100 thoughts on “Astounding Tiny House With Downstairs Master Bedroom

  1. The cost per sf for a tiny home is more than an average size home, but they are more affordable. This one cost $183 per sf .

  2. Ok guys. We are gonna have to stop calling them tiny homes at some point coz this is not tiny by any stretch

  3. Born and raised in Asheville, NC. Moved to a small town in Florida in 2016 and one reason was because of the high rent in Asheville!

  4. I think your house would be more useful if you put your son's bedroom in the other loft, he's young enough to go up and down a ladder, then you wouldn't hesitate to go up into the office, &/or when you have a guest sleeping up there, they can manage the stairs better than a ladder.

  5. Fabulous design. The dining table and the wooden surround to the kitchen sink are superb features.  The whole space is really fantastic.  Congratulations all round.

  6. I'm hoping to save $25,000.00 in the next 5 years to buy some property in Cape Breton , build a tiny house or two and start my business….my dad owns 12 acres so if I can find Canadian prefab company that don't charge up the ass I can pull it off…. this guy's done an amazing job.

  7. I love the way you present each home beautifully and energetically … I much appreciate you sharing innovative ideas… Love from Pakistan Bryce

  8. I’m trying to plan a tiny house and it would be so helpful to know the dimensions , height, width, length total. Especially because I’m 6’4

  9. I watch this again and again.. really a well designed tiny home.. i think this the only tiny home on wheels in your channel with master bedroom downstairs..

  10. This tiny home living is blowing up! Rents going up n wages not going up to match .. similar to what she said, is the 1st reason why i wd love to have my own. And finally i see again a gorgeous one for under 40k. beautiful home!

  11. I get it's a relatively new thing this tiny house movement, but i'd much rather see some veteran owners talk about their experiences than people who just this week moved into their home. It's new, shiny, so they are still seeing things through rose-coloured glasses.
    Not that i don't believe their motivations, though it would be interesting since it's 2 years old to revisit these people and question them again about their experiences, but also about their ideas of tiny house living and what they changed to the house since then.

  12. Amazing idea of keeping bedroom down it’s true for adults it’s not easy to take stairs every time

  13. In South Africa land is expensive but the biggest problem is crime which is becoming increasingly violent.
    One has to have their tiny house on a property with other people for added security. Thankfully there is a growing interest in tiny homes so people are forming communities with mobile homes, yurts, containers etc.
    Thanks again for a great show.

  14. I lived in Franklin, NC….had a moderate sized home..not quite tiny, but almost. I love the concept, BUT….it is SO dark, dank, that it makes it appear smaller. Sad. Lighten the color scheme…you'd have a winner.

  15. I've been binge watching your videos and love them. I wish we had tiny houses like those in India. We do have small houses but the building is nowhere as beautiful and intricate as the ones you have shown in these videos. Hope you continue to show us more in future

  16. A smart choice with master downstairs. Not just for normal aging but accidents happen. If you should become disabled, getting up, downstairs I can promise is at best hard to do especially if you're like myself and if you are up what you're needing is of course downstairs. I speak on accidents because my entire world, life changed in just a split second over 20 years ago now. Before it I was still climbing trees, roller skating, ball with my son's that was just in middle school then. So it didn't just effect, change my life but theirs to. I really enjoy watching the stories on tiny homes. I've helped build several for a friend that wanted extra monthly income. We built on permanent foundation though, and it also cuts cost a lot on Foundations. If you own 1.5 to 5 more acres, you'd be surprised how many including giving each their own lots with the little house. Here it's incredibly easy, very easy to get$700 -$750 monthly rent because you are able to include the utilities in rent. I've seen a few ask more but your not going to get good renters, they are not going to stay long term where if you change less like this people want to stay. Insulation, insulation is best friend building these especially if you include utilities in rent.

  17. Not much counter space. No cozy factor on the couch but that could be remedied. She can use table if needed for prep. I do love the bedroom down stairs.

  18. It's a blessing to know how to bluid your own tiny home its way cheaper. To buy one made its super expensive almost like buying a home. I really wish i knew how to bluid one so me and family can live in because its so expensive to live everything is going up and pay is so low.

  19. I really like this concept.
    One day I hope to get a feel for a tiny home…I’ve got some ideas of my own 😉

  20. This tiny house has the best craftsmanship of any I’ve ever seen. I watch these videos all the time, seriously this house is amazingly well finished.

  21. This is the first tiny house that I find to be practical. You can have a lot of guests over and it won't be that big of a problem. I loved the interior of this house. And assuming 35k is not that expensive for a tiny house of this good quality, I think this is a great house

  22. I love how planned out this house is for their future. It's not a transition home, or a "until the kids grow up" home, but a forever home. So inspiring.

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