62 thoughts on “Build The Wall In…Colorado? | All In | MSNBC

  1. This trump clown show just seems to write itself at this point , doesn't it …. every podium speech is turning into a cold SNL opening now . And we thought " W " gave comedians plenty of material and cannon fodder , but this dullard takes the cake . America , thanks for the laughs …. Greetings from Switzerland !!!

  2. The only walls that matter in the case of Donald J. Trump would the the walls of his isolation cell in the mental asylum. Those walls better be good and solid. With Trump INSIDE!

  3. Us in Colorado hope it's to keep him out. But big question. Is he going to move the rocky mountains? Lol

  4. Sure why not in Colorado? I mean you reached the point of no return to sanity long time ago. It doesn´t matter anymore whatsoever nonsense your president babbles in his permanent fever dream, it can´t get worse anyways.

  5. Hit that Twitter and check out his cover story. The usual, "I was just kidding " and "I said, 'Colorado would benefit from the southern border wall' ."

  6. I would love to read or hear the psych evaluation of Trump supporters. I know what Trump is, but the people that support him are an endless enigma.

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