Brookings Doha Expert Beverly Milton-Edwards on the Rebuilding of Mosul

I want to start by citing two figures to you. One is 6.5 billion dollars and the other is 15 million dollars. The first figure, in the billions, is the amount that, since 2014, the U.S. government has spent in Iraq in supporting the campaign to degrade and destroy Daesh. The second figure of 15 million is what has been spent in terms of stabilization and reconstruction. So my first point this evening is, if we’re thinking about the prospects for stability after the ousting of Daesh from the majority Sunni territories of Iraq that it has declared a caliphate from and occupied since 2014, but in the sense of its predecessors has enjoyed forms of power and in much earlier periods. I wonder what would happen if we inverted those figures. If in fact billions were spent in terms of building peace, I think it would make an enormous difference to the prospects for stability.

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