Building Bridges with Pope Francis and Students Over the Web

In the first Hangout with Pope Francis, we discuss the importance of building bridges. Today we will speak with children from around the world who use technology to help them
learn, study, play, and share. I would like to ask a question. Do you like to take photos and then upload them on the computer? Do you want me to tell you the truth? I don’t know how to work a computer. What a pity, huh? What would you like to tell me? That people with disabilities shouldn’t give up. With effort you can do whatever you want to do and reach whatever goal you want to reach. Thank you, Isabel. Do you hear them clapping for you? Your Holiness, What do you do when you face something difficult? First of all, don’t get upset. There’s no need to be afraid of difficult things. We are capable of overcoming everything. And now, Pope Francis, can you give us a message for the kids? Each one of us has a treasure inside. If we keep it inside, it just stays there inside. If we share it with others, The treasure multiplies itself. Don’t hide the treasure that all you have. Thank you, Pope Francis, for your words. Now we’re going to wave our hands for peace.

94 thoughts on “Building Bridges with Pope Francis and Students Over the Web

  1. Que bien si todos compartieramos el tesoro que llevamos dentro se
    Jesus es nuestro mayor tesoro

  2. Pope Francis its very nice you take time and make time for this beautiful children of the world they r very intelligent we need to support there ideas. Thank you popa Francis, god bless you

  3. Pope Francis: I need help from the church. Every now and then, especially over the last fifteen weeks I have received gifts in a #lateralthought process.

    I have searched and been introduced to ancient rome and ancient greece, the sons of Noah and the sons of Zeus, sometimes non-stop from the beginning of a day, til days end.

    I have been punished by the state tribunal board of western Australia, the Public Trustee, the Public Advocates Office because my late wife Sylvia and I agreed to sell all of our cars, campers, caravans, and property real estate, giving almost the total of our entire assets to the poor and the weak, both across Australia and Internationally.

    I opted to be poor, enjoying the hardship of isolation, celebacy, going without even the basics of food, whilst trying to come to terms with ill health and God.

    Check my Images on Google either as Frank Burns or dofollowme, in both you may Identify a distinct pattern which I cannot explain.

    Some entries of latin I have come across, I have searched for in the past but be aware, schooling stopped at age of eleven, and there was no room for courses in Latin. Some of the examples that came to mind were, "Quo Vadis", "Ecce Qui Tollit Pecatta Mundi", "Uno Nominus Vacatum", and others I have bookmarked, sometimes finding your Holy presence within.

    In a video email sent to me, of "Emmanuelle" I watched it on YouTube. In the #comment section I replied as a western born and raised catholic, ("two distinct names immediately came to mind. Sister Mary MacKeller and Saint Dominic.

    I apologise to you for flushing you out of SAINT DOMINIC'S location, I realised my error after foolishly sharing that to the world.

    Not one person of the cloth known to me or by me, intervened to help clarify, deny or condemn these recent gifts.

    I need assurance that if indeed they are coming from God, then I will know in these, perhaps as being my last days.

    I have suffered a heart attack, with knowledge of my right lung, decreased between 5 – 9 percent.

    I am writing to you from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth WA.

    If Google could create a #spreadsheet of the religious bookmarks saved on their mobile Chrome browser I use, surely, hopefully, there will be an answer I hope, that comes from Rome.

    If you contacted the Broome Archbishop, Chris Saunders, he would convey an event at the Beagle Bay Mission north of Broome WA, where upon invitation to attend a burial for a fallen Sister, it eventuated into an invitation for me to participate in the burial of Sister Bernadette O'Connor in 2007.

    I have been a widower for these last nine years, I found isolation as my only friend but slowly geared positive thoughts that returned me back to mainstream society.

    Pope Francis, as a Roman Catholic, I beg you for help fore I know not ("religiously") what I talk about. I need to know from a shoulder of my faith, where these gifts come from, how I should use them as it is desired to do so, and where my duty to Him, exists both in the here and the now.

    Frank Burns
    M. 0473832072
    Perth. WA. 6056

  4. My thought is not to stop i'm always doing something for my life to keep me awake .
    I feel happy in this way!

  5. Pope Francisco know how the life is and what Our God want Cs) us to understand what He want (s) from us.

  6. Que bellas palabra no queda para reflexionar y interpretar cada una según en las circunstancias en que nos encontramos

  7. que hermoso comentario se ve que el papa FRANCISCO, realmente tiene en claro y lo transmite a la gente los pensamientos y logros que a tenido en su vida. digno de escuchar y reflexionar con sus palabras ,siempre bien comentadas y fácil de interpretar y con lo mas importante su humildad " DIOS LO BENDIGA " y lo guié en su camino

  8. El Papa del pueblo, siempre lleno del señor, gracias a Dios por el pastor que ve su rebaño con amor.

  9. Pope Francis has such a beautiful touch for all people, especially those who might otherwise be relegated to the sidelines of society

  10. I'm an atheist, non-theist and agnostic about the existence of "God".

    Despite my anti-clerical outlook and disgust at the pedophile priests who damaged countless children of the faithful, I admit there is something wonderful about Pope Francis. If anyone actually might bring the Church into the 21st Century it may very well be this man.

    Pope Francis' humanity, kindness and warmth are evident through this medium.  I don't agree with his positions about birth control and reproductive choice, and I feel strongly that he is wrong about the right of people to mock Islam and its "prophet" without fear of violent consequence, but I continue to admire this man as a person.

  11. Nice Devil Horns (0:25) over the popes head, the Most high is trying to reveal  this man as a fraud and show everyone to not  trust  your research, this guy is a false profit leading everyone that believes in him to to destruction

  12. que bueno que existe una manera de comunicarse con el mundo y descubrir un camino de felicidad entre todos lo seres humanos mil bendiciones

  13. even being agnostic atheist i like this video. inspirational. and he is a nice person.
    grab popcorn & waiting angry atheists

  14. I'm about to blow all of your minds. If Christianity is real, then people are created in God's image, correct? How then, do males and females have slightly different biology? Boom.


  16. hola santo padre,papa. pachito mejor dicho framcisco dios os bendiga hasta la eternidad eres mi heroe en la religion vuestros cambios a la iglecia son majestuosos libera a los padres y monjitas del mundo para que tambien puedan realizarse en familia y de esa manera predicar con mayor autentisidad la palabra de dios con bellos ejemplos de familia,de esa manera estaremos cuidando los valores humanos con responsabilidad,
    ambato.21,deseptiembre del 2015.
    catolico de por vida.
    ambato ecuador.vicentino,puerta del cielo.

  17. muy bien emotivo comentario del Papa si y que todos pudiéramos ser mejore todo sera así de fantástico 🙂


  19. cuanta emoción me provoca verte ,Papa Francisco,Para mi los niños son el bálsamo que nesecitamos cada día para entender el paso tan corto que tenemos ,por esta vida. que Dios Nos regala ,y aprender de ellos ,como vivir el día a día ,haciendo el bien siempre ,y ser dulces y espontáneos ,para que nuestras vidas sean un remanso y no una forma de felicidad provocada por el hombre 'que día a. día pretende tener sea como sea sin pensar en las personas que sufren ,un abrazo enorme y ojala que algún día ,me conteste ,mi humilde reflexión, Soy Mónica de santa fe ,Argentina

  20. So sad. The pope is leading so many people to hell, and they think he's actually working with God. He's a false prophet. I feel so bad for these kids. They think he is holy, but he isn't.

  21. yes pope francis get to know as many as you can so they will have you and your message in chains in hell fire sir. you are not a knowledgeable man in the scriptures and it shows me that you are a dullard sir in the house of god. as its written beware of dogs and the concision. they come to you in sheeps clothing in an outward appearance of holiness but inwardly the bible teaches all that they are ravines wolves. it is also written that men should not give that which holy unto dogs or swine for they'll trample it under foot . then turn around and rend you in pieces. so how can we walk together unless we agree?

  22. Wish to see him in the flesh someday he has sauce a charming way with himself I love you Father God bless you forever

  23. Thank YOU, GOD ALMIGHTY, for such a CARING, HUMBLE, MODEST, CHILD-LOVING WORLD LEADER!!!!!!!! IiiBELLISSIMO!!!!! POPA FRANCIS is a FUN, INNOVATIVE, PERSONABLE ''MAN of GOD''.May he have MANY more JOYOUS, PRODUCTIVE, HEALTHY, INSPIRING YEARS to lead people INTO LIVES PLEASING TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!! 🙂 iiiGLORIA!!! In the name of THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY GHOST, AMEN! I watch our POPA FRANCIS on Eternal Word Television Network-EWTN, out of Hanceville, ALABAMA, USA-WOO-HOO!!!!!! :) Love, Prayers and Blessings Y'all-Mama TAMRA-USN Chaplain ACTIVE/Joan's, Hezekyah's & Yoshiyah's mamasan…THANKS BE TO GOD! AMEN! YES! GRATIE! ADORO! A'DIEU! 🙂 xoxoxo

  24. can a man be perfect before God? Answer and give me the scriptures. ou E possivel para ser profeito sim Deus? responde enviar resposta.

  25. Oh great now more idiots can talk to a old fart con who has people (and maybe even himself) believing he can talk to this supposedly existent douchebag god who many claim to follow but have no idea of any of the religions true values nor that it encouraged evil and other messed up crap such as slavery, mass murder, segregation, rasicm, sacrifice, incest, woman are worth much less than men, homosexuality deserves death, war, etc in the old an new testaments don't even get me started on all the contradictions..

  26. Mientras el hombre NO SEAS HONESTO CONSIGO MISMO se perpetuara la "Maldad" y continuará el ASESINATO ENTRE HERMANOS.

  27. hi
    hard luck to all Jewish and Christian, Allah did swear by Moon to the Imam : Issa osman wadi in true dreams vision in 2013 at Ebaydia River Nile state in the Sudan that whoever worship him by invalid religion, he Allah should send him to hell when he dies make sure that you heard the voice and decide if you want drive you and your family to the hell or the paradise, with that swear of Allah the value of paradise is only by Islam otherwise hell is waiting you and your family ,make sure you deliberate chosen the wrong road by worshiping Allah with invalid no reward religion,

  28. que bello las palabras de papa francisco es el anima en la vida como ser humano tambien el quien se demuestra como un hermano

  29. que bello las palabras de papa francisco es el anima en la vida como ser humano tambien el quien se demuestra como un hermano

  30. Dont live in fantasy life? there no God sun god Roman pagan. Roman pagan is not from Nuha dont campaire Noha to filthy gay they sex with their six years girlfriends or with childrens boy & girls just because you poor starve people around the world need donation following pagan Roman 🌞 god. There no Jesus in Turah only Essa son of Virgin.
    You are fool stupit people following rapist people gay lisbian people.
    Essa son of Virgin did not collect donation from pagan Roman.
    Noha did collect donation from pagan people.

  31. Orginally gay was from pagan Roman sun god. Alexender the great was a gay. Today people following fals religion of pagan roman gay people for money. No wonder gay in pagan country & western country .
    I guess 💰 talks poor starve people worshipps 💰.

  32. that pope …  should know all languages ..  …especial greek .. !   pos  les psemata ..!  O cosmos pos ine ?

  33. Yeah I am here honey your present your heart Shiva prayer Army soldier Indian in your prayers and kid prayer ok I am present your heart my friend sister I am very sad

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