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Hello again. I am… … NOT… … in need of an introduction. Thank you. I’m here to talk to you today about: Finding a home. If you are a hermit crab, Congratulations. YOU FOUND IT!! Heeeey. No. No. Noooooooo. Everyone’s first home… …is the same. The place where you just kind of sort of appear. With some random people. If you see another home nearby, those people are NEIGHBORS! YAAAY! It’s normal to be a little spooked by new people. But after a few barbecues, shindigs, and exchanging gifts, you’ll find that underneath it all, you have… COMMON GROUND! Yay, common ground. Home is a title that can be moved around. Much like bed time, favorite color, or best and most alive frends. But, wherever you go, make sure that you pack the most important thing that you need to get along in life: Ketchup. I am deadly serious. This has happened to me. DO NOT FORGET YOUR KETCHUP. Your second most valuable possession is friendliness. Finding your home is easy. But making a home means connecting with folks around you. Even if some of them are total butts. Home is a little different for everyone. If you ask a dictionary, it’ll say: “A place where you live permanently with-” Wait, huh? “Permanently”? That can’t be right. We change homes like crazy. A- Alright, so wait. Home was all of these places? Are we ALL home? Is home… … me? NEAT! That’s… … not… That is NOT what I meant. Stinky. We’re both those things. Alright. That is a lot of pressure, Caboose. You’re like the heart of the team! RIGHT! How does he do it? Aww, guys. Come on. I don’t know about “amazing.” Nobody said “amazing.” Why am I British? So don’t try and find a home You can make one just like so Be a friendly place where people feel less alone! Or be a hermit crab… OH NO! NO! NOOOOoooo…

100 thoughts on “Caboose’s Guide To Finding Your Home | Red vs. Blue

  1. Cabooses way to find your home-instructions- plan A

    1) Trys Tex secret gadgets
    2) Gives her a deal
    3) Uses his 'Gide 2 make friends' book
    4) Makes friends
    5) Uses a compass and DONE!!!

    Caboose: Umm no I.. I was borrowing it.

    Tex: sighs Caboose can we be friends
    Caboose: Yes yes yes it's working!
    Tex: Okay come here caboose
    Caboose:'walks over'
    Tex: Haha kidding idiot 'with voice box'
    'kills Caboose'



  2. "I don't know where we will go; just feeling farther from our goal. I don't know what path we will be shown…
    But I know that when I'm with you I'm at home."

  3. Caboose turned into Sans from undertale? Cause of the ketchup lol
    Now it made me want to make a comic: Blue Team meets Undertale

    If I do, I would need Rooster Teeth's permission tho

  4. Caboose is like the personification of how a dog feels.
    •Will be happy in any place (except the vet) so long as your there.
    •Super excited to see you when you get back from whatever
    • Thinks you're the best everyday
    • Doesn't understand that the red dot that Tucker show's him isn't real.

  5. (Spoiler alert)I have an crazy 💡 though maybe cabose are agente Washington, who come back and time after his injury on season 14 and 16, to became friends of reds and blues

  6. 'Home is a title that moves around. Like bedtime, favourite colour, or best and most alive friends.' – Caboose.

  7. that song was actually really smart if your like me and don't like change remember your your own home and you never change

  8. Damn. To be honest, way back thrn, I opted to stop watching RvB altogether because I found Caboose too annoying. Eventually her grew on me, and stuff like this is what made him one of my most favorite characters.

  9. When I saw the. Caboose talking plush pop up on the right hand of my screen I clicked, and sadly there were no more..

  10. I've got a screaming girlfriend because we cannot find the Talking Caboose Plush doll. WHERE ARE YOU, LITTLE CABOOSE?!?!

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