Building My Dog A Closet – DIY

I never thought I’d say this but today I’m building my dog a closet. Her clothes. It’s getting out of control. Your clothes are out of control, Ruby. Who ever thought a dog would have so much clothes that they need a closet? I never thought I would be one of those those pet parents. But it’s getting out of control. [Laughter] Let’s go show you guys what we’re working with today. so You guys know I’ve had Ruby for… She’s ten years old. She lived with my mom and my dad for five years and over those five years she’s accumulated a lot of clothes and when we first got her, which was like a year ago… We got her back, and she’s living with us now. And we were like we’ll just put it in this drawer, and you know it’s not gonna be hard to like organize she doesn’t have that much stuff, but it’s just… It’s gotten way out of control now. That’s just a mountain of clothes. It’s literally a mountain of clothes. Right, Ruby? Those are your clothes, Ruby. [Chuckle] So we got her clothes in here and we have her pee pads. Come here my little cop, she’s a little security guard. She doesn’t like it. She’s like, “Don’t you put that on me.” Come here my little Harijuku (?) Badass, come here.She doesn’t wanna wear it! So yeah… This is what we’re working with we got so many different…Come here my little Rofeeree Why do we even have these? Yellow card. Yeah, so you guys can see it’s quite a lot. We got costumes. And even just like cute little jackets. Even a life vest for swimming. And pajamas. You know cause every dog needs pajamas. A tuxedo… like…. this is Linky’s. This was for linky, to be fair. That’s true, but we’ve got like a little bumblebee costume. We have a lot of clothes. From Japan, we bought something she hasn’t even wore yet. So… I am going to make a closet for my dog because it’s getting a little ridiculous. We’re trying to organize our life So, let me show you guys where I’m gonna actually build this closet. It’s a coat closet and It doesn’t really get used very, very often so here is… inside… This is where our people hang their coats when they come over we have like some games and stuff up there and… then it’s just.. not even really well organized in here. This Ruby, will be your gateway to fashion. So the closet will be right next to your teepee, Ruby, the one that you love so very much. The one that you use all the time… You use this, right? All the time… This is your house. Look. She doesn’t even want to go in it. Wow. Listen, I knew you didn’t like it when I built it for you but at least the cats like it At least they use it, Ruby. Yeah, at least somebody uses it. You win this time, dog. Yeah, time take that off and put “Link and Navi” because you can see they use it all the time, guys. There’s already cat hair on it. What happened, Ruby? Ruby, what happened? All right Ruby well Mommy loves you so I’m building you a closet. She likes the idea. Go get it. You teach that bone who’s boss. Yeah, go get it. [Insert noicee music and puppy montage] She’s la una chica [Laughter] [Laughter] Okay, so I actually bought a little storage thing from Ikea… that i’m gonna build… Right Ruby? Get it get it . Wait..Escari!! Escari!! Get it get in it wait Meanwhile Here we go I’m gonna attempt this by myself independent woman Here we go I’m gonna attempt this by myself independent woman I All right, I had to build this inside of the closet. It was kind of a pain, but it fit I Was getting a little scared that it wasn’t going to But, yeah, I definitely had to build it inside Pay yeah, I definitely had to build it inside Because it doesn’t come out so Yeah You don’t want to take it out. I’m gonna have to deconstruct it, but it looks good now now I’m gonna build these little shelves. I got like a couple like pullout shelves so And get organised!! I just wanted to point out to show you guys I just wanted to point help show you guys I’m not lying when I said the cat’s really And I gotta change the name And I changed the name Do this here we go there you go now Navi You a princess? You the princess, Look at you Need the princess, thank you Love it Okay, I’m almost done. I built these four and then I got to put in these guys but before I do that I wanted to make a design with some washi tape I’ve never really used washi tape before but I Thought it would be fun to just give it a stab so Just to mix it up a bit. I’m gonna add some washi tape on the front portion of the doors and Ruby is excited Okay, so this is what I have so far I decided to do the glitter washi tape and then when they stack will actually complete the design So I thought it was pretty cool getting some help from red over there Hey Hey He’s putting in the tracks while I’m doing the washi tape Yeah, so I gotta wait till this one goes in so I could see like where the pattern would actually continue on the other side Then I got these super cute little hangers for Ruby’s clothes, I ordered them off of Amazon Then I got these super cute little hangars for Ruby’s clothes, I ordered them off of Amazon But I need like a rod that I can put on top so I’m gonna put a little rod That goes right across like right here, and then her little clothes are gonna hang Her shampoo her like bath stuff her toys and her her little pads Her shampoo her like fast of her toys and her her little pads I might have to continue tomorrow because we’re gonna go see a friend is it gonna work I might have to continue tomorrow because we’re gonna go see a friend is it good Oh Very nice, thanks. I like it Linki says good morning.Good morning we Went to the store and I got a couple rods These are like shower or yeah, they’re like shower I’ve already hung one of my favorite outfits from Ruby. Just to see how it actually looks look how cute it is!. Its so little! I’ve already hung one of my favorite outfits from Ruby. Just to see how it actually looks look how cute I am going to put on the rods, and then start hanging the clothes and then Red is gonna help me I am going to put on the rods, and then start hanging the clothes and then right is gonna help me put in the last bottom drawer Right there You a little skunk? You a little skunk! Yellow gun Alright so here it is We still have some clothes that need to be hung, but here are the majority of Ruby’s clothes all hung up It looks so cute they’re so tiny and then I just hung some leashes on the side right here from some of her her her harnesses that she’s To go walk and we got some for like cleaning stuff down here her treats and her Random bag that I’ve had for the longest time. This is a bag. I take whenever she goes out with us And then inside here, we have her pee pads We have more down here We just have some of her like brushes and bows And like clicker and little poop bags clicker and little poop bags Overall I think good I think I did a good job. Do you like your closet? Overall I think good I think I did a good job. Do you like your closet? I? Hope you like it Hey, wait a minute you’re not Ruby you’re now Ruby Oh It’s not Ruby’s tent anymore this is gonna be links and Navi’s Ruby what is he doing? He’s giving away your teepee! He’s giving away your tea, please Well you never really liked it anyways You want me to write it yeah, you ready cuz you got the better penmanship, okay? Mmm. Hey Ruby be nice What you staring at huh it’s no longer your tent anymore Now she wants it can’t have it, baby Now she wants a you can’t have it, baby You don’t use it It’s a goldfish that’s a fish She’s like no I care about it wish it was mine again Its links teepee now blinky slow TP now She’s jealous Wow It’s done

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  1. hey uhh cup cake why is your dog alittle bit spoiled?.I don't understand maybe you can or could sell some "OLD" cloths to others? maybe to navi and linky? maybe cybr nova's dogs and cats LAURENZISDE DEXTER! why not donate to Good Will how come? #sellforfamilycupcake!

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  16. À la place de habiller ton chien débile il faudrait peut-être tu penses à toi parce que un chien n'a pas besoin d'habits réfléchis un peu tu es vraiment conne

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