Build A House In 2 HOURS?? FOLDABLE Modular Homes

– So, you’re gonna get a
house here, in this spot, in front of a factory
in less than 24 hours. Say what? Basically, you can have a house like delivered to you in no time flat, by the time it gets there, you could go out to lunch and
have your house built for you, you’re gonna be learning
more about Boxabl, and how they are able to do this, and how incredibly cost effective it is. So what kind of homes are these? I mean, we know the
traditional stick built homes and we know about manufactured homes, and we know about modular homes. But what the heck do these fall under? Because they travel on the road and I don’t know, I’ll have
them explain it to you. These things read like
stereo instructions, – The way we look at stick building, it’s kind of like a pre
industrial solution, a pre factory solution. So it’s really the most
inefficient way to do things this one at a time out in
the field using hand tools. You know, it’s dangerous and slow and one of the reasons factory building hasn’t taken over housing
is because of the size. And, we think we’ve solved that. So hopefully we could move
into a post industrial age of, of building construction
that is, you know, faster and lower cost and more efficient and uses factories and automation. What we’re building is
gonna be modular certified. – [Christina] Okay
– HUD is a, not all code requirement of HUD is that you have some
kind of trailer system wheel system on it, – [Christina] No, okay – So it would be nice to get
that certification as well for our units, but I’m not
sure if we’re gonna be able to because we don’t have this
trailer chassis on it. I’ve talked a little
bit to them about that. But right now, they will be
certified as modular buildings. So we go state by state and
get that modular approval, and then that basically means all the inspections are done in factory, it makes things a little
bit easier for the builder, but they’re built to the
same or higher standards as regular stick built, traditional
financing is no problem. Whereas HUD, there’s a lot of
stigma with manufactured homes and they’re supposed to
be a lower quality to them and things like that. – All that sounds well and good, but everybody knows that
shipping on anything is super expensive. And if anybody’s ever driven down the road and seen a double wide
or even a modular home going down the road, they
take up about half the road and clog up traffic and
why they decide to do those at five o’clock in the afternoon
in the middle of traffic. It makes no sense to me, but I don’t make the rules. – First thing is, if you can’t ship affordably, it’s hard to build in a factory. – Right
– So the cost of shipping with oversized loads is very high. And it means that
modular in a lot of cases is more expensive than stick
built, which is unfortunate because it’s better to build in a factory. So once we dialed in
that shipping problem. Now we can ship totally
highway legal loads. We’re shipping, two to three times more
square footage per load on top of being highway legal, and we don’t need the follow
cars, the extra permitting, all that kind of stuff. – Almost all new construction
comes with dry wall. And if you’re gonna be shipping a house, of course, the dry wall is gonna crack. But they’ve addressed that problem too. – We don’t have that issue
because our entire wall is like, for example, just one wall. It’s all laminated in one single piece. So it’s not nailed together
with loose pieces of wood and little pieces of dry wall that shifts against each other. Well, it goes back to the strength in the way we’re building the walls. That was one of the early tests we did. It was the type of like wall bending tests that they do for wind ratings. And, we are easily gonna
surpass the requirements to be in Miami area, which
is the strictest wind loading conditions in the country. – Right? – We’re super excited about
when all this testing comes in. We haven’t finished all
of it yet, but we know kind of have a good idea of
what the results are gonna be. They’ll be able to showcase
all these test results, wind ratings, you know
all this different stuff to show how strong this
product is gonna be. – So anytime you’re in new construction, you’ll notice that
anywhere there’s wet areas, they’ll have a different type of dry wall, where the sinks will be
or the toilets will be or the shower will be or the tub will be. And that’s because this is
what they call a cement board and it’s mold resistant. And Boxabl found that out and that’s why they put
that in their homes. I’m gonna go ahead and have
them explain it to you. Is it the same cement board
that they use in showers? – It’s not. It’s called magnesium oxide board, think that some companies do
market it for bathroom use. We could use sheet rock if we wanted to, but we thought we came across this stuff and it just seemed to have
so many benefits to it. It doesn’t, you know, off gas, it doesn’t grow mold. It’s water resistant. It’s very strong. – So, how are they gonna
put this all together? Like, what happens when it
ends up at the home site, is there a bunch of builders there, they’re connecting all
these pieces together. I don’t know. – We build them in the
factory, everything’s finished, they actually fold up to
for from a width of 20 feet down to eight and a half feet, eight and a half feet is the magic number to dramatically lower the shipping costs. Then they arrive on site. You take them off the
trailer in a number of ways. And basically, they just unfolds. It only took about an
hour to unfold each one. It’s really. You unfold it, and you’re done. I mean, the if you are
gonna buy one of these, you would interface with
a general contractor who would help you get the permits, they would set up your site, you need to build some kind of foundation. You need to have electric water ready, and then the unit just
shows up unfolds, plugs in and, you’re good to go. – But, what about cabinets and bathtubs, and showers and stairs? According to Boxabl, all you need is your couch
and your kitchen supplies. I’m gonna ask them how they do that. – Even though the unit folds
down to eight and a half wide, it still has five feet of
space that’s uncompressed. – Okay. – So within that five feet
by the length of the unit, whether it’s a 20 foot
ones that we have now or up to 60 feet, we can
house things in there, like bathroom, kitchen,
staircase, fireplace, anything that needs to
be done in the factory, another cool application
where, is disaster relief. So we think that you know,
in the event of a disaster, we will have these off grid versions built and ready inventory, and then they will be deployed to provide immediate shelter after the disaster. And then the cool thing is
once people start moving back and rebuilding their communities, they can actually take the
re-modules bring them back to their, their, let’s say
it’s a demolished building site and use it to rebuild their house. So that instead of having, you know, FEMA having thousands
of junked, trailer RVs they’ll be able to re-purpose these and rebuild their communities with them. – So what’s the outside of
these things gonna look like? Cause I don’t know about you. I like a house like this. I like brick and I like a nice porch. How are they gonna make
it look more personal and less like a box? – So right now it’s just a steel skin. So it just kind of looks like a flat wall. You can’t really tell what the material is and or what’s going on there. And it looks nice like that. We wanted to create kind of
an architecturally neutral building block, and then anything else. If you really wanna make it look prettier, maybe match something else. You just, you just add it on in the field. You know, for example, out here in Vegas, we have these big tract home communities probably, you know, let’s
say there’s 200 houses, but there’s only three house models. But you can’t really notice
that when you drive in because they’re all decorated
a little differently. One has a stone facade,
one has a siding facade, – [Christina] Right? – So that stuff is just a
little bit of gingerbread that you add on after, and it makes a big difference visually. And what we’re building is
this architecturally neutral, universal building block. – So I need to know what kind of roof we’re gonna be looking at here. Are we gonna be having ones like this, or is it gonna be flat? Or is it gonna have tiles, I need to know what the
roofs gonna look like. – Roof right now we
have a flat roof system. So it’s like a snow load rated
insulated flat roof system. And, that’s fine for a lot of climates, but not all of them. Some places require a more pitched roof like where they have really
high snow loads and things. – Well, you have a high pitched roof here. It’s just that’s what they require. We have so much rain. – Exactly, exactly. In some areas that’s normal. And it would be weird to
not have a pitched roof. So that’s something that you’re gonna have
to add in the field. And but again, we’ve kind of
lowered the burden for that, because the installation’s already done. So really, it would just be for the snow. – Aesthetic – Yeah, and aesthetics. Yup. – Now I want your opinion. What do you think? Do you think that this is gonna stay? And do you think that traditional building is going to be the wave of the future? Or is this archaic? Do you think this new Boxabl idea is the solution to problems? Or do you think it’s three D printing? – Three D printing is cool, but there’s a few problems with it. And in my opinion, it doesn’t bring everything
into the factory. So you’re still stuck on site,
finishing things on site, which is not really an
efficient way to go. You can get the the walls up with a concrete shell three D printing, but then everything else is just traditional construction again, so you’re kind of back at square one. – [Christina] Getting interested? I’m sure you’re just like me, when are they gonna be
ready to buy and ship? – We should be setting up
our production facility later this year. And then hopefully we’ll be in production sometime full production
sometime next year, and as we move forward
and scale the company, I think we’re gonna be able
to bring the price down and down. And that’s the goal of this company is to lower you know,
housing costs for everyone. So right now, we’re
just planning to go out with this initial casino module, they’re all gonna be the same. But down the line, the plan is to have kind of
like an online configurator where you stack and arrange and connect different module sizes and
add on exterior finishings to make it look, you know,
the style that you want. And we’ll hopefully roll that out, you know, the next few years, and it will be just a little three D tool that people customize
their home with online and that’s kind of you
know gonna be the secret to our factory production is
that if we’re in the factory, we don’t wanna be doing custom work, cause that slows us down. So by building this system, we’ll build the same, you know, kitchens, kitchen room module over and over again, we’ll build the same two bedroom room module over and over again. And then the customization happens when you take those units
and stack and connect them. So we hope that we’ll be
able to really lower the cost by doing streamline factory production where we’re building the same
widget over and over again, and still allow homeowners and builders to have what they want,
which is a custom home. So the first room module is our smallest, it’s 20 by 20 roughly so the interior dimensions
are about 375 feet. This is the smallest unit in our system, and we fitted it out as
little studio apartment. So it’s got a bathroom,
kitchen, couch and a bed in it. You know it’s a really great space we debuted at the
builder show in Las Vegas just a couple weeks ago and
got an amazing reception. What I would say is recommend for people to go to our website and add their name to the wait list. We’re asking for $100 fully
refundable anytime deposit to kinda hold your place in line. Because we’ve gotten so
much interest in this that we think when we are
online in our first year, we think it’s all gonna be spoken for. – And the burning question
on everybody’s mind. How much is it? – Our planned price is 50,000 delivered to the surrounding states here (mumbles) and that includes everything
except the bed and the couch. So washer, dryer, fridge, everything. – I’m totally interested when it comes to new ways
of constructing homes. But I wanna know your opinion. Do you think traditional home building is gonna be the way it goes
for the next 20 30 50 years? Or do you think that modular homes are gonna be the wave of the future or even manufactured homes? If you wanna know more
about manufactured homes, go ahead and click this video right here. My name is Christina Smallhorn, your real estate whisperer and I tell you all this,
because you matter.

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