60 thoughts on “ARMORED WALLS ARE 15 ROCKETS | Rust Base Building

  1. Next time expose XRaw and that other kek which makes like 100 rocket base designs which actually are 50 rocket ones which cost 800hqm. Most of those bases are utter shit and don’t contain any love. When I was newer I built a triple bunker base from Tronan or Xram which cost 400 HQM and could be splashed for 15 rockets lmao

  2. this video is fake its actually 16 rockets it just sounded like 15 becouse he shot 2 rockets at same time or the wall was already low hp

  3. Wowzers, glad to see you back, Evil!! Best 50 seconds of my life. 😌

    And it was 18 rockets + a bad case of the vapors! 😂

  4. Was this a point of contention? It's literally the easiest thing to figure out go to a Goddamn basebuilder server for 5 seconds.

  5. Now that the topical comments have played out…since we know that the cool soundtracks you play aren't especially your cup of tea, what do you rather imagine to accompany blasting armor with rockets? 🙂

  6. Did anyone actually not know this though? There are test build/raid servers for a reason lol. Also rustlabs.com exists.

  7. Honestly I count them as being closer to 14 rockets since it's only a very small sliver remaining after 14 rockets, so I count them as 14 when I'm doing my raid calculations

  8. The amount of times I have pointed this out in comments.. hopefully now that a bigger youtuber has pointed this out more people will know this… it's been like this since the buff to sheet and armored walls over a year ago zzz

  9. As far as I know the correct amount of 15 rockets is listed on Rust Labs. I would suggest everyone have a look at their website if you want to calculate raiding costs. https://rustlabs.com/building/armored-wall#tab=destroyed-by;filter=0,0,1,0,0,0;sort=2,0,2

  10. Next he will show us that if you have a hammer in your hand and hit the ground, it'll have a different sound if a stash is secretly hidden underground compared to when nothing is there

  11. Dat German Efficiency. Next video: "The pope is catholic. Despite the widely spread claim that the pope is a jew, I, Böse Wurscht, in my great and unmatched wisdom, hereby provide evidence that the pope is in fact catholic."

  12. 15, 16, not much difference. Properly honeycombed thats probably 100, if you make a wrong turn, more. Still doable but only ones I usually see doing it can use the give admin command.

  13. Did you know you can clear the aggro from outpost by dissconnecting from your server connecting to another server and then connect back into the original server and there will be no aggro

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