At Home Transcription Jobs for Beginners

– Hey, Angie Nelson here
from the Today we’re going to be talking
about transcription jobs. Now transcription can be a great option for those looking to work
from home for the first time, especially those who love
data entry and typing. Along with having a great ear and some great grammar skills as well. In this video, we are
going to be exploring what it takes to get
started in this field, and also some companies
who are open to beginners. Make sure you stay til
the end of the video to find out how you can
get my seven day series on finding work at home free. Now as I mentioned, transcription can be a great opportunity for
those that are looking to work from home for the first time. A lot of people will start out looking for work at home only to find that a lot of companies require that you have previous
work-at-home experience, and that can be really a
catch-22 in most cases. How can you get work-at-home experience if you can’t get a work from home job? And that’s where a lot of
these transcription jobs will come into play, there are a lot of companies out there
who are open to beginners, and don’t care if you have
work-at-home experience, nonetheless if you have prior
transcription experience. They will train you and
give you the resources and the skills that you
need to get the job done. Another reason that this
transcription is a great opportunity for those that are looking to work at home for the first time is because many work-at-home
noobies are looking for just straight-up transcription work, or excuse me data entry work, and many are really
disappointed to find out pretty quickly that there’s not a lot of legitimate data
entry work available online, especially legitimate work that’s going to pay you a living wage. It just doesn’t exist in many cases. So transcription can
be a great alternative. You are gonna be able to
use your typing skills, some research skills,
there’s no phone involved, so really all you’re gonna need
is some great typing skills, grammar skills, and the ability to listen to text and type it out into words. That’s what transcription is. Now if you’re new to transcription, as I said, what transcription involves is listening to an audio file
and turning that into text. And many times you’ll be
sent an mp3 or an mp4 file and you will listen to
that and type it out and then send your client
back, say, a Word document or a Google document
of some kind and that’s what they will be working
with is that text document. The one great thing about
transcription is that there’s not a lot of equipment involved to get started, to
y’know at the beginning. As you get more involved in this field and are picking up more
work, it may certainly become advantageous at some point to invest in a foot pedal and some upgraded transcription software, but when you’re just getting started you can simply use what you have. You’ll need a pair of headphones so that you can hear a
little bit more clearly than maybe what’s coming
through your computer speakers, but once you go beyond the headphones, there’s free transcription
software available online and you can always upgrade
to that foot pedal later. Most transcription software
has some keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the interim. Now when we’re talking
about the kind of work that’s available out there,
transcription generally falls into three categories, you
have general transcription which is how most beginners get started, these are just gonna be general files that cover a lot of different industries, and no particular specialized
knowledge is required. The next industry is legal transcription. There are quite a few
companies that will hire for this industry, it may
be transcribing things like kind of court recordings
or witness testimonies, this one does usually require experience, though there are a few ways that you can get some training available on that, usually legal transcription involves some kind of prior work knowledge or experience in the legal industry. Now our third category of transcription is gonna be medical transcription, and this one is usually one that you can’t get into without having prior training. And that training usually
needs to be approved by the Association of Healthcare
Documentation Integrity if you’re familiar with
any kind of HIPAA laws or things like that,
that is really sensitive personal information that they want to make sure is being handled properly. So that’s something that
you will need to get some formal training for,
and there are some places online that will provide
that training to you, from the comfort of your own home. If this sounds like an industry that you would like to get involved in, there are a few companies
that are open to beginners. is one that’s really popular, this is gonna be usually short files that you’re going to be transcribing, covers a lot of different industries, I myself use to have these videos transcribed and captioned when
I get done recording them. I’ll send them over to and they’ll turn those around within a
few hours and have them back to me with the transcribed file available. And they’re open to beginners. There is not a lot of pay involved there, but they are really flexible and it is an opportunity to get a
little bit of experience, so you can move up that ladder. Transcribeme is another one
that is open to newbies. They operate on a micro-task setup, what that means is they might break down the files, bigger files
into smaller chunks and have a lot of different people working on small sections of that file. Now the pay here is gonna
be $20 per audio hour, and if you’re gonna get
involved in transcription, that is really a phrase that you need to learn what it means because most places are gonna
pay you by the audio hour. Now $20 per audio hour
might sound pretty good when you’re thinking of $20 per hour, but that’s not how it
works with transcription. Transcription is usually going
to be production-based pay. That means you are going to get paid $20 for completing that
task or that audio hour, no matter how many hours it actually takes you to get it typed out. Now in most cases, you know
the general calculation there is it takes a
person three to six times that amount of time to
get the file transcribed, so if you have a one
hour transcription file or audio file to work on,
it’s going to probably take you three to six
hours to get that done. So when we’re talking about transcribeme, if it’s $20 per audio hour,
and it takes you three hours to get that file completed
and transcribed into text, you’re probably gonna be looking at a little less than $7 per hour. That’s why it’s really important that you have a fast typing speed and an accurate typing speed as well. Now a couple more that
we’re gonna run through real quick here that are open to beginners is going to be tigerfish,
babbletype, appen, and 3play media, and I’m
gonna leave you a link in the description here that will give you a big long list of
transcription companies that are broken down into those
that are open to beginners, so you can check it out
a little bit on your own after we’re done with this video. Now those are just a few of my tips for today and a general overview of the transcription industry as a whole. Now please keep in mind
as we talked about, you’re most likely going to get paid by the audio hour or the audio minute, not the time that it actually takes you to transcribe that file. So most of the places
will let you know up front what their pay per
audio minute or hour is, as a general breakdown,
go ahead and divide that number by three or
four, maybe up to six if you’re a brand new
beginner and you know you’re going to have a little
bit of a learning curve there. To find out if that’s something that is really worth you pursuing, if you’re breaking that
down by three or four, is that an hourly wage
that you can live with? And also keep in mind you may have to take a little bit of those
lower paying jobs initially so you can get a bit of that transcription experience under your
belt that will allow you to move up into some of
the higher paying positions or even getting clients on your own. There are quite a few
successful transcribers that have their own
transcription business, get their own clients,
and have a steady flow of work available on their own. So those are just a few of the things I wanted to run through today, if you have questions,
please feel free to leave me a comment, I’ll get
back to you on those. If you’ve liked this
video, please make sure you give it a like and
share it with your friends and make sure you’re
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of the next video. Until then, make sure
you check the description for a list of those jobs
and some other things that we talked about in this video, and I’ll see you next time. Best of luck.

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  1. Hi Angie, great video . I can type 88-92 wpm effectively (pro). However I am 40 % deaf, use a volume booster on my computer which doesnt affect my hearing and lets me hear very clearly. Do you think I would be eligible for this job as I am a stay in home father. Also, what exactly does a foot pedal do ? Thank you so much for this informative video, its very encouraging.

  2. I just finished my application for rev. It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally easy, I think. I just filled a quick grammar test, got redirected to a quick style guide, very simple, and then I had to actually transcribe and audio. Despite some words being difficult to hear, and not knowing some others (which I googled), it was really easy as compared to my actual expectations (I was terrified when I clicked on the application haha). Besides, I think I did a pretty good job. It took me a while to actually transcribe the audio (and it was only two minutes!) but I think with practice things get better and faster. So give it a try c:

    I'm now waiting for them to respond and I bet it will take a while. But I'm kinda confident. Since I am confident… I will be broken hearted if I don't pass. TnT Wish me luck. TnT haha and luck to you on your … endeavours … hahaha <3

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