Blown Up 4 Stroke Engine!

what’s up everyone today I’ll be tearing
apart a badly blown-up CRF 450 engine and I’m gonna take you guys along
alright this is what I’m working with its I have an O 3 CR 450 and this is
exactly how I got it top ends already been taken off so we’ve got a pretty
mashed up piston here broken into several pieces with a busted rod
cylinder is not looking too pretty let’s check out this head oh wow
got some broken exhaust valves and everything’s mashed up pretty good and I
suspect there’s going to be some issues with this bottom end as well due to the
broken rod so I’m gonna tear this thing apart and see what the extent of the
damage is if I had to guess why this engine blew
up I would have to say lack of maintenance and oil changes I mean one
look inside and all you see is dirty oil and sludge buildup I ran into my first problem trying to
get the balance of shaft out but it’s stuck in the cases and that’s because
the broken rod punched a hole through the cases right here where the balancer
shaft goes through so I’m gonna have to give this a little love tap to get it
out I’m gonna guess that the balance of shaft got bent from the rod snapping
let’s take a look at this I’m surprised this thing actually doesn’t look like
it’s bent at all but with it being so close to a broken rod I’m not gonna risk
it all right guys this engine is all apart
now and even with how busted up it was there’s still a lot of good parts left
over so all this stuff is in pretty good shape with the exception of the head
which is still worth some money it’s still fixable so I’m gonna sell it
but these parts over here there is no saving them they’re far beyond repair
I just noticed this a few minutes ago on the cylinder there’s actually a hole
through the sleeve and into the jacket pretty insane I have never seen that
before so this stuff is getting tossed out and
it’s on to cleaning for these parts over here give me a few minutes and I’ll have
all this stuff looking prime man check this out
this stuff turned out meant I know some you guys need CRF 450 parts so go check
out revive moto calm I’ll actually put the link to where you can find these
exact parts as the first one down below as always thank you so much for watching
and you’ll have to hang tight the next video coming out soon
I’ll be jumping back into the cr250 project here I’ll see you soon

100 thoughts on “Blown Up 4 Stroke Engine!

  1. When are you gonna start doing quads? I'm sure some of your subs need quad parts like me!!! I need 400 ex parts! Like so he can see this

  2. Great vid camera always.
    it’s always a good way to end the day with one of your vids thanks for sharing with us all have a great day bud

  3. Not yet ! However my aprilia rs125 '01' is running very poorly. The last "child" who owned it just left it for at least 2 years. I've been riding it since June but now I'm going to rebuild it, so we're set for the spring/summer 08. Cameron , thank you for sooo many brilliant lessons. The video's are fantastic. 1 luv 🙂

  4. 2:02 why is it written 670cm3 on this side ? I though the CRF 450 was a 450. Maybe an old design they re-used ? Or modified engine ?

  5. I'm sooo confused, I thought we was seeing a cr250 2stroke engine today. When I saw the title, I was like uh oh Cameron made a mistake. Either way I have that engine you worked on today, so it was good seeing the breakdown.
    Great content Cameron!

  6. Somewhere out there on the internet, the kid that owned that motor is telling people "Don't buy Honda.I owned one and it blew up for no reason."

  7. Whoever owned that bike treated it like crap and shouldn't even be able to own a bike cause clearly it was treated very badly and not taken care of or maintained properly

  8. Had my yz250f up to 150 hours before rebuilding. That’s what meticulous maintenance and oil changes every 2 hours and not riding like a fuck ass gets you! Always maintain your bikes kids😂

  9. i blew up my 50cc gilera supermoto because there was a leak in the water container and i had a race exhaust and yeah then it got hot and died on me 50km. from home… but i rebuilt it with an 88cc race cylinder ^^ (it went 144km/h)

  10. I have a question so it's winter here and I tested my new clutch cable on my bike so I took it down my field and then it just died on me.. I have a full tank of gas and have lots of compression does any one know what happens

  11. hi broo … i want to buy 1992-2005 KAWASAKI KX80 KX85 KX100 FLYWHEEL and 2001-2005 KAWASAKI KX85 KX100 STATOR
    I am from Indonesia…
    how to send n payments ..
    so I can accept the item

  12. The oil filter was put in backwards. When you pulled the cover off the oil filter, the metal closed end should go towards the cover.

  13. Hey, what if you convert one of these 4 strokes to run on diesel and show us the steps?
    This request is maybe a bit unreasonable, but I certainly wouldn't mind 6,5 bhp using only 1,4 liter for every 100 km.
    That would be 62 miles using only 1 large soda bottle with coke or whatever else that comes in these bottles.
    If you like to travel long distances, this could be like your piggy bank on two wheels ^_^
    Wanna try it?

  14. Is it worth just doing a rod instead of a whole crank if the rod broke but the rest of the crank is fine?

  15. Hare Krishna WTF That is one fucked up engine ridden by a complete idiot ☝️👍😳😥⚡️🥋🌙💀💀👀🕉

  16. At least he was using engine ice…
    Was probably somebody that bought the bike and didn't realize the engine and transmission have separate oil

  17. I thought i had an oil leak when i but 2 stroke oil in my 4 strokes gas tank. A lot of smoke was coming out the exhaust pip.

  18. Looks like engine of my bike which I blown up driving without oil, my piston and head were similar condition as in this video, main engine didn't get much damage. Now it's fine after complete head rebuild. but mine is hero motocorp 4stroke engine authorise service centre forgot to topup the engine oil and I have driven it over 500kms then boom.

  19. Hey , some questions , i need some help by you please!!
    Im looking to buy my first "dirt bike" , a YZ450F 2006. what you say ? is good choice ?
    just for amateur use, no tracks or race etc, just some rides to my town.
    I dont know much about mechanicals etc, does a dirt bike needs knowledge? yz450f need experienced user?
    now i drive a 125cc and im 28!. shall i go to 250 or 450?

  20. I enjoy your channel, one of your videos got me through my first carb rebuild thank you, keep em coming thanks for sharing

  21. Hey Cameron niemela do u still hav the old head off the crf450 I’m trying to fix mine and all I need is the spark plug tube for it and was wondering if u still had it and wat u was goin to do with it

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