Autism And Self Esteem – Building Up Confidence

– Before I start this video, I wanted to point out a
comment that came in today. It goes along with this
video that I just edited. So there was getting done with work at the early hour of 7:00 a.m. I decided, hey, I’m going to go over and
look at some comments. I just absolutely love comments that I get to read every single day. There’s one comment two words
long, it really bugged me. It really did. Usually, I can just brush
off these type of comments and just like, okay, move on. So the comment was two
words it said, “Loser kid.” For one, I don’t appreciate anybody talking about Braylee in a negative way. So this is an adult male maybe, bullying a seven year old kid. There’s something wrong with that picture. So it might be brushed off as, “Oh, it’s just a troll
meaning it could be anybody.” But no matter who it comes from, there’s still someone behind the keyboard. There’s someone typing that out. What is wrong with the internet
world that makes that okay. I don’t understand, like
no matter who it is, like my point is, it doesn’t have to be an
adult male to make that wrong. It could be anybody saying that and no matter who says that
behind any computer face to face anything that’s just not right. I’m not trying to start in like a whole negative thing about this. It just brings a lot of
context to this video that I just finished editing, the one that you’re seeing
right after this conversation and we’re already making this
video I know that this video is not going to change anything. They’re just people are
still going to be out there. We just want to do what
we can to make sure that when Braylee does encounter
these people throughout her life that those kind of comments will be thown up her shoulder. Here’s the video. Here we go. (whistle music) – [David] Morning Braylee? (scream softly) – [Stacey Laughs Loudly] (scream softly) – [David] She just sleep pretty much through the night though, I checked on her about six issues while you’re still sleeping. – (screams softly) – [Stacey] She’s just been up for a little longer than usual. So she’s hyped. Hey we gonna gonna go to the red car. – [David] Yeah. ♪ We’re gonna go to school ooh! ♪ Really jumpy today. She’s got the hops, right we go ahead and still no school bus. Still too cold to fix. It’s warming up a little bit
though. It’s getting warmer. It’s actually really warm for spring. Good job buckling up. Good job. (classical music) I love you. (mumbles) – I love you. (mumbles) – I love you. (mumbles) – You’re the best. Remember that, okay Have a great day today. (mumbles) – [David] Bedtime? – [Stacey] No she’s
trying to say great day. (David laughs). She is just repeating everything. – [David] Great day okay (laughs). We’re practicing our brush
brushing teeth song this morning. Ready? ♪ brush, brush, brush, ♪ ♪ brush, brush brush, brush ♪ ♪ brush, brush, brush ♪ ♪ brush your teeth. ♪ – Teeth. – [David] See you later. (mumbles) We are back to our our normal routine. Daily, Weekly. Day of the week normal routine. – [David] And we’re back
home. I know. I know. I keep Christmas
decorations in the garage. Everybody looks like the chon Hey, Mimo. Good morning Mimo. Good morning Dori. – [David] How are you guys doing? Oh yeah, that’s how I’m feeling too. Carlos good morning buddy. (upbeat music) – And its already time to pick up Braylee. – [Stacey] Hope in. – [David] Hey. Good to see you b, welcome back. – [Stacey] We are meeting
with our caseworker today, from butali, so we gotta get home. – [David] Yap We get a semi annual
visits from the caseworker. – Make sure everything’s going well and if we have anything left to address plus anything like a check in yeah to make sure like oh you do still have this kid in your house is
still okay and you know, just basically to lay eyes on
the kiddos rendering services – [David] Ready Braylee, Ready, set. – Go – Yeah.
– Go – So We got Braylee. she’s in the car in the
back there hanging out. She had a good day today. She didn’t have her talker
with her yesterday because it was getting repaired the
screen so she had it back today and I’m sure that helped a
lot with the frustrations and any issues that she
may have had yesterday. – First thing she said when
she got her talker back Mac and Cheese.
– Mac and Cheese – But something we wanted to
talk about is something that we really are trying to do and we’ve done somewhat but
we’re trying to do better about it making sure that
we go over a lot of positive affirmations with Braylee because we think that is really important
to let her know that she is valuable and she is smart and capable and kind and strong and brave
and all of those good things. – There’s gonna be a point
where we’re not around her that we live in a kind
of a mean world at times, and she might be bullied at some time at some point in her life. And we wanna make sure
when that point comes, she’s gonna know that that’s not true, whatever they’re saying is not true. And she’s gonna be able to
just let that kind of thing, just roll off her shoulder, – We just wanna make sure that Braylee has a lot of self confidence, the world can be a little
harsh, and we wanna make sure that she has impacted
the least amount possible and do our part to make
sure that she is secure and who she is. – And so and we know that she
understands what we’re saying, we know that, like,
whenever whenever we’re saying great things about her, she knows. And that goes the other way too – [Stacey] When people, say bad things
– If we end up saying something bad, that’s going
to affect her natively, we got to remember that she is listening to everything we say. – I’m not gonna lie like
every Everybody has moments. Everybody has their moments,
everybody makes mistakes. But we really try to
limit that kind of stuff. We’re not perfect at all, either. There are times that we’re
short with her because we just have lost our patience. like yesterday, she was
getting into everything. That’s just what kids do.
And yeah, we were a little, just exhausted. So we’re like, Braylee stop, but we have to make sure that
we don’t say negative things about her in the moment either. ’cause a lot of it is
stuff she can’t control. You know, it’s not it’s not
that she is being a certain way. And it’s not that she is bad. So you don’t want her to think
that about herself either. – We’re all kids at some point. You know, you know how that goes. – Kids are wild and they’re fun and crazy. And that’s why we love them. – Yeah. – [Stacey] We are home. Are you waiting for Dad? Wait for Dad. Say Dad. Really, Dad. – [David] Carlos let’s go inside. – [Stacey] She’s waiting for you. – Hi. – [Stacey] Put your coat
away and a back pack (Mumbles) – [Stacey] Good job. Hey, see even better you’re wearing your anti-bullying shirt today. (screams) – [Stacey] Yeah. I said, “It’s even better day ’cause she’s wearing that shirt (mumbles). – [David] Yeah, good to
hear you talk about it. She’s kindness exception,
acceptance and inclusion. ♪ Brush, brush, brush ♪ – Brush your teeth. – [David] Yeah. We’re just fast forward
right on through the day because we went live today. It was a really great time going live. We really absolutely love going live and interacting with you guys. This is where I’m at in
the video Braylee’s asleep, about to get to work and yeah. We’ll go on to tomorrow. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Have a good day night, Evening, Morning. Whatever you’re doing, have a good one. (beep) – [David] Hey, we got a package
from one of our friends. – Braylee open it. Pull it here, pull it open. (box stretching) Pull. – [David] There is a note, we like notes. – [Stacy] Yap. – (mumbles) – “Dear the lovely. “We family keep up all
the wonderful work you do. “Braylee keep up the singing. “You have a beautiful voice. “here something you might enjoy “Stacey and David. “I hope this is okay.” Oh boy. – [David] All right. – So if you sent this to us. Let us know who this is from? – [David] Yeah. – ‘Cause it doesn’t have
the name of the sender. (mumbles) – [David] What could it be (mumbles) (gentle guitar music) (mumbles) (gentle guitar music) Go. (air whooshing) – [Stacey] Not do it here though. Go. (beep) – yells (Stacey and David laughs) – [David] A piece to learn
– [Stacey] Learn – [David] Then check out the guitar. The ukulele. – Yap. A little ukulele. – [David] Braylee play the ukulele. (guitar music) – You hold it? Look your right hand is so up. hold it like this. Hold it right here. And then you use this to go. (guitar chord) You do it. Yeah, that’s a girl. (guitar strings music) – [David] Yeah. – Yeah. Good job. ♪ Mr. Sun, Sun, ♪ ♪ Mister Golden Sun! ♪ ♪ Shine your light on me. ♪ ♪ Mr. Sun, Sun, ♪ ♪ Mister Golden Sun! ♪ – Here you do it. – [Stacey] You’re just
holding your (mumbles) – (mumbles) (guitar string music) – [Stacey] Yeah, please shine down on me. – Yap. You turn. (guitar string music) – So the note said hope this is okay. But I mean of course that’s okay. – [David] It’s music. – We like all the music things. – [David] Yeah. – she has a drum set. I mean it can’t get much louder than that. (both David and Stacey laughs) – [David] Music. – Music (laughs). – [David] Yeah (laughs). – (mumbles) – (mouth harp music) – Your turn. – Yells – (David and Stacey laughs) – Good job. – [David] love your music Braylee? (mouth harp music) – Yells (mouth harp music) – Yell – No way

100 thoughts on “Autism And Self Esteem – Building Up Confidence

  1. Grr I’m upset that anyone would say something so rude.. love Braylee’s happiness makes my heart ♥️ happy!! It’s so awesome to see Braylee try so hard.. She’s so awesome

  2. People who make vile comments like that, just show their ignorance. #BeKind
    Braylee is a beautiful, smart, creative little girl. I’ve been following your vlogs for a while now and it’s wonderful to see her blossoming more and more.

  3. I'm literally not even a minute into this vlog and I'm fuming. No matter what she is a little girl a child. And being a bully is beyond wrong. Braylee has made some awesome progress just in the 1 yr that I have been following the Wee Family. From my family to yours we love you guys and appreciate what you guys do to help spread autism awareness.

  4. I'm sorry someone ignorant called Braylee that she's clearly not a loser but they are clearly ignorant for calling a innocent little girl that it makes me mad 😠

  5. What kind of truly sad and empty life someone must be leading to make a comment like that about a child, just disgusting that someone felt so low as to comment that. Anyway, how adorable are Braylee's harmonica sounds?! Love that she got it at the end, perseverance girl you keep singing and making music! ☺️

  6. I lost it when you were singing the sun song! My brother and I used to sing a version of that when we were kids. Usually around the campfire. I haven't heard that tune in YEARS! Not gonna lie, it kinda brought a tear to my eye. Ours went:
    Mr. Moon, Moon pretty shiny moon, shining down on me..
    Well we'd like to stay but we have to run
    Need to sleep so tomorrow we can have more fun
    Mr. Moon, Moon, pretty shiny moon, shining down on me!
    Thank you for the throwback! And yes, that live was so much fun!❤❤

  7. Braylee you always make me smile every time you sing and smile,you are true blessing to your wonderful parents ❤️❤️

  8. OMG!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 whered u buy braylee’s rainbow hoodie? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💖💖💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 I so need to buy one for me!!! I love rainbows alot!!!!💖💖💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  9. Don’t let a jerk like that get to you,I have a little girl with autism also.and if someone said that about her all I do is say sorry that your mad cause she is smarter than you are .so don’t let it get you down!

  10. I love the little chi chi dog…how old and whats his name. And to the loser who said what he sais, you should be ashamed of yourself. Braylee my dear you rock.

  11. don't let negative things like that take over your family, they think they're better than you which they're not! they're the worst, and i wish those type of people never existed on social media…. i hope you continue life with positive people like (me?) i love you and your channel..

    btw do you remember the post you responded to Stacey and david 1day ago on instagram?

    haha that was me 😄😄 the instagram name was (tigerk1k2020)
    <3 thanks again for the kind message and thanks for being amazing!! <3

  12. Its real simple. Social media has made too many people comfortable with disrespecting others and not getting punched in the mouth for it. Period.
    Makes me ill that someone feels the need to inflict pain on your family, in any form.
    My apologies if my sentiments offend you, but I am so over the bullying bs.
    Keep up the incredible vids, those of us who mind dont matter and those of us who matter dont mind, no matter what it is!💜😘

  13. I bet that the comment was made by a child with parents who don’t pay as much attention to them as you do with Braylee. Trolls are usually green eyed monsters; they hurt others out of jealousy.

  14. I feel you, man. I hate trollers too. What kind of an idiot who would talk crap about your innocent, lovely, autistic daughter, Braylee?! Take it from me, if you see any trollers who said anything bad about your daughter, get rid of them by blocking them.

  15. Braylee is a Blessing! She is beautiful and adorable…and very smart. It’s unfortunate some people can’t appreciate how special she is. Karma. You guys are great parents! Keep up the wonderful parenting.. 👏👏👏

  16. “No way?” Pshaw, yes way! I think Braylee may have an eidetic memory and even perfect pitch. Does she get music therapy in school? If so, share this with them. If she can learn by ear (as opposed to teaching her all the theory up front) then it could be a form of self expression that she can build upon. It could possibly even help her with any sensory integration issues.

  17. no one has a right to insult or judge another person unless they have walked in there shoes and a mature adult would know better than to call a child looser every child is blessed with there own unique ability’s i was abused and to this day looser still hurts me to the core your daughter is full of joy and moments that make others smile keep on being such amazing parents her saying i
    lv you priceless

  18. It's not okay, but I'm so proud how you rolled it off! David and Stacy you are doing a great job! Love ya guys ! Braylee , you are a superstar!

  19. I don’t like bullied. Your daughter is so nice. Adult is not supposed bullied to kid. Some people called me mental retarded. 😢

  20. I’m glad B doesn’t know about bullies and she has great parents to protect her and some words for that adult bully get a life already don’t pick on little children just cause your not happy with yourself and your life. B your wonderful just as you are!!!

  21. When I got to watching this video it had 354 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down… I think I can guess who that might be…. some people! Absolutely adorable when she was trying to play the harmonica and making the noise! Love it!

  22. People suck.

    In other news, did you see this was happening?

    Braylee should be happy!

  23. I figured it out! The jerkface who spoke meanness is exceptionally jealous of her amazeballs unicorn hoodie. BOOM solved

  24. So sad that you have to deal with ignorant people. Braylee is a beautiful, intelligent amazing little girl💕. I loved watching her with the harmonica…that was just the cutest. The way she mimicked Stacey playing the harmonica at the end. The tone & tune were spot on! I think you have a future musician in the making🎼🎹🎸🎧

  25. Braylee has the purest heart, has an amazing family, a big yellow bus, and 18k+ people admiring and following her journey towards even more success. hm sounds like a winner to me and she’s only 7.

  26. Braylee is amazing, intelligent and kind, a lot of people could learn from her, her smile and singing brings people so much happiness ♥

  27. Shame on the person who called braylee a loser child! Shes a beautiful amazing hearted person! Shes so freaking cute and I dont see any bit of a looser in her! I love how happy and hyper she is! Dont let anyone get you down or tell you either wise! You and fathering autism are amazing! I love seeing the interactions between abbie and braylee! Stay strong! Hang in there! You guys do so much good work! I wish people would be more empathetic and realize that you cant talk about children like that no matter what their age or hurtles they have to jump. All children have learning curves!

  28. How dare anyone talk about Braylee like that, she is amazing, beautiful, and so super smart, who could not fall in love with that sweet singing voice,
    It's a harsh world out there, because of my pcos I have no hair on top of my head and can grow a full beard, even shaving twice a day I always have a shadow because my hair is so dark, I've been in a supermarket and had people walk past and say "You Trans people should have been drowned at birth" "I could never go out looking like you" those are the nice comments I've had, I can understand the little girl that said to her mom " mummy why is that man wearing a dress? " because she doesn't understand (I've never worn a dress since that day) but the worst group of people are woman in their early twenties, they can be super nasty, and people wonder why I'm scared to leave the village, I went out on Wednesday (it's now Saturday) and I doubt I will leave the village again (apart from therapy) for a couple of week's, I'm very conscious of how I look anyway and it getting pointed out to me hurts, no one should be so scared to leave the safety of their home, but this is the world we live in, I do try my hardest to ignore them but all I want to scream is I'm a woman !!!! my hubby hates these comments, I'm forever stopping him from having words with these people and just go on with what we were doing, I've tried 7 times to get laser hair removal just on my face and have been turned down every time, it would cost £3000 to do my whole face and it's money that we just don't have, the NHS will pay for a man to have it removed but not a woman, I've had doctor's/psychologist/community psychiatric nurses all write letters saying how much it would improve my quality of life but it still gets refused, but I'm still trying, it definitely causes my social phobia to go up while I'm out and about, I've had to learn to ignore the stares and most of the comments, but they still hurt, I definitely have no self esteem or just a little amount, I'm working hard to accept how I look but I shouldn't have to do all of this just to go shopping, it's bullying and shouldn't happen in our day and age,
    I hope that Braylee doesn't have these comments to her face, she is so lovely I just don't understand some people at all.I love how you two parent, it's how I would have been with my own kid, thank you as always for sharing your family with us all, your vlogs are the highlight of my day, blessings Helen

  29. Love that B repeated the rhythm-she is so AWESOME! Wee Family I agree the world is harsh-ignore the idiot, trying to get attention! #Love the Wee Fam❤

  30. BTW-I could think of many other words to describe your sweet kiddo-sweet, funny, kind, awesome, adorable, she has her own sense of style, love ya Braylee…you put a smile on many people's faces!❤😘🎶🎸

  31. Keep doing the awesome job you guys are doing with her. I hope you guys are enjoying the little bit of warmer weather we are starting to get.

  32. People like that were not raised by a caring…loving family…dissing a sweet angel says sooo much about that person…i tend to feel pity and sadness for them..YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING…Keep up the great work

  33. Braylee is beautiful! It is very sad that people have to be so mean. Hops are fun to have Dad 😉 Hearing her say I love you was so precious 💜 Your such wonderful parents! Keep the positive vibe going. Have a blessed weekend friends 😊

  34. Hi Wee family! Thanks for sharing the video! I hope that you have a great weekend! And have fun at meeting tomorrow! Greetings from the Netherlands! 🇳🇱😀❤️❤️❤️🧩

  35. I can't believe someone would call a child with autism a "loser kid"! That's so wrong!if someone else called my little brother that, I would've lost my mind!and the two of us both are autistic…I was also bullied in school…the kids thought I was really weird…and I guess I was…but they didn't need to get bullied for it…kids can be so horrible…and adults too…and being an adult, that person should've known better than to be so rude to her… that's not ok!

  36. Braylee is sweet, wonderful and just the cutest thing. Hearing this kind of thing makes me lose my faith in humanity. I’m so sorry you get this kind of negative attention, and especially that it’s pointed at your wonderful daughter. 😔 People are just mean to be mean. I love watching your family and your extended vlogger families. You all help keep me grounded in my life with my ASD/ADHD girls.

  37. As someone trained in early childhood education, we are taught that while a child's behaviours may be unacceptable at the time, the child is never bad, or wrong, or evil, etc. It is a distinction we try to instill in our kids in the centre right from an early age.

  38. Something wrong with that person they wouldn't like it if we said it to them, I love this quote if you can't say ott nice don't say it at all. Disability hate crime is so cruel, wait until you are disabled or old I call you names see if you like it keep your opinions to yourself.

  39. OMG that ending! That is amazing! But also, I'm so impressed at how Braylee is able to just rip a box open like that. Cause I know I struggle finding a way to open shipped boxes and just result to scissors! I need some of her strong powers! LOL.

  40. I thought my six year old autistic granddaughter had good self esteem, but we had a situation where a boy at school told her she didn't have any friends and no one liked her. She was devastated and believed it even though it wasn't true at all. She is so well liked at school. It just goes to show how a bully can affect a child even though you think they have strong self esteem. It can affect them to the point that you have to spend weeks undoing what a bully does in two minutes.

  41. That was sooo good at the end when she copied the notes you played on the harmonica I would love to see more of that

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  47. Who picks on a child 😢 to many nasty people in the world it's just sad! Ms braylee you are such a precious princess who everyone loves especially when you sing for us 😊💜 there is an Elmo song on YouTube for teeth brushing, I struggle with my 4 year old brushing his teeth I let him listen to Elmo's teeth brushing song to encourage him to let me help him brush his teeth 😊

  48. I just found you guys. My son is 13 and not yet verbal for other people to understand, but we understand him mostly. My son makes the same squeaky noises. She is beautiful and such a joy to watch. Reminds me of my son when he was younger. Big love to you guys!

  49. Braylee is an absolutely adorable child I don’t know why someone would think it’s ok to say something like that about her 💞

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  52. I really wish that my grandson had had that wonderful support and confidence building when he was little, way before I had to take custody of him. He's autistic, just turned 13, and is so anxiety ridden by all the crap from the school and the school kids. Sometimes the things that he tells me breaks my heart.

  53. She isn't the looser who said it is the looser People get on my nerves or negativity really get a life people

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  56. Braylee is a wonderful and outstanding person. I like everything about her. There's no reason for what she was called. It was very rude and uncalled for. I believe since this person had enough nerve to call Braylee that, he is also calling me and many other autistics that! I don't have the patience for people who treat others like trash.

  57. That was so nasty and wrong that someone called Braylee a loser kid! Braylee is a wonderful kid, why would someone want to put her down?

  58. I've seen your awesome family in a few fathering autism videos and I've just subscribed after seeing the end of this video. Yes I'm in tears of joy and cold chills all over my body when she made the same tunes as you did. Omg I just love your kiddo!! I love fathering autism and I know I'm going to love the wee family also! Fathering autism has taught me so much and I know you will teach me something's too as Braylee is younger than Abbie. I'm so thrilled I have 200+ videos to catch up on. Love you guys 😍

  59. I'm new to your channel and it burns me up these ppl need to keep their opinions to theirself she is a baby stay strong

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