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How to work from a hammock, how to work
from an Airbnb, how to work from a mountainside let’s say, how to work from
this hammock I have sitting outside right here in my apartment in Medellín,
Colombia. I think you guys get the point how to work from virtually anywhere, and
in today’s video we’ll be going over some of the best work from home jobs in
2019 that you can virtually start today. When I make work from home videos
like “Best Stay-at-Home Jobs,” I really like to take these videos seriously
because I know people really are doing their research on how they really can,
you know, have a side hustle that will be profitable and where they could work to
make extra income on the side. So, I’ll be highlighting for you guys a couple of
these jobs that actually pay daily, there are a couple website in this video so
make sure you stay tuned. Alright, so first up for industries on the list for
work from home jobs that you can do in 2019 is to be a transcriptionist. Now, I
wanted to highlight that this job isn’t the greatest and it is probably the most
poopiest out of all the jobs that I’ll mention here on this video but it
does get the bills paid. I’ve personally had other youtuber friends and other, you
know, friends from college that have done this it is a legit side hustle
and they have gotten paid on the side, on their spare time when they’re not in
school when they’re not at their regular nine-to-five job, whatever it is. So of
course, being a transcriptionist the main skill that
you would need to have is to be a pretty good typer and to be able to type pretty
fast because you will be listening to audio and writing down what people are
saying. The different types of things you could expect to write are you know just
different videos, business meetings, podcasts, interviews, you know
audio notes- taking notes from different audios, and so if you’re somebody that
actually does and like most of these work from home jobs it is very flexible
so on your own time. You could just sit down at your computer and start typing
it out and that’s one of the cool things about being a transcriptionist is the
flexibility it is a really strong point. Some common websites where you could get
started and include TaskRabbit, Upwork,, and Fivver, however I do
want to mention this website is a website where you can get paid daily. And
I do have a transcription website for you guys
where if you’re interested you can work on this website and that is Allegis
Transcription, and I want to note that you do get paid weekly. You can make up
to $16 to $24 dollars an hour. The only downfall is you do have to use a PC so
that’s, you know, obviously not good for Mac users but I’ve heard really good
reviews about this website from Glassdoor, etc etc. So, you can check out
that website if you’re wanting to get a jump start on your transcription side
hustle. Alright, so coming in at number two for industries where you can work
from home in 2019 that category is teaching from home. Now, don’t
underestimate this because literally in every country that I visited as a
digital nomad in Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, even Mexico I
think that’s north of Central, or maybe that is Central, doesn’t matter. But anyways, the
main job that I’ve seen that people have overseas outside of the US or Europe is
they’re teachers their English teachers so if you’re listening to this
video and you can understand me and speak and, you know, write in English you
are already qualified for these jobs that you know bring in a really really
really good side income or full-time income. So, on a lot of the research that
I did and Facebook groups that I looked at in different forms, VIPKid always
comes up as number one, and they have been featured in different business
magazines and what I like about VIPKid is you would be a teacher/mentor
to students in China and it is a one-on-one experience so you wouldn’t be,
you know, up in front of the whole class virtually and teaching a bunch of kids,
it would be a one-on-one experience with just one student and obviously hours are
very flexible and you can make your own schedule. So, the cool thing about VIPKid
is that you don’t have to develop your own curriculum or your own course
material, all the courses are already done for you they do say that you know
before you start teaching you do have to refresh yourself on the lesson and make
sure you brush up on whatever it is you’re about to teach but you don’t have
to do that work already for yourself and create your own material. So, this is also
a good opportunity for teachers, I do have a lot of teacher friends back in
the States so, you know, teachers have summers off so you could be
teaching this and making that extra side income during the
summer, or let’s say you have a nine-to-five right now where it is very
flexible and maybe you could squeeze in hours into that schedule so you can do VIPKid on the side. So one thing I do want to mention about VIPKid is it is better
to be available during the peak hours in Beijing because these are Chinese
students trying to learn English. You do get paid with direct deposit which is
excellent when you see that boom numbers pop into your bank account online guys
that is like the best feeling ever, right? So, with VIPKid you can make up to 22
dollars an hour and I will mention this only goes for people in the US and
Canada, you do have to have a bachelor’s degree and have at least one year of
experience teaching children already. So, the next website that I wanted to
mention in the teaching from home category is study pool. Now this website
is pretty cool because essentially you will be helping students with their
homework and tutoring students on different types of subjects, and I
believe this is one of the websites where you do get paid daily and on their
website they do mention that you could make up to $5,000 per month using study
pool I don’t know how valid that is but I do know that this website has gotten
really good reviews. So what you would do is essentially go on their website, see
what the subjects are, see what you can you know, what you have the best subject
matter expertise on, and you can teach on that particular subject and tutor people.
So it’s really cool, you’re not limited to just teaching English, for example,
there are you know a variety of different topics that you can choose
from. So if that interests you and being a tutor and giving advice to students, go
ahead and check out study pool. Alright, if you guys are liking this video and
want to see more work-from-home category videos that I’ve made in the past I’ll
leave the links up here but also I’ll leave the videos that I’ve made before
in the description below. I have other side hustle videos I’ve made and a video
called ten ways to make money on the beach, so check those out after this
video. Now, back to the topic of working from home in 2019 the next industry I
wanted to mention is being a virtual assistant. Now everybody, don’t cry
out “Ahh Marissa, what the F why are you talking about being a virtual assistant?” I am
because this is something I would actually for real consider doing myself
if let’s say I lost it all and had to you know get a quick job I would be a
virtual assistant because consider myself, and if you consider
yourself, a person who’s goal-oriented, organized, likes to help people, and has
the best interest in seeing a company grow, this is a really good position now
in the US on average virtual assistants make around $15 an hour, sometimes more
if you have more experience and the duties can vary pretty drastically.
Anything from doing like personal assistant work, like you know scheduling
things: hotels, flights, different business trips for people, organizing calendars,
you know, I have a virtual assistant who actually does stuff like customer
service, they assign different things, and do different things with my email
marketing, and my autoresponder, they help me manage all my social media
accounts, so by default you’re kind of like a social media manager as well.
You’ll probably do a lot of things as far as like organizing things in
spreadsheets, just things to help the business run more smoothly. To get
exposure pretty quickly to being a virtual assistant and getting clients,
you can go to Monster you can go to Craigslist, also on Instagram there’s not
like bunch of virtual assistants I have like millions of followers but it’s a
good way to get exposure on Instagram because people, a lot of times, are
looking for virtual assistants to hire that was the first person I personally
hired on my team when I was able to start scaling up my business. Alright, so
the next industry up on the list is to be a freelance writer. Now, for this one I
have to get a shout out to my girl Kat Theo who I have done a collaboration with
before on the channel because on her channel she talks about the work-from-home and,
you know, jobs that you can get paid daily and she is very, very, credible so
these websites I have to give credit to her because she did the research on them
and so I’m just passing along the great information that she shared. So, the first
category within the freelancing and writer industry is called Gamunation and so Gamunation is a website that focuses on solutions for PCs and
game error bugs, crashes, and other issues that are going on with games and
computers. It covers gaming related news, and so
they’re looking for writers that are capable of writing articles within the
gaming niche, everything from gaming issues, gaming reviews, gaming news,
gaming play guides, gaming tutorial guides, game related top 10 lists, and the
list goes on. So, what I like about this website is they’re one of the few
websites that pay you up to 70% for the revenue that is generated for this
specific article and the cool thing about that is that this website has
about 500,000 views per month, so that’s a lot of traffic. So if you’re
consistently writing articles for this website you can expect to get paid a
pretty good amount if you know what I’m talking about. So you do get paid through
PayPal after your first $10 threshold of revenue that you produce from the
articles and also they claim to be one of the top 100,000 websites in the world
so that’s pretty significant considering that there’s millions and gillions of
websites on this planet so check out Gamunation. Alright, the next industry
within freelance writing category is for teens and young adults and some
magazines that are geared toward that audience. And the first one is Cicada
Magazine they pay up to 25 cents per word, and guess what you can write up to
nine thousand words, if you do the math that is 2250 dollars per article, I don’t know about you guys put that is pretty,
that’s pretty damn good! I mean that’s like 70% of my monthly income that I
made as a civil engineer, so for Cicada Magazine obviously
audience is teens and young adults so if that interests you check out Cicada
Magazine. So, the next website is called Cricket Magazine, and this audience in
particular are young sports readers who have an interest in the sports
industry. They pay up to 25 cents per word and with a maximum of words per
article of 2,000 words. Now, here’s a category you may not have ever heard of
or think that you could have been a freelance writer in, but that is the
erotic and romance category. Yeah, I said it I said erotic, exotic, and that
first website is called Eastoftheweb now this is a website where you can
write short stories in all kinds of different genres and categories
including erotic, romance, sci-fi, crime, fantasy, and, this is kind of weird, but
you could even write stories within the children’s category, I mean
yeah erotic, children, I mean I- whatever, but you can do that all on this
magazine’s website. And they pay up to five cents per word so if you want to
get your career started in the erotic romance niche you can check out Eastoftheweb. Alright, so the next website in the romance category, just the romance
not erotic, is called Heroes and Heartbreakers. Now this website, they like
to have different articles, you know, short stories and novellas in the
romance genre. They pay a thousand dollars upfront and 25% royalties after
that. The next category for freelancing and writing is the health industry, and
the first website you can check out if you’re interested in writing these kind
of articles is Vibrant Life. They’re looking for writers that want to write
about, you know, physical and emotional health. They pay up to a 100-300 dollars per article and they’re looking for no more than four hundred to
six hundred and fifty words per article. The next one in the health category is
called Well-Being Magazine, they pay up to 500 dollars per article and
they are looking for topics more within the natural health industry, so topics on
natural health and also topics on like saving the environment. So, improving your
life improving the health and the planet that is what they’re looking for, which
is, you know, pretty cool. Alright guys so I hope that these four industries gave
you some ideas on some jobs where you can start working from home, some side
hustles you can start implementing today, I really do think out of those four
industries there’s something for everybody. Again, don’t forget to watch my
other work-from-home job videos that I’ve done in the past because I go over
so many and I’ll leave those links in the description if you guys are looking
more to build a sustainable online business,
that will take time and effort to build, but it is way more worth it for your
future, and building a business and an asset for yourself then click on the
first link in the description to learn more about how I’m able to build a
profitable online business using affiliate marketing and other marketing
methods. You can find out more information the first link in the
description, I’m Marissa Romero you know what to do if you haven’t already please
like this video and subscribe the channel, hit the notification bell
join the family if you haven’t already, my name is Marissa Romero, I will see you
guys in the next video! Take care!

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