100 thoughts on “Can Tiny Homes Solve Homelessness In The U.S.?

  1. Man tried to bring basic tiny homes to the homeless to L.A. The city wouldn'd let him, and sized the shelters from the home less that he had given then to.

  2. They can solve homeless problems everywhere.
    However those in power prefer to let their people suffer.
    Well maybe not in every country,but in most off them.

  3. If the government spent money and cared about their neighbors. This would be a land of just and mercy.. " I THE LORD thy GOD loves mercy over sacrifice".

    GOD'S hobby is to forgive.

  4. I wish my city would do this small studio looking houses all people need a place to sleep cool and take a shower we are the richest country in the world no one should be homeless

  5. I'm in the process of becoming a peer counselor and I'm going to school. This sounds like a great idea. I can't wait to gather more information

  6. This is amazing and like you said most kids don't get to build houses, but my school actually has a manufacturing company and they build a house every year.

  7. Homelessness should not be possible in an affluent country such as America. If Americans simply cared more for their own countrymen and paid a little more in taxes to build low cost housing for people who experienced some sort of hardships that result in losing their homes then it would cut the number of homeless people dramatically. Some will choose a lifestyle which makes them want to spend their money on drugs rather than rent and they will still require shelters but for most it’s a case of ill health or loss of a job which puts them on the street. There should be places available to people who fall victim to circumstances.

  8. Great idea.

    Consider making then double story crumb the start. This adds a lot of extra suppressive for just the height of the top floor walla and the floor of course. That's a lot of value for money.


  10. Could these people rebuild a very old camper I have a 1985 Wilderness Camper that might be my new home cuz I might end up on the street I really need to have the work done to make it livable and I'm going to need a place to put it a community like this would be perfect pretty soon I'm not going to have anything I might not even have any money coming in so I really need something done that needs to be done before January sorry tight schedule

  11. Got sick and lost everything. That's the story coming from those of us who are not the 1%. So why in the fuck would you vote for Trump who pushed for another tax break that was intended to only benefit the Kochs , Waltons and the other insanely wealthy fucks who if they did get a catastrophic illness, wouldn't be out on the street. The right wing is fleecing America with these tax breaks instead of making the rich pay their fair share while the rest of us are still waiting for that yellow rain down our backs when Reganomics was passed in the early 80's. Its time for MEDICARE FOR ALL !

  12. lol yes tiny homes can be part of the solution. it's not the whole solution though. but I don't think the idea is to solve homelessness. The idea is to cast out anyone who don't live they way they think you should live. Which is in a manner that's profitable for them. I tried to build a tiny house on wheels in my town but soon found out it was cheaper to buy a older small home. which i have now. They got me out the last house as soon as they saw what i was trying to do lol. Anywho I managed to get my current house for 50k. but it took me a year to find a realtor who would work with me on that budget because no one wants to do a deal under 100k here because they won't get paid as much as their use to. The system is really gruesome! They don't care about nobody being homeless. Anywho i'm still gonna build one in my backyard, and likely welcome another one to stay beside it behind fences of course.

  13. Zoning requirements won't allow. However, we could build a mobile box, 3x3x3 that expands to 6'x6x3with a pop up top, with solar panels for heat and a tiny zapping toilet. They want to go where they feel safe. This way they can pull their homes with them?

  14. 2:18 So it’s actually kind of funny because my school is also called Franklin High School (in Wisconsin) but we do have a carpentry class where we learn how to frame walls and put on a roof 😂

  15. Drunks will fall off that loft lol. They need bathrooms or they'd pee in the bottle they think they see too. Plus, building codes? They'd be better served by rooming houses.

  16. Put tiny homes in back yards of mentors. Give mentors a tax break for babysitting.sponsor mentoring students by housing. One in a tiny house in your back yard.

  17. More cost efficient than a motel. Even with a bathroom and kitchen. It would also provide more self-sufficiency and determination when people perform their own activities of daily living. They could make this place look nicer.

  18. Every valentines day I try my best to do something good in memberance of my father who passed on this day 16 years ago. Many human beings are spending this valentines day alone without food, water, comfort and warmth. As a former homeless person I am asking my facebook friends and family if youre willing to donate any amount that you are able to before you go out and buy those roses and chocolates today (better to get on sale later anyways 😉). Please feel free to tell your family and friends as well who want to make this day full of love for all including our own Seattles homeless population. Today is the day to spread some love, couldnt imagine any better way to do this day the right way. ❤ And remember Every little bit helps!

  19. IamYUBa This is a Blessing to those who don't have nothing.Growth is a must as a community.God Bless🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Please donate to this Emergency Fundraiser to Provide Homes for Homeless Kids and Families!❤


  21. Substance abuse beyond coffee? Frankly tht sounds like big pharmas control. Wht do you consider substance abuse? Using herbal healing as in cannabis or kratom? If so you are negating a lot of the good you are doing? Cannabis cures certain cancers proven. Kratom relieves opiate addiction. Proven. Kratom gave me my life back from severe chronic pain tht the only option doctors offered me was opiates which left me totally zombied.

  22. This is great that kid's are learning to give back and to know they can make a difference. We need a organization like this in Mineral Wells Tx. We've got a big problem with homeless people and really could use a idea's like this to help with the crisis. God Bless all that Care. Rebecca McConnell

  23. Great to see people helping anyway they can, this should be in every city and town across the US! I'd love to see more church involvement, spending thithes that we pay for this instead of building new churches that are far to grand when a child is homeless and hungry, this also includes men and women!

  24. kinda fucked up that they expect people with substance abuse issues to be clean 100% of the time. like if anything youd figure providing people in that vulnerable of a position shelter and community would take priority?

  25. I'm living under a bridge I have nobody to help me. This would change my love v I live in ky I'd really appreciate it. If u could help me with parts I could build it. [email protected] plz n the u in advsnce

  26. I need a tiny home. I am in Houston Texas and facing homelessness. I am a waitress and am struggling to pay rent. If u can help me please do

  27. Good idea but where can they put them what kind of toilet water electricity facilities can they have? I would hope that it only is for people that are citizens of the United States

  28. No. Because they will outlaw them. Regulate them to death or destroy the idea one way or another. Government and local's need people to spend money on rediculas rent and expensive homes so they can get rich off you.

    They don't give a dam about the poor. Other than running them out of town. Throwing them in jail/probation/community service then back to jail again.

  29. Typical STUPID Murican says, "I had a home, but i lost it to fore closure." To the rest of the world …that statement means DUHHH YOU NEVER HAD A HOME. THE BANK DID N YOU were paying HIGHLY INFLATED RENT.
    Then you got SCamed.
    Fore-closure is a scam.

  30. People that are in construction are often in a lot of pain for former injuries and need to be allowed to use cannabis to control their pain and not just to the drink coffee and go …I am fine on coffee 😬🤗🤭

  31. A tiny homes village would be good in Los Angeles. It would give some of the homeless a step up to getting back on their feet. Not everyone can afford the huge rents in Los Angeles. So their must be tiny homes villages like this to support those that cannot afford traditional housing. It would be a great start to a bigger problem. Start with the working poor. They already have some type of job. Giving them a place to stay would help their situation greatly. Then build these tiny house communities all over the city. Give people a chance to live without having to be in the streets.

  32. Please help the homeless people you all will fill so good about your self I'm homeless and I still try to help if I got a extra dollar I will help I was raised that way God bless help White County we need it to thank you and God bless

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