Building a VERY NICE Amiibo Display Shelf & Talking about YOUR Options

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin John plays here and I want to talk to you about something I
have a problem my problem is that I’m an adult and I’m an adult who has way too
many amiibos I’ve actually already collected every single already released
smash amiibo and soon as they release that there’s going to be more smashing
me bows available I pre-order them right away usually on Amazon or Best Buy or
whoever has them in stock soon as they’re announced and my problem is
displaying them maybe you’re not a grown man but if you have way too many amiibos
you may be wondering well what the heck can I do with all of these and today
we’re gonna be exploring some more creative options that people have done
and I’m gonna be updating what I’m doing with them as well my biggest problem is sometimes I see
wonderful beautiful pictures like this take it from Games Con in Germany in
2015 of a fantastic display of all the amiibos if you’ve ever been to Nintendo
New York you’ve also seen all of their amiibos on display and for me I don’t
know what to do with them maybe if you’re looking for inspiration on what
to do with your amiibos this video will help or if you just want to follow me on
my journey of of me redesigning this studio great and the Shelf that I have
in the corner of the room this is the IKEA Alex which if you don’t know that’s
the new lightweight version of the expedite it’s apparently the expedite
was leading to DeForest ization of the entire world by like 1% of the world’s
would supply fun fact look it up and I also started this shelf set up way
before they release the newer amiibos if you’re interested in doing this you’re
more than welcome to this is the three wide by 4 tall calyx and then those two
arms right there are just not placed in the the upright things and you’ll notice
that they’re in the back that’s so that the shelf above it doesn’t start to flex
and bow and then these shelves that are used inside of there are actually from a
shop called The Container Store and they are essentially just spice rack shelves
if you want to go pick that up I’ll leave a link in the description down
below you may not have a full robust smash ultimate collection like me my
problem is that isn’t all of my amiibos I also have all of the Zelda amiibos and
that collection just keeps growing I got Link’s Awakening right there he’s just
sitting there he doesn’t have a home yet we need to get him a home and today
we’re gonna be getting him a home now in part the reason that I’m making this
video is because I’ve spent probably in total my entire life 20 hours on how I
want them to look layout things like that also just researching different
solutions and my biggest problem is I want all of them to have
their own amount of space I don’t want them to be crowded I don’t want them to
be jammed next to each other like right now there is so much overcrowding in
here this needs braces and bad I wanted to go over a few things that I’ve seen
online and firstly I do want to address this because I’ve had this as part of
the backdrop and I’ve always wanted to make a video on this this is an
authentic Game Stop amiibo stand now when I went to too many games in
Pennsylvania this year which was a fantastic con I’ve hung out with so many
creators had a great time there met a whole bunch of people just really
excellent time scout the walls and I we did shots treated in Jersey style right
they had one there for sale I don’t know if it was functional was just chillin on
the floor for two hundred and fifty bucks and golly I wanted to buy it I
didn’t have my wallet on me I walked away I came back half hour later and
already sold that’s what happens at these conferences in these Expos that if
you’re not on top of something you’re gonna lose it I immediately went on eBay
as soon as I got home at the end of the weekend and I bought one for 350 dollars
and my intention was to change out the firmware on whatever was in there to be
able to display full video I’ve actually had this in my room for months because I
just wanted to make this video and I just never have this is a 17.5 inch
Android tablet that’s the motherboard right there there’s some more parts to
it that I broke this right here is an Android tablet and it’s nuts to think
that yes this is the same thing as your Kindle or an iPad however it’s really
slow it’s really really really really bad it’s so slow it’s custom firmware on
a very old version of Android and as much as I tried to get into the back
door and like modify things around there was no chance I was gonna be able to
like really make it a functioning Android or a computer to the point that
I wanted to show HD videos on it right so my next idea was well I’ll just buy a
regular monitor excluding the bezel once you start getting to even eighteen point
five inch displays it’s it’s it’s way too big actually this
one came pretty close this was like a quarter of an inch off which would have
been really nice and once you get down to the 17 range well that’s when you get
back into four three monitors instead of sixteen by nine monitors and I was able
to find this seventeen and a half inch monitor that has a VGA port on the back
it fits perfectly in there I was able to take it apart literally just swapped the
one piece in I had to cut a lot of metal a lot of metal had to be cut in order
for me to modify this and hang it back up properly and it looks you know Oh am
I also kept the LEDs intact but i disabled the LEDs going around the
outside because they actually affected the camera quality and the RGB Ness of
everything every once in a while I turn it back on but golly they are bright and
the amiibos that I put down there they’re usually blown out on video but
right now it’s the 8-bit link and the four champions I went down the rabbit
hole and went onto I don’t want to say it out loud in case my FBI agent is
listening but it’s this website with this icon right here that’s somewhat
useless most the time I and I started looking at what people are doing and
it’s amazing that there’s so many displays for like shot glasses and Hot
Wheels cars and things like that and then large figures but the closest thing
that I’ve seen is actually pop figure displays the Funko pops and the problem
with it is like a lot of them don’t take into account the Headroom because when
factoring amiibos I look at my two largest ones excluding the Guardian
Legend of Zelda amiibo which would be Ridley and King K rule king K rules tape
from side to side measures four inches and that’s however many centimeters it
is and Ridley from base to tip of wing measures four inches I went on to this
website and I looked and I looked and I looked and I looked and I didn’t really
find anything that I liked something that has been in my wishlist for the
longest time is this right here it’s sold by a guy named
has been goods I think it’s just one guy who knows woodworking and has a dope
printer this right here is individual displays
for every single smash character and Oh golly it is gorgeous it really is he
also updates it whenever new amiibos come out like he already has squirtle
and Ivysaur and basically what he did he just took the entire roster and just
made it printed it done he even has Joker hero and banjo already
and they even haven’t been announced or hinted at that they’re making amiibos
for them my problem is and I actually reach out to him I’m the only question
on here the overall size is 52 inches long by 42 inches high and that is a lot
of wall my friends that is a lot of wall that is like that’s like the size of
this entire base shelf that you can see on screen going from there to the bottom
of the table wall it would be cool to literally just put that there
I love my sort of collage oh dang it my LED fell around the Pokemon again I love
this sort of collage that I have going on of my Zelda games and my Pokemon
games and I really love it I updated it often and I kind of like to think that
people look at it at various points in time and kind of see things that they
like then I was gonna look into maybe this side of the room all over here
which I have a large acoustic panel and then next to the large acoustic panel I
also have this sort of pegboard that I’ve put together on this pegboard I
just kind of love it I love like the DIY tool shop this is what your dad had in
his garage except full of switch accessories and video games and hot
sauce and an extra lens now before one of you asks yes I totally saw Alex’s
video on his own custom DIY shelf that Nintendo retweeted and he got a hundred
thousand views on he uses just lightweight foam in order to make a
backdrop and then just place his cloth on top and while it works for him I
wanted something that looked a little bit cleaner and functioned
more of a more of a set drop level because the thing about my room is yes
there’s a whole bunch of nerdy stuff but everything is contained it has little
compartments here and there they’re all like little dioramas of stuff and one
thing that a lot of people have talked about is getting these shelves from Ikea
I don’t remember the name of these shelves they’ve actually changed names
two or three times that’s the reason that the links are broken
I am super super familiar because see that black bar right there that’s one of
those shelves and yes while it can hold all the amiibo if I get like I don’t
know six of the big ones I’m not too good on hanging shelves even and
perpendicular and because of that I’m afraid of what it would look like and
then this person decided to hang all of the shelves upside down which looks cool
if it didn’t have that lip hanging over the front but then I found something and
I think this is what I’m gonna go with so for the beste bestest system which is
used for home theater and oh god there’s like 20,000 products involved in the
bestest series this right here is a best day I think you’re a beste you’re my
bestie the bestest series has these extremely slim shelves that are only
like 7 and 7/8 inches deep which is fantastic because as I mentioned before
the most space that this is gonna take up is four inches wide but for its depth
it’s only about two and a half the base is two and a half or slightly under that
and then maybe three three and a half inches so I feel like if I put them in
here with two glass shelves then each one will have its own proper visibility
and representation and that’s that’s the biggest thing that I want to get rid of
is that right now there’s just so much over cramming in there that they’re not
special yes it’s special that they are all there
but they as individuals don’t get to shine and flourish what it looks like
here is if I get three of these frames six
glass shelves that should only be two frames and then a couple of legs I’m
gonna be able to build this up attach a tool wall and it should work like I
might even be able to put it to the left of majora we get a shot of the left of
majora automatic camera can you can you go there can you see that I don’t think
you’re doing a very good job you’re not doing a very good job nope left with
majora maybe a little bit a little bit a little bit more yeah alright welcome to
super ultra wide view so to the left of majora I would be able to put it there I
thought about using this as a camera angle but then I think about people on
mobile and it’s like how small I am compared to the entire frame yeah but
being able to put the shelves there I think they would not only look good but
they would function well and then I could kind of shift this back over so it
fills in tightly and just in case you ever wanted a sweeping panoramic shot so
you could see everything in my studio here you go I’m gonna keep this in the
final video if I were to just build this out and have the two glass shelves and
have one small LED strip from Ikea in the top it would shine down through the
glass shelves and you would see everything properly and again I’m on
everything to be spaced out I want everything to have good representation
you know what let’s just go to Ikea now I’m very fortunate that here in New
Jersey I live fairly close to to Ikea so I can just recklessly drive over there
and pick up the things that I which you may not live is closed so I
mean I’ve already done a lot of research to this sound like I’m just going here
on a whip also very important don’t flog while you drive yeah that’s how you get
into an accident so I’m parked right now you can see the
trees in the back now moving here we are at IKEA and Elizabeth and fun fact about
Elizabeth New Jersey we’re next to an airport and usually about every minute
or two there’s a plane landing actually this is one of the few times that
there’s not a lot of people who fly into Newark Airport are going to the city and
there’s always usually a very bad smell in the air that’s because there was a
landfill here that got covered up so uh for people who don’t stay in New Jersey
but just fly in here it’s a pretty bad rap so first things first is I am in the
showroom area as if that wasn’t obvious but I want to actually see one of these
in person just so I can get a real feel for it and make sure it’s gonna be how I
pictured it in my mind know what I mean make sense
you’ve been IKEA now that I actually see it we might be able to do four shelves
in each of these huh funny enough right next to that is this wall shelf that
bought Kirika and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people use these for amiibos as
well the typical display shelves that everyone has I might do something like
that for downstairs the reason it doesn’t work for upstairs is because any
flash that’s here it would reflect off and you would get that harsh flash being
visible and then you wouldn’t see the things inside I just came across this
apparently Sonos has teamed up with IKEA for actually pretty dope speakers and at
99 bucks half the price of the Sonos two and their airplay to compatible I might
pick some of these up those for the price of a single speaker
I open up the second one and it’s much shorter so someone put the wrong size on
top of my size pile but they’re the same size box so now I have to go indoor
rush-hour traffic again because some a-hole put that where that goes and now
I’m back and now it’s raining really hard
Just My Luck this is what I need a point nineteen and you see here we have all
these point 19 and then 17 just left IKEA I decided that we’re going to be
keeping the smaller one and I’m gonna be able to put that on the bottom so I
bought a nice door that’ll go with it and that will also bring the height of
it to a little bit above eye height which I think would be nice that way you
know when it comes to in sin Aurora and all them at the bottom they’re not you
know three inches from the ground now just to send in traffic on the way
home now it’s finally assembled we have our little door compartment down here so
I could put out of know things and stuff and now we’re gonna install the LEDs
before we get into position we’re using the lead bergs for the LED strips so
i’ve made one more oopsie that this LED Virg is not the same as this LED Burke
because this one is 2700 K and this one is our TV so 2700 k RGB and they are
drastically different the good news is I get to put this in my
room and decide which one I like more if I want to go white or RGB I think white
but maybe RGB after some rearranging and knocking dotar me and her on the floor
it’s finally done I had to rearrange some things originally sat 8 to a shelf
now it’s 10 to a shelf and sometimes 9 Goomba is sitting in for Dark Samus
kromm is microUSB cable Simon and Richter on a questionmark blocks and its
inner roar is small tape measure and that is all of the characters with
amiibos excluding all the DLC but for some reason including piranhas black and
I feel like I still didn’t think ahead for enough space so I might end up
taking this area down here and I definitely like the natural light over
the RGB light and for the last little bit I have these LED lights from been
queued that are for reading right by your computer and they’re fantastic at
night it gives like a nice healthy glow to like everything going on they
actually sent over several of them I like how it looks like a microphone
kinda like a boom mic and I’m gonna be putting one up there too thanks to the
BenQ screen reading light I was able to get that in place and have that nice
warm light substituted in even though I’m going to swap out these LEDs before
you know the warmer ones I think I’m just gonna keep that there because I
like that extra light shining down from that position for everything going on
there but I think it looks good they look like they’re collectibles in a
collectable case the way they should be much better than they did look in that
thing over there so it’s now 10:45 p.m. the project is pretty much done except
for swapping out the top row of LEDs and well for some reason in my head I
thought that they would be roomier I am very happy with the way it turned out
don’t mind the mess in the corner cuz that’s all the IKEA stuff he could tell
by the giant blue bag and the heaps of plastic we recycle here there’s gonna be
a lot more changes going on especially to the backdrop but if you’re interested
in any of the parts that I picked up except for the very detailed IKEA stuff
I’m going to be leaving links down below in addition to links if you want to pick
up the BenQ screen bar reading-lamp which in that sense it’s not used
properly although I do use one on this monitor right here all the time
guys I’m wrapping up this video thanks for checking out I guess this was a vlog
I wonder what my viewer retention is at this point in the video I’d be very
happy if it’s 20% it’s probably lower than that anyways I love you all for you
20% checking out this video have you ever done so be sure to hit the like
button until next time Austin John out

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