Audi 2019 A8 Defined: Interior Design

Some years ago we did a creative
workshop in Paris. I could afterwards define what
this car should be in my eyes. Paris is one of most advanced
and prestigious cities in the world. And it has lots of
history. Prestige. Luxury. History. This car should have all of it. My name is Maximillian ??
I am interior designer at Audi . When talking about the interior
design of the current A8, prestige was the basis of
developing the car. How did we achieve this? First of all
is creating width, because width Is for us the definition of
luxury in a car. Then of course the back panel
architecture which integrates seamlessly the screens in their
dashboard and in a center console. As a design team we said
okay craftsmanship, this is what the Audi customer knows and what he
expects. It’s super nice leather authentic wood, stitches that are
perfectly made and we’re like OK this is craftsmanship. We want
to transfer into the digital world. On any screen which you
can see in the car, any graphics there was a person
sitting and defining it and sketching it and looking
after that we get this high end high definition graphics.
Overall if you include the screens in the back, six screens into the
car. They should not look like screens put somewhere on
the had to be integrated seamlessly giving a perfect
ergonomics to the customer Because the screens are coming
closer to the driver and the passenger and they are easier
to reach. This car should have something which no other Audi is
going to have. And I think this is exactly what we made with
the vents. They are just coming out when you need them. Even the
the movement itself, it’s the best technology you can
get. The back of the car
it’s equivalent to the front row because
we integrated the design of front center consoles.
We have the controller Which is a piece you can just
take off and you can control everything. It’s the screens,
it’s the sunshades, the seat heating the cooling, the massages,
the massage by the way is awesome. The Matrix reading light,
so this is a nice transfer from the technique we get
from the exterior because the headlights have
this Matrix light so this is pretty unique. And it has to be really
spacious. I just invite you get into the car having sit down and
back and just enjoy it. It’s amazing. Since the beginning we had the aim
to create one interior, and one room where you feel, no matter where
we’re sitting, you feel wow this is a luxury car. It’s defining the DNA of Audi
every time a new A8 is coming onto the market. We have two
shift it into this digital environment we are now living in
and this car should not just match. It should define. It’s cool
to make a big step… This car is is not an evolution it’s a

100 thoughts on “Audi 2019 A8 Defined: Interior Design

  1. Its cool but its overkill.I mean when will you actually use all the tech in there?
    You have my respect tho!

  2. A lot of tech, a lot of novelty… but still so dull somehow. By the price tag you can tell it's audi, by the design it could be any Opel/Vauxhall out there. Sorry to say, but the italians still do it so much better – and at a much more reasonable price.

  3. As an Audi fanboy…
    I demand you (Audi) to bring the RS6 Avant and RS4 Avant to the US pls.
    Btw nice video.

  4. I still can’t stand any of the new Audi front grills. Too plasticky looking and even around all shaped are boring.

  5. The green police
    They live inside of my head
    The green police
    They come to me in my bed
    The green police
    They're coming to arrest me
    Oh no…….LOL

  6. steering wheel design is awful, like parts of broken chair from ikea. Also last several years Audi fails to deliver good colors in interior: dull and ugly color palette is casual. No led backlight will fix it. Sad.

  7. This has been my dream vehicle for years. Everything is perfect and the new interior is beautiful. Someday I will have one.

  8. You should have filmed and posted the video in 4K because 1080p is becoming obsolete, and most people interested in
    advanced technology cars will want to see this commercial on their televisions through the YouTube app. By the time the car is available on the market, you're going to be advertising it through already obsolete film quality, which seems contradictory considering the design ethos of the new Audi going forward. The better the resolution, the finer the perception of the car becomes because you want prospective owners to experience the richness of your luxury detailing. Audi, this is my humble opinion of course. As for the vehicle, the interior lighting, space, and materials, it's stunning. It's not a BMW 7-series knockoff, it's not boring German ergonomics, it's real design integrating the utility of new, emerging automotive technology. As someone who lives in the world of Tron Legacy, this car's use of light, veneer, and quality materials is impressive. This is uniquely different from Mercedes Benz's S-Class muscularity and use of curves. The impression is instead of going for Mercedes' cues, you added more sharp geometry, more calculus, more technology that feels less like a living thing, but more like the technology of the future, which is a seamless array of tools, like a driving laboratory that could take you to space. It doesn't feel empty like a Tesla or Karma, which are too minimal. It feels amazing.

  9. You guys should put more wood and leather in this thing, there’s too much PLASTIC, too much shiny things too that will scratch over time and look ugly.

  10. I had a 2015 Audi S8, we had a baby so I got a 2018 XC90. Every day so far, I miss that twin turbo 4.0 v8 wrapped in pure luxury, as soon as the kid is 4 I'm getting a A8… god willing S8 back.

  11. As a current S8 owner, I'm feeling very disappointed by Audi these days. Driver Assistance hasn't really changed much, just the same basic junk (where's the Tesla Autopilot killer when you need one?). Also looks like they still want you to use Audi Connect…please God no!! Automatic sun shades and massage seats? Eyeroll… the 2013 models had that. I don't understand how this is revolutionary. Maybe they have OTA updates now, or do we still have to pay every single time for SW upgrades? If the new S8 comes with 700+HP, then I'll consider an upgrade, otherwise this is a marginal improvement at best. Revolutionary? I think not. The Q8 and E-Tron though – great design and fresh thinking.

  12. You guys make amazing cars and therefore I even own one myself, but the interior designer is amazing he’s making very intuitive and futuristic designs, but the exterior designer is making very weird curves and interesting rear ends but anyway still love your cars tho

  13. Not only do I want one of these cars, but I would also love to work for this company and be involved with a car this spectacular.

  14. This is what luxury is all about, not flamboyant, not form over function, everything is usable, there's quality in every detail. You don't buy this car to show off like a lamborghini. If you know, you know.

  15. I love how audi is just constantly pushing forward. They never settle for mediocre. And even with all this new technology they still know that the drive is the most important part and they continue to make cars that are just as awesome to drive as they are to look at. Truly the best auto maker in the business today. It's so refreshing to see a company that is genuinely passionate about their products.

  16. All this technology makes cars worthless. Just look at MMI out of a 07 A6. Back in the day it looked just as high tech as the systems in this new A8.

  17. Audi needs to step up their exterior design, looks bland compared to other competitors, but interior they're doing a good job.

  18. The more tech the shorter the life span. These newer cars will never be restored. Just used up and scrapped. It’s a shame. All that money it costs

  19. Interior design isnt for everyone how r u going to feel texture from a distance away… Spectating on the sidewalk 😍

  20. Looks the same as past models. All your getting is updated interior and new headlights,taillights. Expected at least some change in the overall design but then again Audi is playing it safe.

  21. I am a huge audi fan but personally, I feel the A8 is a let down Mercedes S Class is still better interior wise Lexus LS is better exterior wise and that tailight reminds me of Lincoln I feel Audi is falling behind….

  22. Interior is beyond amazing… too bad the exterior is "meh". Audi is, in my opinion, a fantastic car, but the exterior doesn't inspire "uniqueness" it looks flat.

  23. 2:35 – Was anyone else bothered by the fact that the Yukon in the background didn't have their lights turned on?

  24. I used to own a Mercedes , currently have a BMW and Lexus but trading the BMW in for an Audi at the end of the year. My first Audi. So excited!

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