Building a Van De Graaff HIGH VOLTAGE Generator

Hi, I like to make a Van De Graaff machine to make super high voltages This machine is invented by Robert J. Van De Graaff and works based on Triboelectric Effect Which is basically if two certain different material rub against each other They become electrically charged one of the two materials Pulls electrons from the other one and becomes negative leaving the other one positive Like when I rub towel against PVC pipe in my previous video In Van de Graaff machine, there is a belt that rotates very fast and constantly rubs against some rod and becomes charged My belt is one of those workout elastic bands **Mehdi doing workout** The PVC pipe turns negative and the belt turns positive If I rotate the belt like this, the rubbing action will charge the belt and the pipe This is a Leyden jar I made which is basically a capacitor as I explained in my previous video I taped a wire to the center contact with its strands poking out like that And I also taped a bunch of strands to the outer contact of the capacitor Now if I move the belt like this beside these wires it simply charges the capacitor See, when the neutral belt passes over the PVC pipe It leaves its electron on the PVC and turns positive going down. The electrons on the PVC pipe are picked up by this wire and charged the center of the capacitor negative which repels The electrons on the outer surface of the bottle and when I turn the belt the positive charges on the belt pick up those electrons coming from the outer surface and the belt becomes neutral and the outer surface of the capacitor becomes positive and the cycle continues Maybe you hear the charges going into the capacitor And if I do this multiple times And try to discharge the capacitor There it was charged and this is pretty much how Van de Graaff machine works Let’s make one And another school wins the tool giveaway and there is another Keysight school giveaway at the end of the video I bought a bunch of PVC pipes and fittings to put this together Making the rotating part of the machine was a bit tricky See, I had the DC motor from my old drill and I took some parts from it to make this section and the DC motor Directly couples here and the belt goes around it and turns. Cuts the excess width of the belt Damn it. Why is it so hard to cut? finally Now I cut the stationary part of the PVC from a thicker pipe Now I put that piece in the belt and stretch the belt a little bit and attach it around here **BLEEP** I shouldn’t have glued it, see, the stupid glue settles quick and I don’t have time to make it straight. Damn it A bit shorter, well, it’s okay. I’ll glue it afterwards So here’s what I’ve made so far My belt goes around that fixed PVC pipe on top Which is held by a piece of wood and some screws and the roller on the bottom and if I turn the roller it turns I didn’t make the belt too tight either because I was afraid that the friction between the Belt and the top fixed PVC might hurt them in the long run now I want to see if I can charge my Leyden jar with it So I’m gonna place the jar beside it like this and turn the belt Also I have a wire from the outer surface beside the center contact with a gap So if it is charged enough there should be an arc between them Okay, let’s do it It does get charged There you go, but I think with this set up is only charging to a limited voltage, so let’s just continue building the whole Van de Graaff Now that my tower is almost done I was thinking of using aluminum foil to create those charge pick up brushes But then I realize something these aluminum foil cutting sharp edges should make the best brush so I’m gonna cut this I’ll cut these and glue them on some ice cream sticks for support and when you glue this on the piece of wood make sure that these sharp edges are on the Inside of the wood edge so that they won’t touch any moving parts and scratch them then we can drill a hole in these brushes, past seven wire through the hole and tighten it And even solder the wire so it won’t come out later something like this Aagh, the more I’m running this belt the more it’s developing a problem See, the PVC is getting darker and it’s covered with some sort of Brownish goo that I can’t clean up, But the goo is kind of sticky and results in the belt not being able to rotate freely and I have to change this belt I’m Thinking if I could change if it’s like a towel or a fabric it would be nice I just saw a video from DIY. Tryin who made a Van de Graaff machine using pantyhose as belt That sounds like a good idea. Let’s give it a try. Aagh, where does she keep her pantyhoses? I made this too permanent. I don’t want to cut the belt There Now I will just do some pantyhose fitting I also put the pantyhose around the bottom roller to like the guy did in his video. It has a few benefits It increases the friction and prevents the belt to be torn apart by the sharp edges and things The belt was shifting when rotating so I just glued a bump on the side to stop it from shifting It should be good now. Let’s see There you go, but the real question is can it make static electricity? Oh, there we go Very good. Had to make a special brush for the topside roller. So here’s how I did it for the bottom brush I use the same thing I made from the aluminum foil box, but for the top side I had to make this Special brush because you know, the belt is kind of bumpy and keeps jumping up and down And I needed this brush to be flexible to accommodate that now for the top of the Van de Graaff machine I have these two perfectly round IKEA bowls that you can find under the Van de Graaff section I have to cut one of them open with my side grinder **Electrocute rocking** Aw, my ears I have to get rid of all these sharp edges, otherwise the charges will run away from them You know, I have this aluminum tape that’s gonna help me cover the sharp edges of this thing I’m gonna cover it with electric tape too for added insulation. Now to attach the two bowls I’m gonna use a thin strip of aluminum tape and tape them together. This should get rid of the edge between the two balls to There, and now I want to further cover it with electric tape The last thing I want is for my precious charges to find a way and run away. There. Hopefully, it’s good You remember the piece of Bowl I cut using the aluminum tape I will tape the top brush wire to my bowl And then glue it on top right here Why did I put that piece on top you ask, because now I can simply put this bowl right on top And I’m done I’m gonna run the motor from my power supply so that I can adjust the belt speed the way I want and For the belt brush down there I can connect the wire either to earth or my body or any other conductor like this and these two will pick up opposing charges and can arc to each other now the downside of this is that my entire room is now covered in dust and garbage and **BLEEP** Who’s gonna clean all this? Now It may look like that It took me five minutes to put this together because I’m wearing the same shirt But the fact is that it took me a whole week to put this together So you better like, share, subs… After running it for a while. My pantyhose got caught in a crack and was torn apart Thanks a lot DIY trying I have to go back to using my belt, it took a long time Foohwow, I hope you appreciate my sacrifice for consistency what I’m trying to do is that instead of a fixed PVC pipe on the top I’m making a rotating one by putting a pipe here and then this guy can just rotate around it There will be much less rubbing between the PVC and the belt but I’m still hoping that it makes decent static electricity Okay Well, let’s give it a try It’s actually better than the, ouch, pantyhose Aagh! This is shaving the shit out of my PVC pipe This is driving me crazy. This took me six hours to make, it better work Oh yeah! It barely makes any static electricity now This whole business of PVC pipe and pantyhose and rubber belt is quite temporary I will just swich back to pantyhose and make sure it doesn’t get cut and **BLEEP** Now this is a pantyhose protector And I’m gonna make a ground ball by taping two more IKEA bowls together and tape a wire to it and just mount it on a PVC pipe And here’s our ground ball and finally it’s done what time is it Yeah, it took me around a week and a half Well, it seems to be working fine just at the motor is a bit too noisy And I have a feeling my rubber band was creating more static electricity and the pantyhose will probably wear out soon. I don’t know why I’m following that guy recipe using a pantyhose. Why didn’t I use some stronger fabric like Like a legging, back to my wife’s drawer Here I found this legging with a much stronger fabric and stretchy too, good to make a belt. Let’s see how much electricity it makes Hey, not bad, you hear that **BLEEP** It’s electricity is now like half the pantyhose Well now it’s quite a solid belt, but I think it’s combination with the top roller PVC doesn’t generate enough static electricity I think I have to change it to something like acrylic glass or something For now, I guess I’m stuck with the pantyhose Now I’d like to try and remove the aluminum tape I put there, I’m thinking maybe it’s sharp edges are making it worse I think the aluminum cave had actually made it a bit better. Whatever. I’m done You thought the video was finished, didn’t you? You can stop watching if you want but I’m gonna continue on till I get some large manly sparks, you know some people like to buy large cars, I like my arcs large I don’t like how sharp these edges are even with the aluminum tape I think a lot of charges might be running away from these so I’m gonna hot glue a piece of wire around these edges The wire is to keep a round shape and then I’m gonna put aluminum tape around it nice and round There I’m hoping that such curvy edge would be much better than the sharp edges before well, it doesn’t look like a bit stronger than before I I guess the next step is to find a different material for the top roller to make more static electricity Looking at the triboelectric series table that lists a bunch of different material depending on how they like to get charged from all the way positives all the way negative shows that cotton which is 95% of this belt doesn’t like to get charged and the combination of nylon pantyhose close to maximum positive and PVC closed maximum negative is actually a very good combination and the size of arcs shown by DIY tryin proves that fact So there must be something else you might design that’s sucking away the charges one thing I can think of is the huge **BLEEP* size of this hole I made at the bottom for experiment, let me close it with some aluminum tape, although it doesn’t quite get rid of the sharp edges Yeah Not any significant difference. I think I should have designed the whole small from the beginning I’m gonna try one last idea before I completely give up to my smaller arcs I’m gonna change this top PVC with a much thicker one to increase the friction surface area and hopefully make much more static electricity And I’ll probably increase the number of these brushes too to pick up as much charge as possible And I had to buy 10 foot of these PVC pipe because I only needed three inches So at the end of the video I’ll give away 117 inches of… No, this is what I made. A bigger PVC pipe, a new brush here This is the original brush and a new brush and this side Agh… Seems like with just original brush it was doing fine Actually the PVC pipe made the biggest difference Adding the new brushes didn’t make much of a difference or in case of this one It actually made it a bit worse, maybe because it’s pointing outside the hole and the charges are running away Yeah, I think the bigger PVC be the original brush is doing just fine now for the last thing to try I covered all the sharp edges in multiple layers of electric tape and see how far the arcs jump now It jumps from all the way back here. Of course, we don’t quite see them because they’re long distance ones are weaker but if I get close They are pretty strong now Yeah, I think this is a success. But wait! There is something else I just added this brush right at the bottom of the belt and it Significantly increases the chance of finding a mate. I mean picking up the all the charges Look at this now, so much power. Ow, ow I can really go back to making out full video now one school called Gymnasium Matija Mesić in Croatia wins one Keysight scope Thanks to Keysight and a whole bunch of optical and magnetic lab components purchased by the support of my patrons at It’s a gymnasium. Why do they need a scope? Hmm, make sure to enter your school from the link in the description if it needs a tool and thanks to Keysight I’ll giveaway another one of these babies which is a hundred megahertz two channel scope with the built-in 20 megahertz Function generator if you could see response analyzer Frequency counter the digital voltmeter. To my patrons and viewers So either become a patron to support my channel and thr school giveaways and for this or just enter the draw from the link in the description. Good luck! **UNIBROW DANCE**

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