Building A Truck On A BUDGET!

– What’s going on guys? Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. And now a question that
we get all the time is can you have a good looking truck build for a very cheap price. And so today, we’re gonna kinda go over what your options are as
far as building your truck on a budget since
nowadays, brand new trucks are super expensive. Most people are buying used vehicles and still wanna do something
to kinda make it their own and I think a lot of people
have this preconceived notion that if you wanna do a full truck build, if you want 20 by 12’s,
if you want big tires and you want a lift kit
that it’s going to get very, very expensive
and it definitely can, but it all comes down
to brands and selection and just kinda knowing
what your options are. So today we’re gonna dive
into that a little bit and I think where we’re
gonna start is in suspension because everybody knows that if you want to fit a large wheel and tire set up, you’re going to have to
increase the right head of your vehicle and that’s gonna be done with a suspension lift. Now if you wanna keep it on
the most cost effective side, obviously, you can just do a level but that’s gonna be very cheap
as far as price point goes but it’s also gonna limit
what you can kind of fit on that vehicle since you’re
not raising it up a ton. So when it comes to like
the six inch lift market, I think people are gonna
be surprised to find out that you can get a Rough
Country six inch lift for about a $1000. If you wanna step up to coilovers, you can get one of those kits from Rough Country for like $2100. Now I’m not gonna be the
guy that sit out here and say that oh a $1000 is cheap and it’s just easy to come up with because for many of us and for me, I can’t don’t just have a $1000
to dispose of like that. But you can kinda set that goal and know that it’s a $1000. It’s not five grand. There are some suspension
systems out there that are going to cost
at like $5000 or more. But there’s options out there if you want the look of a lifted truck, you don’t wanna spend all of the money. I think Rough Country’s
a great option for that. There’s other versions
of kits out there too like we always talk about
how we really like BDS kits and the quality that they bring. Well not everybody knows that
they have a sister company called Zone that offers
a more affordable kits for a little bit less money. So there’s always options out there and it’s kinda just knowing that you can select those things and knowing that you can trust
the Rough Country lift kit. We’ve ran them on many
of our personal vehicles. So it’s definitely an option for you. We’ve got other videos
that explain in depth, kind of the history of Rough Country, what they’ve been doing
to improve their quality and we’ve been super satisfied
with everything they’ve done. So that kind of covers
the suspension part of it. Now when we jump to talk about wheels, again this is another thing
where it really depends on your sizing as far as what these wheels are going to cost. I like to use 20 by 12 as a good baseline. Because that’s gonna get
you that show quality wheel that you’re looking
for with the big lip, without going so big that
you’re gonna break the bank. And you’ll probably be
surprised to find that again, there’s a lot of wheels out there for under a $1000 that you can get a set of four 20 by 12’s in and the next thing is
that Custom Offsets always does mounting and balancing for free and we ship for free in the
lower 48 states as well. So it’s just more things out there to kinda keep that cost down. And its not from names
you’ve never heard of. Obviously, there are some wheel brands that you’ve probably never heard of and they’re gonna have some
affordable wheels out there too. And we try to make videos
on just about all of those. But you can expect to see,
XD, RBP, those kinda guys still making 20 by 12 wheels
that are in a price point that’s at least attainable
for most people. When it comes to tires, that’s obviously a huge part of your
vehicle where you can spend a lot of money or a very
little amount of money. So again, knowing the
options that are out there, a perfect example of that is
like the Venom Power Tires that I just did a review on. You can get a set of
33s in the Venom Powers for like $800 for the set of four. That’s a really good price
when it comes to tires. And the bigger you go, the
more expensive it gets. There’s some Fury Tires out there that are gonna cost
$4000 for the set of four and things just kinda get
blown out of proportion the larger you go but
that’s to be expected. More material, smaller
sidewalls that require more tire technology that’s all
gonna increase those prices. So it’s just again, knowing
what options are out there. That’s why we built a
gallery so you can see what a complete setup is gonna look like. And kinda judge the pricing based on that. Tires are a very important
part of your vehicle simply because that’s
what’s actually contacting your truck to the pavement. So if you’re going to spend more money in any one of the three categories, I’d probably stick in the tires. You get something that’s gonna last as long as possible for you. And just obviously keep you the safest when you’re driving your
vehicle down the road. But we’ve had absolutely no problems. I’m running Venom Power Tires on my truck. Tarot’s been making tires
for a number of years now at a more affordable price point. Those tend to do good. You gotta keep up with proper rotations and make sure your tire pressure’s
all correct and what-not. But right off the bat, you’re gonna get in the lifted truck game
without having to shell out thousands and thousands of
dollars for that set of tires that you’re going to end up replacing in the future anyway. Tires are that reoccurring
expense ’cause it is something that is gonna wear down. Another great example of
a more affordable tire is gonna be Kanati. So Kanati actually makes tires that look very, very similar to some of the other more expensive tires on the market. We just grabbed a set to demo on a jeep that we have here and so
far, just by looking at them and kinda going over the tire, it really seems like they’re gonna perform nearly as good as those
more expensive tires, but again, for a fraction of the price. So Kanati is another great option for some more affordable tires. If you guys wanna learn more about any specific budget items, we’ve got a ton of videos
on the YouTube channel. Top five wheels under a 1000, top five tires, top five staff picks, lift kits and wheel entire
packages for under $3000. We have pretty much everything broken down all at YouTube.comeCustomOffsetsTV. Otherwise, if you wanna check on the gather I was talking about, it’s gonna give you all
the specs you need to know as far as what fits your vehicle and gives you the
pricing, everything there. So you can check that
out at Peace.

79 thoughts on “Building A Truck On A BUDGET!

  1. Get your next set of wheels, tires, and suspension at Just had to do it because #customoffsetsgang

  2. Hell yeah you can build on a budget. Ive got mine looking how i want minus window tint. Got a 3 inch front/2 inch rear motofab leveling kit with 20×10 -24 moto metal mo962s wrapped in nitto terra grappler 275/55R20s, 6000k hids, 20 inch bumper mount light bar, and i plan on doing exhaust, a sport bar with 4 or 5 led pods, and swap my swap 07-13 bumper for one from a 14-18 sierra

  3. If you wont to build your truck it's simple. Get a job, set a goal on a amount of money you wont for what you are looking for, and save your money. Sure it will take time and there will be Obstacles but the rewards are worth waiting for.

  4. I built a truck for $20 one time. Cranked tortion Keys up, sawed the muffler off, traded the stocks for newer wheels+tires, plasti dipped chrome and bow ties. $5 for plasti dip, $15 in gas to go trade wheels.

  5. I like how much Rough Country has improved over the years. Admitting that you ran a Rough Country lift use to be a point of shame that most would either lie about or try to omit the mention of when discussing their trucks, but now? People are proud to use an American brand that makes quality products and I think that's awesome! Great job rough country!

    Please don't go back to the way things used to be lol

  6. Is this even possible? Post a video of from the gallery, rating trucks that are $3500 and under for wheels, tries, and suspension.

  7. If you ask me the best way to do it is this. Set yourself a budget. Go into Custom Offsets site and build your wishlist to within your budget. Your wishlist you can see all the time and know what your working towards so you don't loose motivation. Save up and buy your wishlist all at once. 👊

  8. I think it’d be cool if y’all actually showed a setup and gave a price range. You’ve done multiple videos like this talking about general ways to do a cheap build but never actually doing one. Maybe like a level, 3-4”, and 6-8” lift sizes with popular but cheap setups and even showing some gallery entries that match it.

  9. Every payday just use what your essentials are then treat every day like you have no money , after taking care of those essentials transfer the remaining money into savings account. Not $50 out of $300 cause you want to eat out and buy dumb shit. About every 3 months you will be able to knock out big ticket categories, and keep doing that for a couple years , next thing you know you will have what you done to it.
    Trust me it works..

  10. How much is it to ship to AK, have a package picked out from custom offset lift tire and wheels. Tried to find out on your website, but I don’t know why it wasn’t showing it.

  11. Sure a person can build a truck on a budget. It all depends on the person and the goals they set. Also what the truck is going to be used for.

  12. I've been looking at 04-06 Lincoln Aviators and Navigators . Hopefully I can buy one soon while the car lots have the discounts. The prices have been running around 5k. I'll probably spend another 5k on wheels and tires.

  13. Anything is possible when u put your heart mind and sweat in it 🤙😂 just trust the process and just keep pushing 🙌🙌

  14. I’m 14 so my view is very limited and I’ll admit that, but in my eyes between the age of 14-18 is the perfect time to do things you really want to. There are few places that hire under 16 but they exist and you can get minimum wage, and you don’t have to worry about bill or anything other than insurance if your already driving. So if your my age and are sitting around dreaming about things like this, get up and find a job, by the time your able to drive you might be surprised by what you can afford. Not everything is possible but nothing’s impossible to try

  15. I got me a 2015 Silverado on a 2" level slapped some ultra 18×9 wrapped with 33×12.5 toyo rt and I still have beer money left over. Even splurged on some spiked lugs.

  16. It's pretty simple to build on a budget it's called get a 12 or 15 month 0% apr credit card know ur budget and build it then take the next year or so and pay it all off…….because if you buy it on a lot and finance wheels tires ECT your getting raped also seen it enough Jeep's f150s and Hummers on blocks in the owners front yard or apartment complex repoed rims 😂

  17. I feel bad for you you got the worst ford ranger there is in New Zealand and Australia much better ford rangers v6 diesel manual and the 10 speed auto ford ranger raptor as well and some other packs like the wild track if you do ever for some reason get that little 4 one they gave you I’d suggest getting something like a ARB bash bar or wait till they give you a better version

  18. Stop putting 20” rims on trucks. It looks stupid. It’s pointless to spend all that money lifting your truck and adding off-road accessories and then turning around and putting some huge rims with skinny tires and little to no side wall. Stop wasting trucks you morons

  19. I'm super cheap but I built my truck up to suit my taste and want to fit big tires with a lift. I have an '04 Silverado with a leveling kit that I got for cheap on a discount and a pre owned but never used body lift. I spent just over $100 on my lift kit and installed it myself with the help of a friend. I found some used 35s and negotiated with the guy to take $75 for all 5 and got some wheels used too for $200. That was my first iteration of getting my truck the way I wanted it. The used tires did me a lot of good and I got my truck set up to run with them and when I wore them out, I just spent a little more further down the line. I traded my stock 16" wheels with tires for stock 17" wheels with tires and bought the same size tires, just with more tread. I have just over $500 into my current tire and wheel setup and that has lots of life left. Just be resourceful and know what you need to do what you want.

  20. Idk who needs to hear this but bolt on lift kits, wheels/tires and colorful plug and play light bars everywhere isn’t a build. Nothing was built. You bolted stuff other people built into another thing other people built..

  21. do a nissan from the gallery

  22. Thanks for the info. I'm 14 and my parents are going to buy me an 07 gmc Sierra classic for 7k. I'll put 4k that I saved up from selling candy at school and mowing lawns. They'll put the rest. I will keep working to buy some wheels and tires that last long. even if it takes long to save up for them, I rather get something that isn't that nice but still good quality

  23. Building a capable truck is one thing. Stop putting those stupid looking giant rims on and it will actually be capable of doing something other than cruising the streets.

  24. I am building my budget truck. 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 TRX4 5.7l leveled with Fox 2.5 Coil reservoirs in the front, 2.0 reservoirs in the rear, fresh two tone paint job, I just ordered upgraded lighting and already installed LED fog lights today. I got the stock off-road wheels spaced out two inches and added black pocket flares. Next is some 35" tires and it's done.

  25. I have a 2013 Ram 1500.
    20×10 -25 Ultra Warlock 217's &
    33×12.5×20 Atturo Trail Blade MT's were $2,100.
    4" ReadyLift SST kit $800
    Install with alignment, $560.
    Total was $3,460 to completely change the look of your vehicle.
    I would've gone 35", but I bought the wheels/tires before the lift kit as you can run them on stock height.

  26. Hey Fuller.. I love all the videos on cost effective builds but can we get a video for us Tacoma guys.. rating 17” wheels, best wheels.. best 33” tires, affordable tires.. all sizes that pertain to the Tacoma.. thanks bro keep up the great videos..

  27. 37×12.5r20 Radar Renegades are 1,000 for a set of 4, and that’s one of the best deals I can find

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