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– Dude, I have no idea how to do this! – Dude, instructions are so important,
and we have none! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today we’ve got
a special challenge for you. – Interesting.
Define special. – I have a feeling like
I’m gonna have to move. I hope I’m not having
to reach anything, ’cause I’m pretty short. – We don’t really film
with this much space a lot, so it has something to do
with moving around maybe, trying to build some stuff. – (FBE) Well we’ve got
a few different items for you today, that have been deconstructed. And the challenge that we have for you is if you can put
any of them back together, you can take them home! – Oh, that’s so cool!
Yes! I think I’d do good. I’ve always helped my dad
building things in the house. – No way!
– (FBE) Yeah! – How cool! – (FBE) Here are the rules. There will be three rounds of items,
each getting progressively harder. You’ll have 10 minutes in round one,
20 in round two, and 30 in round three to make one of three objects. In each round, you’ll be given three options of things you can build, however, you’ll only be able
to build one of them, so once you make your selection,
you can’t change your mind. – I feel like that’s fine. I feel like I could do that. – (FBE) Anything you fully
and completely build, you’ll get to take home. If you don’t finish anything
by the time an hour passes, you’ll get nothing, so choose wisely,
and realistically about what you can put together.
– That’s a big one! Building it incorrectly
is kind of a big thing, because I have had extra screws before
and I’ve had extra nuts before. – I’ll choose wisely, and choose what I can
and cannot put together. – (FBE) For all of these objects, you will not
be given the instructions. – Why!?
I don’t, okay, like well no [bleep]! No [bleep] I’m not gonna be
able to do it, then. I have no instructions! – I’m really excited! I think I’m more excited
just to like see, if I beat myself up,
or if I can like genuinely do it. – (FBE) First up, we have
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. – That, I have to make
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? – (FBE) A nice end table
for any home. – An end table?
Okay, that can’t be too hard. – (FBE) And finally, you have
a bird house. – Oh yeah, I don’t need a bird house. – I feel like this could be tricky
in 10 minutes. Just ’cause you have to know
where everything goes. I think I’m gonna try
to do the table. – I need the challenge,
and I also need a table. So I’ll go for the table. – I kinda wanna do the IKEA one,
but I’m nervous, ’cause I know for sure
it’s gonna be a lot harder than it looks, but I’m gonna go ahead
and bypass the sandwich and the birdhouse,
and go with this IKEA furniture. Frickin’ Tim Allen
on like Home Improvement. – (FBE) Three, two, one, go! – I’m gonna use my teeth,
even though you shouldn’t, but I don’t have scissors with me. – Alright, first thing’s first,
let’s obviously get our pieces down. 10 minutes, right?
– (FBE) 10 minutes. – Alright, let’s see. So let’s spend at least three minutes trying to figure out what is what. – This other one goes on the bottom
so that when you pull it out, it’s gonna go here like that. – Yeah, okay. This has to be the bottom part. – I’m gonna go ahead and say
that it’s this way, just because it wouldn’t make sense
for it to be like this. – Okay, this one, ha, I knew it. – Yes, there we go. Still don’t know if that’s
the bottom or the top, but that has to be the top. – What I’m gonna go
is put this here, put this here. Uh oh. Oh no, we’ve already
ran into problems. – Maybe those are for
the bottom of the things, so that it doesn’t scratch your… – Change of plans! Wait, how did I get it to stick?
Hold on! – Instructions help,
because I don’t even know what this looks like. So that’s where
the struggle is right now. Plus, I see these things,
and I don’t see anywhere to put them. – Dude, instructions are so important,
and we have none! – We’re gonna put that there. (piece clicks) Oh, that sounded nice! – Oh, wait a second. That wouldn’t make sense though,
why are there four screws? – Okay, they have to go somewhere.
It can just go like this. And then you stick it somewhere. – You know what?
I have an idea. We’re gonna do this.
Alright, then! Ha? – Boom, I met.
Cool, well, this doesn’t look sturdy at all. – Okay, so all I’m doing
is using the one that they gave me to almost throw that on my head. – There’s these teeths,
like this thing, that’s supposed to fit somewhere. But the problem is finding out
where it does fit? – Bro, that looks good.
– (FBE) Sturdy? – Nope. (laughs)
Not at all. She’s very wobbly. – This goes here. – Take this out, oh my God.
(yells) – (FBE) You alright?
– (laughs) We’re good. – Let’s try something
I haven’t tried before. That!
I am a genius! – Oh, that’s actually cute. That’s nice, that’s a nice table. – (FBE) You did it correctly,
and so Sheila, you get to take that home!
– Shut up! Shut up, really? I feel so proud!
Dad, are you proud? – I have to find out
where the screws go. They have to go somewhere. Dude, you know what’s crazy? (screams)
I found it, wait! – Because it’s so wobbly,
we need something to stabilize it, and it obviously has no screws,
so it’s probably gonna be this base. Yes, yes! – Okay, there we go! – But I’m just gonna go ahead
and put that there. Actually, I want
the black side on top. Personal preference, you know?
Boom! – Alright.
I feel like I’m done. – Boom, you have yourself
some IKEA furniture. – (FBE) I think you did it!
– Woo! Yeah!
– No way! How cool!
I’m proud of myself! The hard part is getting the picture
of what it is. But once you kinda get that,
and then you kinda like, everything falls into place. – (FBE) Alright!
– Oh no! – (FBE) For your next round, you’ll have 20 minutes
to put together… – 20 minutes!?
– (FBE) 20 minutes. – Oh, that’s not bad! – (FBE) Put together a pull-up bar.
– A pull-up bar? I actually want one!
– (FBE) This is a bar cart. – Oh, that’s so cool!
Oh, I need that. Alcohol, yes please. – (FBE) So we’ve got
a LEGO Star Wars kit. – I’m not doing that. Like, that is gonna take me
way more than 20 minutes. – My little brother has
that exact same LEGO Star Wars kit, and I can not for the life of me, we spent like half an hour
trying to do it. – You cannot build something
with LEGOs unless you know what you are building. I’m gonna do this pull-up bar. – I’m gonna go with this,
with the pull-up thing. My boyfriend’s birthday
was like two days ago. – Yep, 20 minutes, right?
– (FBE) Let’s do it! – Yeah, we can do it in 20 minutes.
– (FBE) In three, two, one, go! – Alright, so this one,
right off the bat has a piece of styrofoam,
so I’m assuming this goes against the door. – Yay, it’s like unwrapping a present. – This one’s gonna be
the one that goes on the door. So, I already [bleep] up. (laughs)
I already don’t know what this is. – This is actually really hard,
looking at this, I don’t see the shape, ’cause a lot of them
kinda look the same. – Dude what the [bleep]?
Okay, handle, handle. – Oh, it goes like this, yeah! How the hell am I
gonna do that by myself? That is a two people job. – Nah, that doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t make sense to go that way.
Oh wow, this is hard! – What, is it an S? It would help if I’m
like seeing one of these. Let’s just try to get them
to be similar. – These little holes are
gonna tell you where things go, and there’s no hole in the back, so this doesn’t go with that. So that would line up there. – Ah, I hate this! – You literally have to
do something really random in order to get on track, and that’s how you build these things
without instructions. – [bleep]
Those two are different size. – This is a lot more,
a lot harder than I expected. – Now I gotta figure out
what the hell this is. – Lines up. (laughs) I don’t know what I’m doing. – One two, no it’s…
[bleep] – This is probably,
I feel like is gonna be the hardest one, regardless.
Like, I know there’s another level, but I feel like this one’s
gonna be the hardest, just because there is no shape. Damn it, I’m kinda bummed, ’cause I really wanted this. – This is really hard. Yeah, I don’t think
I’m gonna get this one. – There’s like a square hole,
and this is a square hole. But then where the freak
would this go? And where would that go? – Ah, this is stressing me out. This is not gonna
take it away from me. – This, I feel like, goes here, because it looks like it fits well. – If I just knew how this looked
when it was built, I can very obviously
put it together. – I’m doing it.
I think I’m, this, it’s starting to fit.
– Yay! – (FBE) Alright it’s done, you got…
– Oh [bleep]. – (FBE) What’s wrong?
– Oh no, it’s fine. – Oh, huh, interesting. This looks correct. – This.
Oh my God, wait. – I literally don’t know
what I’m doing, so, it’s just not gonna happen. – So like that, and like that. And then this one
can go in the middle! That looks right, okay.
Let’s do it! (laughs) – I’m assuming it goes this way. – (FBE) Alright Alberto,
that is time. – [bleep].
(buzzer rings) (laughs) Well, that was,
I got one screw in. – Something tells me
something’s not right. – (FBE) Well, unfortunately Brittany,
you got close, but that is time. – I didn’t finish it? – (FBE) Alright, you did it! You’ve earned yourself
another piece of furniture. – Oh my goodness!
Seriously? – It’s hard to visualize these things
without actually seeing how it’s supposed to go. – Knowing where everything went
was really difficult. I probably should have gone
for the cart. I still have confidence
that whatever the last one is, I will be able to do it. – (FBE) For the grand finale, you’ll have 30 minutes
to put together either A…
– A Penny board! – (FBE) After that, you’ve got
an IKEA shelving unit. – Ah, I would need that! – (FBE) A Raspberry Pi kit,
which acts as an emulator for old video games. – That’s gonna be a no for me. – I’d probably frickin’
light this building on fire if I even tried messing with this. – I think I’m gonna go for this one. – We’re gonna do this. – Damn, I really want this board. This is a really cool board. – (FBE) In three, two, one, build! – Okay. So, these sound like screws and stuff. – First of all, we need to
get our pieces together. – These are the wheels, outside,
bearings, trucks. Alright, let’s get started. – Oh wow, okay,
this looks like a door maybe. – Yes, this one’s the floor one. So let’s start building the floor. – Those look like
they’re middle things. We need two side things
and a top and a bottom thing. – I’ve never built
a Penny board before, that’s the problem. I’ve built like skateboards before. – (laughs) I really don’t know
if I’m actually gonna be able to do this one. – Oh my God. I don’t know what I’m doing. – [bleep] But then
what are all these pieces? What are all these screws for? – Still don’t know what you’re for,
but I will figure it out. You just hold on in there, okay? Which is the worst thing you can do
when you’re building something. You always have to know
what you’re doing. – I’m not gonna be able to do this!
(squeaks) – Oh, they’re all like that? (wheel clicks)
There you go. – This is very complicated, IKEA. You should do me a favor,
and chill the hell out! – Okay, these obviously
have to go here. Do they? So there were eight screws, so obviously those eight screws
need to go in those. But now the problem.
(screws clattering) Yeah, the problem is getting it
to like stay. – I thought I was gonna do
the doors last, but, apparently it’s gonna be
the easiest part. – Guys, we got that, is it right?
(laughs) – You know what?
I don’t even know if that’s right. (laughs) – I still don’t know what the hell
those are for. I haven’t used them at all, and there are tons of them in the box. Which means, I have to use them,
am I using them? No! – Would this be this one? – Dude, I have no idea how to do this! No. No, that’s not right. – I’m trying to make this
kinda fit in the same piece, but it’s just not… – Somehow go here. But then you put something. – Okay, let me at least
get the trucks on, like… At least get this. – Yeah, ’cause then that goes here,
yes! Okay, perfect! – I have to have every piece
on the thing, right? – (FBE) Yeah, there should not be
spare pieces at the end. – That’s a problem. – I did it wrong.
I did the first one wrong. Ugh, okay, I gotta flip it. – Yeah, that looks right.
Okay, so let’s just, okay. So we got, door. (laughs) Oh my God, it broke! I tried to close it,
and it like snapped. – (FBE) Well unfortunately,
you still have about 10 minutes left to go in this build,
but with that in mind, I don’t think you can build it
with it being that broken, so… – I don’t think so. – (FBE) Brittany, I’m gonna say
you failed this challenge. – I know!
(buzzer rings) – That doesn’t make sense! It can’t! It cannot be! It cannot be! – (FBE) Alright, Sheila.
– Is that it? – (FBE) That is time! – Oh no! I needed like an hour. – (FBE) Alright Alberto,
that is time. – [bleep]. I kinda have like a general idea
of where things are supposed to go, but I don’t, I couldn’t figure out
how exactly it went. – My mistake was trying to figure out
how to build it by looking at the big pieces,
when it was about looking at the small pieces. – I was getting close,
like I had an idea of what I was doing
for the pull-up one, but it was just,
it’s a lot of like little, little, little pieces.
It was really fun. I definitely would love
to try it again. – I think, just underestimating it. The skateboard, obviously,
it’s like it has to hold a person that weighs over 100 pounds. There’s obviously very specific ways
to put it together. I didn’t take those into account, and that’s why I was only able to build
an IKEA table. – Thanks for watching
You Build It, You Keep It on the REACT Channel. – Subscribe to see
what other things we build next. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here
from the REACT Channel. If you liked this episode,
then you gotta subscribe, because we’ve got new shows like this
coming at you all the time. Plus, you might just see
a second episode of You Build It, You Keep It.
Bye guys!

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  2. I really love these challenges and the try not to eat challenges.. They actually teach to work for your stuff and to deal with consequences. Pretty cool!..its kind of a life

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  5. For the last challenge, one of the options is a Raspberry Pi kit. On my desk I have:
    – A Raspberry Pi 2, no-IR camera, and WiFi dongle in a case with a RetiCAM camera-tripod adapter set up as a portable network camera;
    – A Raspberry Pi 3B+ brand new in a box waiting for something to do;
    – A dead Odroid C2 I'm using for testing PCB and physical-dimension layouts;
    – A working Odroid C2 I'm using for a project;
    – A few other microcontroller development boards for a few other projects;
    – A stack of custom PC boards for yet another project;
    – A bag full of electronic parts for yet more projects.

    I'd have gone for the shelf kit.

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