At-Home Jobs That Pay Weekly (and well)

– Hey, Angie Nelson here
from the Many people wanting to transition into working from home can’t wait an entire month for their first paycheck. Maybe you can’t even wait two
weeks for your first paycheck. In today’s video, we are
gonna be talking about some legitimate ways to make money from home that pay weekly, and they also pay more
than pennies as well. These are gigs that can
actually help you pay the bills. And make sure you stay
till the end of the video to find out how you can
get my seven day series on finding work at home free. Now, one big surprise to many of those that are looking to transition
into working from home is that there are quite
a few companies out there that only pay their
contractors once per month. That can be a long wait
if you are making the leap from a full-time job to working at home, or maybe you’ve been laid
off and need to get back into the workforce right away. In today’s video, I’m gonna be sharing a few of the opportunities with you that are gonna pay you a good hourly wage and are also gonna pay you every week. That’ll help make the
transition a little more easy. Now, the first opportunity we’re talking about today are call center jobs. Now, customer service work
may not be your dream job, but they are some of the
most readily available jobs in the work-at-home world, and in many cases, they’re
gonna pay you an hourly wage, and they’re gonna pay you consistently, whether that be weekly,
biweekly, or monthly. The jobs we’re focusing on today are gonna be paying you weekly. Now, a few that I would
like you to consider, there’s one called Blue Zebra. They are going to be appointment setters and virtual assistants,
and the pay with them is gonna range from $15 to $25 an hour, and they also offer regular raises based on your performance. And this is one that
is gonna pay you weekly like we discussed earlier. Westat is a company that focuses on telephone data collectors, and this position starts
at about 8.25 an hour, and they also will pay you every week. Now, another great gig for newcomers to the work-at-home
world is transcription. And what you’re doing in these positions is basically listening to an audio file and typing it out into text. Now, this one, you just need a keen ear and some excellent typing skills, and it’s gonna be performance-based pay. So the faster your can
type and the more accurate you can type, the better
wage that you can earn. Babbletype is one that hires newcomers, and their pay averages around $10 an hour. is another popular one in the work-at-home community. They pay 40 to 65 cents per audio minute, but they require no experience. And TranscribeMe is
another one that’s open to beginners that pays weekly, and they start around $20 per audio hour. Now, what you need to
realize about per audio hour, it means that that isn’t how long it takes you to type the file. That’s its file length in total. So if it takes you three
hours to type one audio hour, that $20 an hour is gonna end
up being around $7 an hour, so that’s where it really comes into play that it’s necessary for you to have fast and accurate typing skills. Now, another really popular opportunity within my community is website testing. Now, website testing which you are doing is visiting a website and
providing your feedback. Maybe you are telling the client how easy it is to navigate
their site or not so easy. Are the colors off-putting? Is their branding consistent? Do you get a clear feel for
what their site is about? Those are all things that
customers are looking for when they hire these
website testing companies. Now, these gigs aren’t
gonna be really consistent. They are gonna come into your
inbox every now and again, and you do need to act
quickly to pick them up, but there are a lot of
companies that offer these gigs. And it’s really a fast and
easy way to make a few bucks. Usually these testing gigs
only take about 20 minutes to complete, and usually the
pay is around $10 per test. A couple of them that
you might wanna check out are UserTesting, Userfeel, and TestMyUI. Depending on your background, there may be some other opportunities that you want to explore. If you have some teaching experience or a bachelor’s degree, there
is a big demand right now for online tutoring in the English as a second language department. Many times those don’t require teaching experience or a teaching degree. You simply need to have
that bachelor’s degree, and sometimes there’s a few other requirements involved as well. And those don’t pay too shabby, and there are a few companies
that will pay you weekly, such as Cambly, Chegg, or NiceTalk. These are just a few of
the great opportunities that are available that
will pay you weekly. And I’m gonna leave you
a link in the description to a post where you can find out about these opportunities and more. Now, if you like today’s video, please click the like button below, share it with your friends, and make sure you’re
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a link to the that post where you can learn about
these opportunities and more. And I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Work gurus need to stop making videos telling people that jobs that make $8, $15 an hour etc. pay "well." This is is no longer a living wage and job seekers need to be motivated to aim higher. Have you ever heard of inflation? Come on.

  2. You absolutely have to know your states hourly wage, PLEASE know what you must earn NET per hour to support your rent, utilities, etc. And ABOVE ALL: KNOW your employment rights. Too many places will take advantage of you when you are desperate.

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  11. Judging by the comments, it appears you may have another topic for the YouTube viewers – inspiring scriptures/quotes. God bless your endeavors.

  12. About transcription: it will take you eight hours to transcribe one hour of tape. So do the math before you jump into a gig like this. More often than not you will be seriously underpaid.

  13. You are doing such a great thing here! There are SO MANY bad companies who scam people all the time. It's good to have a place people can go to get the true skinny. The support you offer is phenomenal. Blessings to you –

  14. Just as an add on for anyone interested, is so not worth it at the beginning… but eventually you can graduate to doing captioning, which is way more fun and better pay, as well as more work available. Don't get too discouraged. It IS legit.
    I'm just putting this out there to say that perseverance at DOES pay off. No, it's not great money, but it does pay the bills.

    I have not personally tried Transcribeme or Babbletype, but I understand that their pay is about the same as Rev, maybe even a little worse.

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  16. I appreciate the many ideas! I was hired by Rev and it's not my favorite because it is very difficult personally and requires lots of time for not a lot of money, but I am definitely going to look into the others!

  17. I worked for a large Insurance Company, for several years and then they sent a test group "home" to work, they supplied all the computers etc to set up office at home,,,,,I loved it……..Now the entire company at that location of 500 employees work from home. It is high pressure…..calls timed…only so many breaks allowed and not a minute over etc etc….. I had been in the professional world a long time so all of this was no problem, but to many it might be… cannot watch tv or your kids at the same time your working…….you can wave at them when they get in from school.

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  19. mam I like your channel send PDF conversion types of conversions mam plz show me where I can learn this skill plz help me.

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  21. I shared this with one of my roommates. We are both on furlough at the time and looking for side work to get us through this government shutdown. Thanks so much for the information! I have experience in transcription so that is right up my alley.

  22. Be warned. Once you upload a cover letter onto their crappy website you’ll be stuck with it. No matter how many new jobs you apply for. I created a new login account to load a new letter and some amazon worker drone deleted both my accounts. I have to say they’ve done me a favor. You think they have so many openings because it’s a great place to work? As I’m sure many of you know there’s nothing worse than working for people who treat you like garbage. God forbid you actually need the job to survive.

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