tree, as
well, and we’ll see if mealybugs end up on it one day. I just love the winding roots from this tree. It makes it looks so mystic. The entire island sits atop this foundational
container, which I’ve decided to not fill to the top with soil this time, just so we
could get a better look at roots descending into the soils, as well as ants nesting in
this area. The container sits in a glass soup bowl lid
whose walls are covered in baby powder to keep the ants from escaping this open concept-space. And now to address what may be your next question,
which is: How on earth were we going to connect these two distant islands together? Well, AC Family, my plan was to install a
bridge. But the distance between the two islands was
quite considerable. I knew that whatever bridge I decided to use,
it needed to be somewhat wide and easily grippable by the ants, because I didn’t want ants falling
into the grand chasm between the two islands. And so AC Family, after some careful searching,
I finally found the perfect bridge! This winding driftwood piece. I found this piece to be the best choice for
a bridge because it had many grooves so clinging onto the bridge would be easy for the ants
as they traveled across it. I would fix the bridge from this edge of the
main island to this edge of the new island. Alright AC Family, are you ready for this? The time has come to give the Bobbleheads
their new island! Let’s do this! I set the bridge in place. What was cool was that the bridge actually
had two docking points on the main island, which met somewhere up the path, and winded
its way up and over the grand chasm and onto the edge of the new island. By the way, in case you were wondering what
lay at the bottom of the grand chasm, well, any ants that did have the misfortune of falling
would land into utter empty oblivion… aka a garbage can. Hey, it’s as good as oblivion for ants, ok? Either way, let’s just hope they don’t fall
off this epic bridge on their way to the new island. By the way guys, start thinking of names for
this new island and let me know in the comments, as we now watch the first explorers set foot
on it. And look here, AC Family, it wasn’t long before
an unsuspecting ant discovered this new wooden artifact, one of the docking points to our
bridge, which appeared out of nowhere. Hey, this is new. I don’t remember this being here. The ant climbed the wooden surface of the
bridge inspecting the area. When she finally decided that this was worth
informing the colony about, she scurried her way back to the nest, to spill the tea. Meanwhile on the other side, the tea had long
been served, and scouts were already checking out the alleged reports of this foreign landmark. They too climbed up the bridge to see where
this land bridge lead to. The island lay patiently waiting to welcome
its new inhabitants. And AC Family, here they come! Oh how I love watching this part. The ants millimetered their way closer and
closer to the new island, and then, alas, the ants set foot on the new virgin territories. They instantly began exploring the island
eagerly, smelling and tasting the liverworts, inspecting the moss. Considering the main island was all they knew,
the ants were extra thrilled to head back to the colony to deliver the news that green
pastures lay ahead, at the end of this wooden bridge. By now, more and more ants have learned about
the bridge and were also coming to check things out. And get this, every time an ant returns to
her nest with some interesting find, she lays down a pheromone trail on the way back so
that the ants traveling to the said find, know where to go. And what a find it’s turned out to be! It seems the ants love the taste of the liverwort
and mosses. I could see the ants licking the plants. Interesting. I wonder if they’re eating something off its
surface! The excitement of this new island discovery
was clearly kicking up a notch. The traffic of ants traveled both ways, with
ants traveling to the island to check things out and ants returning to the colony on the
main island, to reinforce the pheromone trail, and recruit other ants to explore the new
lands. I was super pleased to see that no ants were
falling off the bridge down the chasm into oblivion. They were quite proficient at traversing the
bridge. I also found it quite interesting to see the
ants were bringing back finds from the new island to their nest on the main island. What is that white thing she’s carrying there? Who knows. I actually wasn’t sure what the ants had in
mind for this island, but I couldn’t wait to see what they would collectively decide
the island would be used for. Would they use it as a satellite nest? Perhaps start transporting some of the brood
across this bridge into the new lands. Would they just treat this as a site for collection
of resources like soil and nesting materials? Perhaps use the new island as feeding grounds
for the colony somewhere away from the main nest. Or maybe they would transplant some of their
ant cows to the Tree of Counsel, a new host plant which might offer a new flavour of honeydew. Whatever they ultimately decided, I couldn’t
wait to find out. I came back to check on the ants in the wee
hours of the night. The ants were still traveling to and from
the new island. I mean, why wouldn’t they? This was a big deal. New territory, new soils into which they could
expand their growing super colony, new food and materials to collect. I was happy to see the ants seemed happy with
their new island. One of the things I did notice was that many
of the ants were trapped in the area below, having been covered with baby powder so they
couldn’t crawl back up, so I placed a rescue stick to help these ants return to the island
safely, and this stick was then later moved to the back area of the island where it is
better hidden. I allowed the ants to continue doing their
thing over night and see how they were doing the next morning. By morning, traffic was still steady as usual,
but there were still no signs that the colony had decided to move in to the new island. I watered the main island, and as usual the
ants came pouring out of their holes carrying the brood up into the tree. It seems the Bobbleheads were not ready to
move their colony to the new island just yet. I was ok with this. I wanted to respect the colony’s decision
and simply wait patiently to see what the colony ultimately decides to use the new island
for. I did see ants up scouting the Tree of Council,
so perhaps they were planning on establishing a herd of ant cows here in the future. I was also happy to see that no ants had fallen
into oblivion over night. A good sign that our choice of bridge was
a great choice. And as is AC Tradition, it was time to offer
the Bobbleheads a house warming gift. I placed in a piece of chopped cockroach,
along with a head, and a couple legs. It didn’t take long for the ants to discover
it, and what happened next, AC Family, completely blew me away. It hadn’t even been 30 seconds before a rush
of ants came pouring in from the bridge, and not just a few ants, droves of ants! I couldn’t believe how quickly news of the
food spread to the main island. Check them out! And hey, is that what I think it is? Yes, the ants were bringing in brood to the
new island. Wow! I guess the chopped roach was all that was
needed to convince the ants to try moving in a few young! Alright! But what’s even more cool, AC Family, was
watching the ants attempt to bring the food back home! They first began to transport a leg back and
my heart stopped every time the food item was literally dangling from their jaws at
the bottom of the driftwood upside down, then they moved out the head, again with heart-stopping
hanging moments, then the second leg, but then when it came to the large chopped roach
body I wondered if the ants were going to chop up the meat on site or attempt the impossible
and carry the huge juggernaut piece back home across the bridge, and AC Family, they wouldn’t
be ants if they didn’t dare to achieve the unthinkable right? No way! Yes, to my utter surprise, the ants decided
to bring the entire piece back. They carried the massive piece of roach meat
onto the bridge. And suddenly, the roach was just hanging. My heart stopped as I watched with bated breath
as the ants pulled and tugged the huge elephantine chunk of roach meat up to the top of the wood. I believe there were several heart-stopping
moments as they carried the roach down the long stretch of driftwood, but in the end,
the ants managed to get the huge piece of food safely onto terra firma on main island
grounds. This new setup was pretty fascinating, and
of course, a first for me. What do you guys think of this new island
installment. If they ever move in and we require a third
island, I’ll have to do some major space planning. Haha! In the meantime, I will continue to follow
the progress of the new Avista, Kingdom of the Bobbleheads. As I watched the ants continue to travel back
and forth between the two floating islands, something funny came to me, and that is, it
seems, you can lead ants to soil, but you can’t make them dig… unless of course, you
bribe them with fresh roach guts. Alright! The Bobbleheads have some new territory, and
I will update you on this colony as soon as there are any advancements. I secretly hope they start farming mealybugs
on this new island, as well! So to keep up with this and our other epic
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we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
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