100 thoughts on “Battle of the Beards: Cory Jackson vs. Zach Bridges – The Voice Battles 2019

  1. Watching Kelly enjoy music is a joy. A true artist, musician, craftsperson – she does not discriminate between genres. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Blake: "As always Kelly contributed absolutely… nothing.

    Kelly : "I was dancing and singing! I contributed something."

    Ohhh… I really love Kelly she is one of the best out there.

  3. Cory was my favorite contestant. I'm so gutted he left because there is clearly no winner here. Different voices, different tones but neither of them stood out (in a very good way!). They both deserved a spot in the knockouts and I hate Blake for putting these two against each other 🙁 With Brennan and now Cory leaving, there should be like a WC to give to someone eliminated from the battles 🙁

  4. It's kind of annoying that you know before hand that country artists wouldn't be stolen. Blake's the only one who cares for country music. This was so good, and I would argue Cory would have been better than some of the people in the knockouts.

  5. Dang nabit Blake! Boooooo! Watching him sing Galveston is gonna be for ever one of my favourite moments! It’s okay I forgive you, you tall glass of water you 😉😂

  6. Totaly Awesome, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , if you like to 🙂

  7. Kelly is fun to watch..she enjoys music so much..and the glances that Gwen and Blake exchanges .oh my..I Love this Show!

  8. This was my favorite battle. Everyone has wasted their saves by saving their own people. I really like Zach, bit Cory should at least be called for a Second Chance!

  9. Cory should have gone on, wrong choice in this battle! These two can and should go forward as a duo, they really sound great together!! Some of their notes that they harmonized was beyond wonderful, I love these two together… IN FACT, tonight's performances had a lot of that going on, lots of contestants that could go on as duo's and should!!!

  10. Cory has more range, vocal flexibility and has a vibrant stage presence but Zach has a more traditional country sound so of course knowing blake…..🥴

  11. Both are equally good singers, love this song was only listening to this last week lol. I prefer Zach's tone just slightly more.

  12. Cory did better than Zach, but its up to blake if whom will gonna move on to the knockout… their potential is not who is better than the other.. but it happens

  13. Why Country singers shouldn’t flock to Blake’s team. You are not so hard
    To let go bec of redundancies.Kelly right you can be a cool duo

  14. They really do remind me of Brooks and Dunn even in stage presence – the key to that duo is that Kix Brooks has all the crazy stage presence (Cory) and Ronnie Dunn is the quiet sensitive guy that just blows you out of the water with the voice (Zac). Where's Kelly's duo button?

  15. There's no way I could have picked between these two guys!
    Both if them are awesome singers !
    I REALLY hated to see Cory go home; he so deserved to continue on as well !!!

  16. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Carson Daly sucks as a host.

    Seriously, monotone, boring, sloppily dressed…. the list goes on. wish they'd get someone else.

  17. Brothers Osborne anyone!?! Forget this show, they should just do their own thing as a duo. That was an incredible performance.

  18. I cannot believe he picked Zach. Seriously Blake? What the hell are you thinking? Cory is a star. Very mad at you right now.

  19. 99% of these singers would stand a shot at a serious career if they would get over their own egos and join forces with one another to form duos, trios and groups. There is strength in numbers until you develop a name for yourself. I could tell these two didn't really connect on a personal level despite having so much in common and it will come back to haunt them later when neither makes it as a solo artist.

  20. Darn, Darn, Darn, Cory is gone! He was one of my favorite. Why, oh why did Blakey have to pair them up against each other?

  21. This sucks, they performed two of my favorite auditions. It really isn't right that someone as talented as Corey was eliminated so soon

  22. I don’t know y I keeping coming bk to this performance???
    Hope the voice could bring Cory Jackson bk , he rilly looks like an angel released from heaven….
    This is the battle of the season Bt it’s disappointing that there will only be one winner coz Blake already used his save…

    Hoping to see u re audition the next season….

  23. Zack bridges rilly sound better than his audition hats off to the Blake for grooming him to be a man he is to date…
    May b I’ll root for you now since my boy Cory is gone too early…

    Let’s go team Blake…

  24. Wow that was hard! Gwen hit the nail on the head. Zac has that gorgeous maple syrup voice, but Cory really stole the show.

  25. Hm? I thought that was a solid save??? I enjoy both of Cory's performances so so much. I already loved this song but man I can listen to this all day. They are both charismatic, talented. I mean… yall listen to Kelly, just think about it! And I don't mind you two just go to a studio, record this song as one time thing. Pls I need to download this.

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