100 thoughts on “Best Way To Grow Your Legs Fast From Home

  1. What are some good alternatives to these? I am on disability with a bad back and I am over it. I am looking to build my core and lose some weight hoping to ease it a bit.

  2. Hello! Excellent training Chris Heria. I have a question: Would the Heria weight vest serve me for the gym or the calisthenics, but would it also help to increase the resistance of my body and to run faster?

  3. Can you please do some videos where you show the entire thing in real time without skipping anything so we can follow along?

  4. Who else went onto his website looking for the weight vests and then clicked off immediately when they saw that they were £180

  5. Ohhhhh shit i do one round and i'm I can't do more rounds!!!
    These exercises are extremely difficult 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Please bro chek your thenx app and fix bug I am not logging in and also work outs are not showing this update is not good

  7. Saw the weight vest on you and thought, "Heck i'm dropping out lol."
    However, it was as you said, tough but possible for me to push past the fatigue….for round 1~ XD

  8. Hi Chris! So a while ago I aksed your stats to know if it was realistic to look like you. After understanding your fitness philosophy I noticed a different connection to my body I am still 6'1 haha but I am 160lbs very very lean. So I have about 7lbs to go and be a bit like you I need a lot of upper body but my legs are very well developed. I seriously have lot of respect for your fitness ability your strength is ridiculous you are the definition of maximum efficiency and strength compacted into the leanest meanest body. Also your beats are sick my favorite to get pumped up to is Focus, it would be amazing if you did some heavy stuff💪

  9. Bro do one video where u show how to lose muscle size when some body parts have more muscle than they should like arms for example

  10. You could add books in your backpack and tighten up straps of it to make a substitute for weight vest.

  11. Had seen like three videos, I'm gonna take the challenge😎 thank you man. I already started two times a day to workout since one week.

  12. Замечательный канал и только Крисс мотивирует к спорту лучше всех и лучшие упражнения для массы

  13. Thanks camera guy for focusing on his abdomen during those sumo squats. Those abdomens are key for squats. 👏

  14. My parents kept mocking me for spider legs and since I'm subscribed at this channel I tried to look for legs workout. I find this video helpful and will try to follow. Thank you for this video ❤.

  15. I finish the workout then and said "Yea I made it, wasn`t that bad" then heard "U gotta do 2 more rounds"
    fml I could only finish 2nd round but hope next time I can do the 3rd as well

  16. 6:54 Yo bro i cannot do this, my legs are shaking so fast 😂 My legs are skinny af.Any suggestion to do this easily?

  17. I'm glad i found this channel. I'm 36 and the heaviest i've been in my life (170 lbs at 5'5"). I'm going to show my son these videos as he starts football practice for his school next week. We'll be able to motivate eachother.

  18. was so tired doing box jumps at the end that i fell out the window…this is ghost me commenting…fired up workout mate!

  19. Thank you everybody for the comments about my pic of my dad dog. that means a lot. thank you Chris for this workout for tonight. Kaley Lynn Moyer

  20. Thank you, God bless … do you have a way to share your followers update pics. Like the before and after following you? Just a place to upload so people can see that this is real.

  21. All I can say is a big thank you to you Chris,much love from Kenya, I have gained so much not just on muscles and fitness,but DISCIPLINE, its helping me a lot,I can concentrate and do work outs with ease,one of your videos where you really emphasise on discipline during work outs,I chose to translate it to my real life and take on seemingly hard tasks or targets-i really feel at home here and I look forward to attaining more positive results from your channel
    God bless you Chris-you really touched my life in some way,thank you

  22. On your way G.O.A.T status of Calisthenics. I've watched you beat out the competition with your techniques and stamina. Great exercise trainings!!

  23. Did this workout 3 days ago with no weights and still feeling it in the legs. I cant imagine how hard it would be with that vest.
    Hice esta rutina hace tres dias sin usar peso y aun me siento cansado de las piernas. No me imagino lo dificil que debe ser con el chaleco de lastre

  24. Me: Oh my God, it looks crazy. But I can do it.

    Chris: Now let's go for another 3 rounds.

    This guy is resurrection of Hercules.

  25. I am pretty sure that you can damage your knees and your spinal column. (due to those extra weights and of course in TIME!)

  26. I'm just trying to find something simple to do at home, but in all these videos you need some kind of equipment. I just have a small room and a cold concrete floor god damn it!

  27. This was GREAT! I do these with a 20 pound vest, ropes and a medicine ball! I have to be more fastidious with stretching though! I'm in my 50s so, it's a bit tougher! It will be interesting to see how you age. I hope you're doing this level of exercise decades from now! You inspire so many people! Keep up the great work you are doing! RESPECT!😃

  28. I swear I am sitting in my training thingy when I lay down Geri’s just talks for years bro just do the workout already

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