Bridge to Nowhere

Wh… What the fuck, this is wrong. It’s December! It’s December. What the fuck is going on here? Sir? Sir? Sorry, excuse me, sir. Yeah, yeah, can I help you? Uh sorry to bother you… um… uh… Where am I? You don’t know where you are? No, heh, I don’t know where I am. Where is this place? Piscataway. New Jersey…? Oh my God. You alright, dude? Uh-uh… yeah, yeah, I just… I’m sorry, I’m a bit, uh… a bit confused I uh, um, I have this mental disorder where I forget things and, um… uh… Thank you. Thank you, sir. Oh my God I’m in New Jersey! I’m in New Jersey! I wasn’t gonna come myself so he fuckin’ took me. ‘Least I don’t gotta pump my own fuckin’ gas! What the fuck? Where am I? Where the fuck am I? Holy shit! Alright. Alright! Whatever you say. Is anybody there? Anybody! This place. There’s something about it. It just… It just doesn’t feel right. Feels…doesn’t feel natural. This place is fucking weird. Gotta get out of here. Gotta get out of he— He’s following me. He’s following me! Agh! Ugh! *coughs* *more coughing* Egh! *more coughing* What the fuck?! *laughs* No. Aah! *sobs* I can document it…. I can document… Document… *muttering* I’m walking around in circles! Ugh! I gotta find my way. Gotta keep recording. Gotta keep recording. *whispering* Keep it together. Keep it together. Keep it together. Keep it together. Keep it together. Is that it? That’s it. That’s gotta be it. Just a crazy, fucked-up dream. Gonna wake up any second. It’s how it always is, right? Your mind’s a shithole– Fuckin’ hate New Jersey. Noah! Noah. You can not listen to what any of them try to tell you. Jeff? I know this doesn’t make sense, I know this sounds very confusing, but… you’re not gonna win this. You’re dead! I-I know this doesn’t make sense— What the fuck, Jeff? You’ve gotta kill yourself. What?! You can’t be— you’re not gonna be the hero of this. You’re not making any sense— If you wanna help anybody, that’s all you can do. You gotta kill yourself. It’s… it’s just the only solution— I… I don’t understand— j-just stop filming all this shit, and… kill yourself. Alright, I know things are confusing right now, man, but you gotta listen. You can’t listen to them, alright? Trust me. What the fuck, Jeff? Just don’t listen to them! Jeff…? *mutters* How are you alive? *whispers* This doesn’t make any sense… *demonic* Noah. Noah. No. What’re you doing here, huh? No. Fuck this. No. No! Where you goin’? No… Ahh! *demonic* Really? Argh! *demonic* Come ‘ere! *demonic* Yeah, let’s run from him in his own house. Get the fuck away from me. *demonic sigh* *demonic* Noah. *demonic* I don’t remember letting you in. *demonic* How did you get here? I don’t know… I just… found myself here. I don’t know where I am. *chuckles* I don’t know where this place is. Just a bug caught in a web, huh? Just a beetle in a dryer. What’s going on? It’s so hot! Up is down, down is up. I’m so confused. *demonic* So. *demonic* What’d you think of him? He’s s’posed to… s’posed to be dead. I saw you murder him. *demonic* Yeah, yeah, well, things are a little bit… different… here… *clears throat* *demonic* So, *demonic* what he said to you, *demonic* ’bout *demonic* all that dirty business. *demonic* Killing yourself. What do you think? I… I…I don’t know what to believe at this point. *angry demonic* Don’t know what to believe?! *angry demonic* So what, you’re just gonna kill yourself? *demonic* Is that the option that you have, is that a legitimate choice? *angry demonic* That shit isn’t even on the fuckin’ register, do you understand me? *demonic* Noo, you won’t do it. *demonic* I can smell it on you. *demonic* You know why? *demonic* Bec— *demonic* Are you filmin’? I don’t wanna forget… *HABIT laughs* *demonic* Let’s compose ourselves! For God’s sakes, man, we’re on camera! We have to look good, we have to look proper. *demonic* Noah, *demonic* you only really got one choice, and that is to fight; and that is to trust me. *demonic* Hell, I may not be the greatest guy, *demonic* but I’m not asking you to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, am I? How the fuck can I trust you anyway? *demonic* Listen, Mister Fighter. *demonic* You can’t. *demonic* You can only trust yourself. *demonic* See? *demonic* That’s why I’m not doing it for you. Did I ask you to give anything to me? Am I holding a gun? *demonic* No. I gave things to you. *demonic* You said it yourself, man: I mean, it’s only a matter of time till you’re dead. Might as well fight while you can, right? *demonic* Right. *demonic* Noah, *demonic* you’re gonna fight. *demonic* Because I told you to fight. *demonic*Look at you, *demonic* you’re shaking. *demonic chuckling* *demonic* You don’t have the cahones to kill yourself. *demonic* Just put that— *spits* Fuck you! Fuck you and all you stand for, you cocksucker! *demonic* It’s always the “fuck you”. *deep demonic* Always the “fuck you”! What does it even mean? *deep demonic* Where are you but here? *demonic* What’s changed because of that? I feel better. I derive pleasure from that. Fuck you! *demonic* A reprieve. *demonic* From a stagnant, *demonic* unchanging sorrow and pain. I can understand. *demonic* But I can’t respect it. *demonic* Noah, *demonic* I want you to look at me and I want you to tell me that you’re going to do what I asked you to do. No. Fuck. You. *demonic* You’re lying. *demonic* You’re gonna find that journal. *demonic* You’re gonna draw that symbol on what you need to do it on. *demonic* Not because I asked you to, no. Because… *demonic* you want to. *demonic* See? *demonic* I’m here for your benefit. *demonic* Now, *demonic* you’re gonna go… *demonic* do what I asked… oh sorry, do what you wanna do, of course. *demonic* And I’m gonna go back to hunting down that little rascal… *demonic* and a couple of others. *demonic* So, what are we gonna do, Noah? *demonic* Are we gonna fight, or are we gonna die screaming? I just wanna go home. *demonic* Go home? *demonic* I can do that. Gugh! *spits* *coughs* *deep demonic* Later, bitch. *whisper* Seriously? Oh… *chuckles* Oh, my God. I only have eyes for you.

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