10 thoughts on “Brazen Home Invader Races Out Of Sherman Oaks Home As Police Roll Up

  1. Oh..yeah…
    They alway did that to me
    And My Mother

    They Kill MURDERS my Dog
    German Shepherd. 4 years old.. Next Door all Trailer Park..there Familys and Friends..
    There not USA 🇺🇸
    I cant say… Who they are ?
    There Bad.. Peoples means

    Im USA C.A.

    There are..
    Very Very BAD CRIMES GANG… Theft ..Steal
    You cant tell..

  2. Reminds me of me 15yrs ago…. always one step ahead of the cops. Take notes kids… thats how u avoid getting a felony

  3. The news is not telling the public that the LAPD has been instructed by the Democrat Party not to rest or pursue criminals until after the election…..

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