Building Wilburton Elementary

(violin chord) – [Beth] Education is
all about relationships. If you have a good relationship,
you trust each other. You can share the good, the bad, the ugly, and you feel trust to do so. And that’s what’s going to
get us to the next step. It’s what everything is built on. In the back of your mind, you always think that you’re gonna do something
big, then change education. Doing something new is
scary. There’s no traditions. There’s no it used to be a certain way. When the opportunity came
up, it was a no-brainer. It was a dream that I got to be part of. (car driving) This is the site right
here, this whole corner. It’s about a 9-acre spot,
where they’ll be building an amazing new
over-80,000-square-foot building. The biggest piece of building
a school from the ground up is the possibility of new and change. (light orchestral music) The vision for Wilburton
is to provide a relevant, adaptive, and rigorous learning
experience for all students. The technology is the tool and the means of how we will support students. The very process of learning
means risk and failure. We’re trying to create
something different. Welcome to our Wilburton
Family Night here at Enatai. The more I get to know our community, the more we start to
understand who are the kids that are going to be sitting
in front of us every single day that we’re going to be working with. We can’t be anxious, right,
kids do their best learning when they’re calm and happy, and so we’ve put that in there with the colors. – [Construction Worker] This
will all be covered in glass. There’s the ability to
have a lot of collaboration in the classroom and then
also outside the classroom. Many books will be here (drilling). – [Beth] To bring the
whole staff together, that was the next piece. I
could start thinking about okay who’s the staff that
I wanna bring on board, and what kind of person
do we want to have. Someone that’s going to be
innovative, try something new. One of our questions that
we asked had to do with, “What was a lesson that failed,
and what’d you do about it?” (light orchestral music) – [Mike] I see my role as not
just giving them the answer. I can help guide them to
ask the right questions. I want them to be curious
learners, lifelong learners. – [Beth] One person’s not going
to change the education of a child, but a collective whole,
a family working together, that’s what’s gonna change education. – [Anthony S] We’re excited
about this partnership, ’cause we’re gonna see how
our products are being used by educators and students
and hopefully learn about how do we create environments here at Wilburton that we
can share and learn from to scale all around the world. – [Beth] The expertise
that the Microsoft team has supported us moving past
traditional and onto something new. (light orchestral music) – [Mike] Innovation is binding
us all together because we’re all excited about
being able to try new things. – [Beth] We’re being
innovative, we’re trying. It might not work, but that’s okay, ’cause we’ll find a way it will work. I’m Beth Hamilton. I’m the
principal at Wilburton. We can have an opportunity
as a staff to listen to your ideas because we get
to build a school from scratch. I had coffee with so many parents, and got to know them as
people, who they were, and their traditions and culture. How can we bring that into
the school and honor that? All that was here was
dirt, rocks, and wells. To stand in the school and
just take a deep breath– It was emotional. Time
stood still for a moment. – [Karina] When I have to problem solve or think on my feet, it
makes it a lot easier if I have a room that
can move with my ideas, versus me having to move around. (light orchestral music) – [Beth] The relationship
we have with students, and how we get to know them
and their families is timeless. Welcome, come on in (children’s voices). If you don’t have that, you
won’t have a functioning school. (applause and cheering) – [Anthony S] Wow. Parents,
welcome. Students, welcome. This is a special place. – [Beth] When you think about a family, you have great times together, but there’s also times where in families, there’s problems and not agreeing, and in a school, that
happens every single day. And we have to get to know each
other and trust each other, and know that we are
here for the same reason, and we will persevere
and solve the problems that arise together.
It’s just like a family. (violin chord)

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