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(knocks) – [Interviewer] Big Sean, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – Wrong house. “Men’s Health.” (ding) (ding) (ding) Why didn’t you say so? What’s up man? Come on in. (soft music) ♪ I’m single again ♪ ♪ I guess it’s just the way it’s gone be ♪ Hey y’all, wait a second, here it comes. Takes a while. All right, so look, this the gym. This my guy right here, the real Jerry Ford, my trainer. – We gettin’ in some work! – [Big Sean] It may not look like much, but I’m a keep it real, it’s a lot! I’m a show y’all. – [Interviewer] How often do you work out? – I work out a few times a week. Three to four times a week. Some people like working
out every single day, but I’m one of those people that like, I like to have a recovery day. I feel like I’ve seen the progression in that more than when I’ve
done it every single day. – [Interviewer] What do you consider to be an intense workout? – Intense workout, when I can feel it, like the day after when
I’m doing the next workout I’m still feeling the last workout. Like leg day, that be like intense. You know what I’m saying. – [Interviewer] So, you use chains? – Oh yeah, we got the, you know so we got the 20 pound chains, 45s on top of 45s, so it’s all together. It’s 175. I can probably do more than this, you know what I’m saying, than 175. I for sure can bench, max out
at two-something, bench press. But, I’d rather do a lot of reps or something than always try to max out, because I’m not trying
to get big as (beep), you know what I’m saying, I’m really just trying to stay
in the best shape of my life. I’m aint trying to like
transform to a bodybuilder. – We don’t skip leg day. – No, we don’t.
Naw. – No we don’t. – [Interviewer] What keeps you motivated? – What keeps me motivated is
definitely just the progression I’ve been seeing in
myself every single time I stay consistent. – [Interviewer] When did
you start working out? – I started working out January 1, 2019. Been on it, every single day, consistent. – [Interviewer] What motivated
you to start that day? – It’s just a good time to start. The first day of the year, it’s like a new year’s resolution, but I just didn’t fall off. – [Interviewer] Do you do
other types of training? – So we do MMA, calisthenics, basketball, stuff like that, boxing. – [Interviewer] What’s your
favorite part of the workout? – I like the whole workout. It’s just a time for me to like escape, not be in my head about nothing else, you know it’s like me time, so. – [Interviewer] What’s
your least favorite part of the workout? – I don’t have a least favorite part. I enjoy the whole process. I like stretching, too. That’s like the end of the workout. – [Interviewer] What
are your fitness goals? – I mean, my fitness
goals truthfully are just to like be in the best shape of my life, you know what I’m saying. Like I said, I’m not tying
to be no bodybuilder, I’m not trying to do it for anything else, but just being in shape,
taking care of myself. – [Interviewer] Has getting
fit helped you as a performer? – Yeah, for sure. Its definitely helps me out
as a performer on stage, and just anything, you just walk different when you in shape. You know what I’m saying,
you’re whole aura change. It’s like, even in business,
and everything, in the bedroom (laughs) – [Interviewer] What music do you listen to when you workout? – Bro, I listen to music all
day long doing everything else, you know what I’m saying, I
don’t even listen to music when I workout. – [Interviewer] Do you have any scars. – No, I don’t really got no scars. Scars that you could see really. I done seen some (beep) that
scarred me though. (laughs) – [Interviewer] What about tattoos? – Bro, I’m probably one of the only people I know that I just don’t have no tattoos. Never got around to it. I love tattoos though. – [Interviewer] How do
you keep your mind fit? – I meditate every single day. So, you know I keep my mind fit, and that’s one of the things
I been doing longer than I been working out. I’ve been meditating since I was like 17. You know, I had the same
goals when I was 17. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to do music. I felt like it was my purpose. So, you know, my mom just
being a good mom really, just introduced me to meditation, introduced me to the law of attraction. It just let me know I can
manifest anything I want. You know, I feel like one of
the things that cancels people out a lot is that they
want something, but that they’ll be their own worst enemy. You know what I’m saying, they won’t believe, or they won’t have that
faith in themselves. That’s one of the things I feel
like mediation helps me do. It helps center me, but it
also helps me put my thoughts out into the world. (soft guitar) – All right, so look, I got two fridges. All right, because, I’ll show you why. So first fridge, you got
a lot of protein in here, a lot of vegetables. It’s kind of like Paleo-inspired,
you know what I’m saying. – [Interviewer] So, what would
we never see in your fridge? – You would never really
see seafood in here. I don’t really eat seafood at all. I’m not allergic, I
just can’t get with it. Every time I try and eat it, it’s like outta there for me. I think it’s like some
past-life trauma, truthfully. – [Interviewer] Do you cook at all? – You know, I leave the
cookers to the cookers. I don’t really cook that much. But, I mean, I cook in
the studio, you know. What’s crazy is I was looking for a chef, you know what I’m saying, looking for a proper meal plan, and within that process, my
mama been here since October, and so she’s been cooking for me. The best chef I can get, you feel me. – [Interviewer] Do you
drink coffee or tea? – I drink green tea. So, that’s probably my like daily regimen. When I wake up, I drink green tea, take my supplements. I usually workout early, so I don’t really eat before
I workout unless it’s after. Cause first of all, I be
in the studio all night, so I don’t wake up until late morning. I’m for sure not a morning guy. So, I be waking up at 11 a.m., do my little regimen,
and then eat afterwards. I also got some vitamins
specifically made for me. There’s also this drink
that my mom be using all this green stuff for called alkalizer. Tastes like (beep), I’m not gonna lie. I’m not gone hold you up. – [Interviewer] What do you
eat for a late night craving? – 2 a.m., I’m getting like,
some type of little snack, or protein shake. Lately, I just been grabbing
a protein shake cause it’s so easy, I aint got to
think about it, go to sleep. – [Interviewer] What did
your diet look like before you got healthy? – So, I been health-conscious I feel like, probably more than a lot
of people in my whole life, you know what I mean. But, when I really
started taking it serious, is when I was ready to boss-up my life, you know what I’m saying. Boss-up, I feel like I
had to boss myself up to be the best version. If I want the best things,
I got to feel the best, you know what I’m saying, so
I really need to take working out seriously, take my body seriously. I started January 1, 2019, and just consistently
been on it since then. You know how people be having
them new year’s resolutions, and they be like, “I’m ’bout to get it,” they fall off, and I aint fall off, I just kept going,
stayed on it, insistency. – [Interviewer] Can we see
that machine over there? – First of all, water is
the number one, just thing in the world I feel
like that you have to do to take care of yourself. People who don’t drink water, take care of themselves like that, like dog. Maybe that might work for you
for like, you a little kid, but you either gotta grow
up and get your water in, because it’s the natural cleanser,
you know what I’m saying. It’s the number one thing you need. You want that clear skin. A lot of ailments will just go with the more water you drink. So, that why I take it so serious cause I know how beneficial it is, how important it is. Man, so look, I take
hydration so seriously, that’s why I got the whole second fridge. It’s just all for drinks. First of all, I got the Just Water. Even though I got the water
machine, you know you always got to keep the bottles. Shout out you know my
little brother Jaden Smith, always on the water phone,
gotta keep the Just Waters. I like this coconut water a lot. I got some Kombucha tea,
juice, Martinelli’s. You don’t know nothing
’bout that Martinelli’s. – [Interviewer] Favorite protein drink? – Yeah, these are my
favorite types right here. I also make protein shakes, too, like. Or, I have ’em made for me, let me keep it real. I don’t make them that much. I can make ’em, but I
don’t make ’em that much. – [Interviewer] Do you drink? – Yeah, I drink alcohol, for sure. – [Interviewer] What’s your go-to drink? – Well you know, champagne
is a drink of champions. (light, upbeat music) – [Interviewer] Time for
rapid fire questions. – [Big Sean] Let’s go. – [Interviewer] 7 a.m.
workout or 7 p.m. workout? – (grunts) 7 p.m. – [Interviewer] Squat or dead lifts? – Dead, squat. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yay or nay? – Yay, I mean nay (laughs) Whoo, that’s a lot with these. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups. – [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Dumbbells. – [Interviewer] Run on the
treadmill, or the great outdoors? – Run outside. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Weights. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – Both. (grunts) – [Interviewer] Jacked,
cut, ripped or swole? – Ripped. – [Interviewer] If you could workout with anyone in the world, who would it be? – The Rock and Kevin Hart. Well, I know The Rock can, I wanna see if Kevin
Hart can hang, you know. Those my guys though. Trying to get a workout in, what’s up? I appreciate y’all “Men’s Health,” about to get the rest
of my workout in though. Y’all be safe man, peace. (soft, light music)

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