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Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching
MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you love. One of the obstacles that hold so many people
from starting their own business is a fear of not being able to make enough money. It’s
understandable because after all, it’s not always easy to make a business profitable.
It takes a lot of time, a lot of hard work and during that time period, you still have
to eat and keep a roof over your head. Some people solve this problem by finding investors
and other people actually thrive when they’re in a sink or swim situation; either they figure
out how to be profitable fast or they’re toast. But there’s another group of us; a more risk
averse group perhaps, who are called bootstrappers, people who prefer to use their own money to
build something from the ground up nice and slow. I consider myself a bootstrapper. I’ve never
been a fan of borrowing money, plus I’m kind of a control freak and I don’t want anyone
telling me how to run my business. That’s why I’m a huge fan of “Getting a Good BJ”
– a bridge job; some job that you can bring in money and keep yourself on track financially
while you build your dream business on the side. Bet you didn’t know this one; I had multiple
bridge jobs for close to seven years while I was building my business. In addition to
my coaching practice, I was a bartender, I was a waitress, I was a personal assistant,
I was a choreographer, I was a hip hop dancer, I was a strip tease instructor, I was a fitness
personality; you name it, I did it. I think so many people hugely underestimate
the power of a good bridge job but here are six reasons why they rock: 1. You get free business training – when
you have a boss it teaches you a lot about how to be a boss and on the flip side of the
coin, when you’re an employee, it teaches you so much about how to hire, how to train
and how to treat employees. You can learn a ton by just paying attention to what’s happening
around you. 2. You get more done more – ever heard this
one? You want something done, ask a busy person, and having a bridge job makes you pretty darn
busy which makes you get a lot done. How many times have you heard someone taking off for
a year to work on their music and then at the end of 12 months all they have to show
for it is a little bit of extra poundage from watching TV and eating lo Mein. 3. You meet awesome people – in just about
any job, you’re going to meet a ton of people you wouldn’t normally meet and it’s a
chance to make awesome connections. In fact, some of the key people in my life I met when
I was making pineapple sage margaritas or teaching the Beyonce booty pop. And sometimes,
it’s a great chance to tell people about your business. Now of course you’ve got
to know the boundaries and know who’s interested and who’s not, but if someone asks you what
else you do, that’s a perfect chance to market your business. I know when I was slinging
drinks and when I was teaching fitness classes, I got people on my mailing list at every turn. 4. You can invest in your business. If you
need money to build out a website or get professional photographs taken, you can actually afford
it. When I first started, I knew that I wanted to do a self published version of Make Every
Man Want You and that costs money, so I saved up for designers and to do the initial print
run, and it was about $10,000, but it was so worth it. 5. You get a mega dose of CGH – this is
not FDA approved, but it stands for Cojones Growth Hormone. Having a bridge job gives
you the confidence to take more risks in your business. I know for me I was able to try
some unconventional things, and then I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I’d be
able to feed myself. I knew that on account of my bridge, if I took a risk and it failed,
sure I’d bruise my ego, but I’d still have a roof over my head. 6. Steady income=Speed Stick for your soul
– when you’ve got money flowing in from your bridge job, that emotional security keeps
you from reeking of desperation. That worked wonders for me, especially when I was just
starting out as a life coach because I didn’t want to be desperate for clients; having that
bridge job and having the money coming in really worked to put me at ease and just not
stress out over money so I could focus on being the best coach I could be. So there you have it, six reasons why bridge
jobs, BJs, are great for business. One final thing before we wrap this up – so many people
feel a sense of shame and embarrassment about their bridge jobs. It’s as though you’re
a failure if your business isn’t fully supporting you yet. That is a huge load of horse crap.
Bridge jobs are empowering; they’re not embarrassing. It is totally okay for you to have another
job on the side that helps you bring in some money so you can build the business of your
dreams. Now, I would love to hear from you. Have you had a bridge job while building your
business? If so, what was the best thing about it? And conversely, if you built your business
another way, I would love to hear about your journey. There are so many different paths
to success and it’s vital that each of us finds the one that works best for us. Leave
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92 thoughts on “Bridge Job

  1. This is a pretty cool video I must say, it makes a lot of sense. I used to be an interior designer for an expensive italian furniture store to fund my game project called Ancient Beast. It was an interesting experience meeting new people and getting to do 3d modeling or furniture and architectural stuff that I otherwise wouldn't had done by myself.

  2. Marie, The universe sent this video to me today! Thank you! As of 10 days ago I am without my bridge was a contract which ended early and I have been feeling down in the dumps as my dream business is not fully supporting me. I am struggling and feeling like a failure. Your video gave me the lift I need right now to keep my chin up and keep on going.

  3. Marie YOUR always rockin it! LOVE the way you present your ideas in way that is easy for everyone to understand! You also do it in a way that is fun so that people WILL remember it πŸ™‚ KEEP INSPIRING! Have an AWESOME week!

  4. Great, great point. I was just reassuring this to myself. It is so easy to feel like you are betraying your dream because you seem to be spending a significant amount of time at a job that seems pointless. But you are so right. B-jobs offer training on dealing with people, if nothing else. I am a manger and I would be lying if I denied the fact that I am ten times better at coping with different personalities and circumstances, not to mention managing multiple task. Great video and tips (:

  5. Girl I feel like you're speaking right to me! Last week I was laid off from my job and sort of have to figure something out while working on my business! What advice do you have on how much time you should spend on your BJ? A 40 hr job can take a lot of time away from your business! Thoughts?

  6. I had a bridge job while I was building my crafty business. I worked as a nanny for 2ish years during the very beginning. It helped SO MUCH having some income coming in while I worked on building my company. The most important benefit was growing with ZERO DEBT!! I didn't want to borrow.

  7. that's exactly what I'm doing right now and its been taking me 2 years and I was thinking it was going to take less. BUT you said it took you 7 years and that gives me motivation to try harder.

  8. Interestingly enough, my bridge job is a management position so I learn a lot while doing both at the same time. Awesome vid

  9. Totally needed to hear this today. Just started back at my bridge job and today was one if those days that I was feeling like a total failure

  10. I have a bridge job as a receptionist in a hairdressing saloon inside a mall while I'm a PhD student. It is really hard because sometimes I feel embarassed, I used to be really good at school and now I can see my "lazy partners" shopping and having fun while I assist clients or sweep the floor. I know there is nothing wrong with that but I just can't help it πŸ™
    Thanks for the video, it made me re-think many things.

  11. I completely understand you. Hang it there!
    You are not a failure! It has to be just a hard time that you will get over

  12. My bridge job is working at a small local radio station. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure it's a bridge job for everyone working there. We all seem to have a small business we're building.

  13. This vid comes at a good tmie. Im not an entrepreneur but i do have a bridge job as i moved back with my parents due to a few life events. I work in a dept store and i was fed up today as id like to have a more intellectual job in an urban setting. But for now my priority is my sick mom.

  14. This video is almost creepy to me, as I recently quit my full $80K job to pursue my ambitions as a Vice Removal Coach and Guitarist. I currently drive a cab and teach guitar as my BJ's. Both have been awesome for networking and better time management. Thanks for solidifying the benefits of a great BJ, Marie!!

  15. I know Marie Forleo HAS Alot to dowith My COurage and wisdom as Well THanks Ayall* Awesomeness FOr Us All B*Jamin0=d0*+D!AYE!

  16. This is SUCH a good video! I needed to hear this today! We just wrote and launched a book and this message what just what I needed to hear. Love that dancer vid clip! You rock.

  17. yep right now im a can going to nursing school but this will be my bridge job to achieve my business I am working on building. Im YOUNG! Building!

  18. Thanks Marie. This is just the advice I needed. I was having trouble finding money for my business so I accepted a job as a financial analyst. I was not sure about it but now I am. I will be a very busy person but I think thats good because my business will survive and grow slowly πŸ™‚

  19. Txs to another AWESOME video of you, Marie, it will be so much easier for us to proudly tell ourselves and others: ''I have a Bridge-Job!'.

  20. Marie – I feel like you are my soul sister! Im currently in a bridge job – actually been in one for 25 years! Looking to start a corporate wellness program within the next year or so. Thank you for your humor and amazing tips! Keep on keeping it real!

  21. Wow this is great information! I'm actually searching for a bridge job right now because I'm currently building my new business the slow way, the "Bootstrapper" way. Thank you sooooo much for sharing πŸ˜‰

  22. I've been building my photography business for about 2 yrs. The first year I was working full time at an office, and every other waking moment building my portfolio and setting the ground work for my business. This last year I've cut my hours at the office and now don't accomplish as much towards my business. Do you really think it's true that busy people get more done? Can you elaborate? I have to start bartending as well now due to money, and I worry I won't have time for my business. Thanks!!

  23. Was on a bridge job for five years. During it, it was super difficult. But I did it and now I'm on my own and soaring. Thank God for bridge jobs.

  24. I'm so GRATEFUL for your honesty and just sharing that you've worked for other people while you built your business. It's encouraging because as a young person who is still starting out-it can sometimes be tempting to think that having a job while building a business is a sign of failure RATHER than a sign of wisdom or an opportunity to grow. πŸ™‚
    But it's also just EMPOWERING to know that you worked at this for SEVEN wonderful years! It lets me know I am in GOOD company! THANKS MARIE! πŸ™‚

  25. And you're SO right about the busy people thing! I find that when I'm busy-I do tend to get more done because I manage my time better since I have less "free" time. So having things scheduled (like work) makes me build my business faster since I know it's like, "I don't have time to play around!" I was the same with graduate school. I just graduated this August but I got SO much more work done while I was IN SCHOOL than out! πŸ™‚ #TimeManagement!

  26. This is practical advice. I am very familiar with bootstrapping, and settling for a b.j. Bridge jobs destroy your resume, but they are vital to someone who is seeking independent growth opportunities.

  27. It's actually quite common for entrepreneurs to become less productive after they quit their bridge jobs or reduce their hours. You just need to work on your organization. Have a daily, weekly, and monthly progress plan to stay productive. Busy people definitely get more done! But you can make yourself busy through a bridge job or by setting up business deadlines and priorities for yourself.

  28. Thanks you are 100% right. I have been planning to organize my home office the way I have the one I work for…but I've been procrastinating. I have a great system in mind I just have too buckle down and implement it. You're right, until I do that progress will be slow. Thanks for the encouragement!

  29. Yep! I have a bridge job right now, and I am building my business at the same time. It allows me to take care of bills and fund important business stuff! Great video!

  30. Yes, that will really help! Well I see this with myself too… I am super productive in the evening after work but in the weekends there's just too much time and so much I could be doing and it becomes just so overwhelming to choose what to do and stick to it. So I end up yoyo-ing around from task to task and in the end not really accomplishing anything! All it takes is being a little organized and you'll do great!

  31. Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much for being an inspiration. Need your advice on something…what to say when you apply for a bridge job and they say that you are overqualified for the job?
    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  32. Thanks Marie. I totally agree with you. Having a bridge job has helped publish 3 books and given me the confidence to share my coaching gifts.

  33. I have a bridge job at an accounting firm while building up my Corporate and Personal Styling business. They are really flexible which enables me to take bookings and continue to build my business but I as a bonus I have now have some incredible accounting skills that ensure I manage my income and paperwork more efficiently.

  34. Such wise advice! Sometimes what REALLY holds us back from having the biz that we dream of… it takes time and a lot of effort, but is well worth it! Thanks Marie!

  35. So true! Looking for a BJ at the moment after graduation, but in the meantime getting nothing else done due to all this 'free' time of not having a job yet and not being in the working flow of school or anything else. Thnx for the great and inspiring advice every week!

  36. If I didn't work for a public library I wouldn't have gotten the speaking in public confidence I have now. I also got to use the programming platform and offer my services at the library so I could network and practice what I was offering.

  37. Wish I had figured this out about five years ago, starting and running a business can take a lot of resources and sometimes years to really get moving. If I had not been so delusional I may have realized this then and gotten some bridge jobs instead of going red and losing everything. Thanks for the advice Marie.

  38. I need a BJ…a bridge job, seriously. I've known this since the start but denied it. It will really help out, I can see that clearly now.

  39. This is so true, I'm in my bridge job now and sometimes I do feel embarrassed about it. This video made me feel a lot better

  40. This is so helpful and usefull!Β  Im building my business and still working fulltime to keep the $$$ coming in for the mean time (+ im a sole parent, so there is no OTHER income).Β  It has often got me down thinking that I have another job and when your bridge job is bringing in all the money it's easy to feel like your stuck with it.Β  I never thought of using term 'Bridge Job" and I love it.Β  From now on my fulltime job is my 'Bridge Job' until I am able to drop it completely for working solely on my business. Thanks Marie! πŸ™‚

  41. As usual a very relevant video! Marie I especially need your tips on how to get a Bridge Job when you are over qualified?
    This BJ topic is a huge one, please dig some new videos on it since you are SOO good at making things clear

  42. I have experimented with bridge jobs. I find that a bridge job that is radically different than your business and or heart project is best. Having a job that puts you in front of a computer all day makes you not want to spend more time at a computer when you get home.Β 

  43. The universe is working their magic πŸ™ŒπŸ½. Came across this video in the most perfect timing. Thank you so much Marie!

  44. Cant believe I didn't see this earlier. It has clarified things for me that I knew, but was unsure about. Thank you Marie.
    Going to get me a BJ

  45. I'm not ashamed of my bridge job. But it is VERY hard going. I feel like I'm slogging through wet sand. Just completely unmotivated. I also feel like a fraud, because I just got quite a prestigious promotion that was widely announced, and a substantial pay raise with it. People are congratulating me left and right about my "promotion" with happy smiles on their faces, but I feel like screaming. Every Sunday night I feel doomed, because it is Monday the next day. I know I'll have to be here for at least 2 years in order to achieve certain financial goals, and I really really want to be energetic and competent and achieve a lot and make a significant contribution before I go. It just seems impossible, given the way I feel.

  46. Great video, Marie, my bridge job is exhausting. I find I'm working 10 hour days in a job where everyone is frenzied. I don't want this energy to rub off on me and affect my artistic practice, which it is beginning to do. What's a Bridget to do?

  47. Do a "bridge job" which BENEFITS you in the "dream job/business" later. That's it. Benefits, as in…: business skills, communication skills, networking, etc. But not something that has absolutely nothing to do with your dream job or it is a total opposite.

  48. we own a coffee house, 2 years now. I have a bridge job as a dietary aid. the plus side, beside everything you have already mentioned, I come across new products or unique use for products that we are already using in the kitchen! I was a bit ashamed of having to have a bridge job but after watching this video, I no longer am! thank you, it made perfect sense!

  49. Hey Marie! I LOVE this episode in particular because that heavy weight of financial stress after even 9 months of business is killing me. I am worried that getting a side job is going to distract me, take away time from building my empire, or make me miss that important phone call from a client. Such a mental challenge.

  50. Marie you are so spot on and amazing. It's like you know where i am and just perfectly address and reassure me making this faith walk eliminated in each step. so thanks!

  51. I decided to start my business while still working full time at a company I have been with for 11 years. My many high intensity positions within the company over these years has taught me so much as an employee and a manager. Organization and efficiency are essential when your BJ is 50 to 60 hours a week and you're building a business.

  52. yes, I am a technician at an eye doctors office until I get my real estate business going. the best thing, the income and learning what not to do in my business lol

  53. Omg this made me feel so much better. I just took a job in the profession I had left to start my business but I realized it wasn’t the best idea to build my business out of desperation and be desperate for clients. I was being so hard on myself for going back to a job but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me and I can go back to creating my business in a fun and inspired way. Thanks Marie for sharing your experience and wisdom πŸ’•

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