China’s trillion dollar plan to dominate global trade

There’s a new highway in Pakistan. And a new rail terminal in Kazakhstan. A sea port in Sri Lanka recently opened. As well as this bridge in rural Laos. What’s interesting is that they’re all
part of one country’s project that spans 3 continents and touches over 60% of the world’s
population. If you connect the dots, it’s not hard to
see which country that is. This is China’s Belt and Road Initiative — the
most ambitious infrastructure project in modern history that’s designed to reroute global
trade. It’s how China plans to become the world’s
next superpower. It’s 2013 and Chinese president, Xi Jinping is giving a speech in Kazakhstan where he
mentions the Ancient Silk Road: A network of trade routes that spread goods,
ideas, and culture across Europe, the Middle East, and China as far back as 200 BC. He then says: “we should take an innovative approach and
jointly build an economic belt along the Silk Road”
A month later, Xi is in Indonesia: “The two sides should work together to build a maritime silk road for the 21st century” These two phrases were the first mentions
of Xi’s legacy project, the multi-trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI. They’re also the two components of the plan. There’s an overland Economic Belt of 6 corridors
that serves as new routes to get goods in and out of China. Like this railroad connecting China to London. And these gas pipelines from the Caspian sea to
China And a high-speed train network in South East
Asia. Then there’s the maritime silk road — a
chain of seaports stretching from the South China Sea to Africa that also directs trade
to and from China. The BRI also includes oil refineries, industrial
parks, power plants, mines, and fiber-optic networks – all designed to make it easier
for the world to trade with China. So far, over 60 countries have reportedly
signed agreements for these projects. And the list is growing, because China promotes
it as a win-win for everyone. Take, for example, the BRI’s flagship project:
Pakistan. Pause for Pakistan
Like many countries in Central and South Asia, Pakistan has a stagnant economy, and a corruption
problem. It wasn’t a popular place for foreign investment,
that is until China came along. In 2001, China offered to build a brand new
port in the small fishing town of Gwadar. By 2018, the port as well as highway and railway
networks became a $62 billion dollar Corridor within the BRI. It’s where the Economic Belt meets the Maritime
Silk Road. And it seemed to benefit both countries. Pakistan saw its highest GDP growth in 8 years
and forged a tight relationship with a major world power. China, on the other hand, secured a new alternative
route for goods, especially, oil and gas from the Middle East. Through projects like these, it also found
a way to boost its economy. Chinese construction companies that had fewer
opportunities within their own country saw a huge boost from BRI contracts — 7 out
of the 10 biggest construction firms in the world are now Chinese. What tips the balance in China’s favor even
more is a requirement that it be involved in building these projects. In Pakistan for example, Chinese workers have
directly built projects, like this highway here, and a Chinese firm has worked with locals
on a railway here in Serbia. China’s involvement is one of its very few
demands and that’s set these deals apart so far. See, typically, to get investment from the
West, countries have to meet strict ethical standards. But China’s offered billions of dollars
— mostly in loans — with far fewer conditions. So, it’s no surprise the BRI has been a
big hit with the less-democratic countries in the region. China has signed agreements with Authoritarian
governments Military regimes. And some of the most corrupt countries in
the world. It’s even affiliated with, Afghanistan,
Ukraine, Yemen, and Iraq; all currently splintered by conflict. Because of China’s willingness to loan money
to unreliable countries, many experts have called the BRI a risky plan. Eventually, these countries will have to pay
China back — but corruption and conflict make that payback unlikely. A recent report found that many countries
indebted to China are vulnerable, including 8 that are at high risk of being unable to
pay. So why does China keep lending? Because there’s more to the BRI than just
economics: In Sri Lanka, China loaned about 1.5 billion dollars for a new deep-water port. It was a key stop on the Maritime Silk Road. But by 2017 it was clear Sri Lanka couldn’t
pay back the loan, so instead, they gave China control of the port as part of a 99-year lease. China also controls the strategic port in
Pakistan – where it has a 40-year lease, It’s pushing for a similar agreement in Myanmar,
and it just opened an actual Chinese naval base in Djibouti. These are all signs of what’s called the
String of Pearls theory. It predicts that China is trying to establish
a string of naval bases in the Indian Ocean that will allow it to station ships and guard
shipping routes that move through the region. So while China’s not getting its money back,
its still achieving some very important strategic goals. China’s growing influence challenges the
status of the US, which has been the world’s lone super-power for the last several decades. Isolation is trending in the US meaning it’s
investing less and therefore losing influence around the world. The BRI is China’s way of leveraging power
to become a global leader. By building relationships and taking control
of global trade, China is well on its way.

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  2. USA financially helped Hitler (OK, not only USA). Then USA helped to some Islamist groups. In 80s USA created modern China: it helped them with technologies, they relocated a lot (most?) of manufacturing to China, they gave them a lot of orders, they created The Chinese Great Firewall. Today USA armed Saudi Araby with good modern weapons. What is USA doing at the moment? I don't know, but probably USA is creating for themselves a new powerful enemy that will threaten them… why? mmm just for lulz

  3. Tump's america is not paying any attention to chinese new plan to rule world, he is very shy and not properly countring along with india ,as obama was doing.!!!

  4. And when that day come, America will not win another war and his time for defeat will erase and eradicate him absolutely. China is befriending all America's enemies in a humble and gradually pace. While America stand up looking and can't do a thing. Remember they world hates America and is willing by any chance to perish his country, and that is what's building up. The book known as "The Art of War", was written by a Chinese.

  5. Since every country treat Chinese badly in history, Chinese rise their country on their own method. The Western world feel uncomfortable for this, and Hong Kong people also feel uncomfortable for this.

  6. If people know where the funds the China uses for building this new Silk Road come from, they won’t praise how clever the China is… And when they realize what is hidden under the money free to take on the table, they’ll be even angry 😠 Just remember that everything and every move concerning trades in this world require their payment💰.

  7. To these countries
    US = Destruction, Spending money in wars like selling weapons of billions of dollars, America is also the biggest seller of weapons in middle east,
    China = Spending money in trade, Giving boost in GDP, spending billions of dollars in creating roads railways hydropower plants in pakistan etc
    Let's hope china will continue to help others countries…….
    Pak-China friendship Zindabad

  8. China : trade
    Real intention 1: trade surplus
    Real intention 2: loans with high interest.
    Real intention 3: failed to pay loan. Hand over me your land for 99 years.

    Win win

  9. USA has infrastructure from the 60s,education system including collage is a joke an scam,no health care,few social services that you pay for,no wage increase with inflation,are we really a super power?

  10. China has become very powerful country, an enemy will hate it a friend will love it. So you decide which one are u?

  11. Right now china owns around 10 percent of Australia already soon we will make our control on many countries. Then it will be end for US and European nations

  12. ultimately they have done what credit card company's have and that's borrow something so high that they will never be able to pay it back.

  13. You are naive if you cant see that these ports will be military ports when China decides its time to take over the world. The countries they are picking to build ports and roads are the countries that dont have any chance to defend themselves. WW3 is coming.

  14. The reason India didn't join
    – CPEC Passes thru Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and India was kept out of the loop. Sovereignty issue.
    – This is by Chinese for Chinese of Chinese. None of these countries would be able to use or develop local companies or businessmen. Basic raw material is also brought in from China.
    End users would also be mostly Chinese companies.
    – Workforce also from China makes no sense for any developing country with more than 50mn ppl. 50k workers from China making roads in Pakistan and Pakistani labourers making infrastructure in and around Dubai.
    – Potential Loan trap
    – Some of the projects India feels it can do it by itself albeit in 2x time but surely 'indigeniosly'

    Most Indians will think point 1 is the most important reason but 2 and 3 are the real solid ones.


  16. All those infrastructures that China build is to be used when they want to invade other countries. Port, highway, railway, airport…easy way to deployed their armies. I am getting worried each day as my country is going to be used by China. Better get ready Asians….

  17. "All roads lead to Rome"

    Or in this case "All roads lead to Beijing"

    Hard to hate China even when the motive is fully understood but hey the USA isnt any better so I guess good job China

  18. It is like i have traveled into an other dimension of time. Seeing the rise of China and Russia as super powers is like fantasizing about the unimaginable.
    Many of us are still standing in in awe how fast this development has come and the challenge it opposes to the anglo American establishment!

  19. this plan has a simple but obvious flaw, it's a success will bring its own failure, i.e the more effective China has in the distribution of its goods, it's manufacturing dominance becomes weakened as manufacturing decentralizes across the nodes of this network which it would. Basically this plan relies on China remaining the workshop of the world, which this plan pretty much ensures it won't, amazing they haven't managed to spot this one. That is why China is not a threat.

  20. china is name of helping ,money ,bridges swallowing small countries…and enlarging their route…bt india is the only country opposing behind maybe they fight directly usa bt not india bcoz one of biggest conumer of chinese produts india and largest growing economy power is india…lets see future.

  21. All the countries have to work together how stop 🏴Chinese Government buying&controlling the🌍 free world?🤓

  22. Democracy keeps people divided as individual egos and prevents them from accomplishing great things. It should be self evident as to why an autocratic nation is superior to a democratic nation. Democracy is a sickness on a nation that slowly kills it. Autocracy is the cure.

  23. another effective and efficient plan to pass through USA satellites programs formulas nuke guardianships is to Invent by scattered parts all over the world a very powerful satellites global combinations with super satellites central commands very much hidden and yet de activated until the right time ! These when completed on earth immediately upon completion launches non stop waves of firing towards outerspace USA Nuclear satellites commands centers that is to challenge their Nuclear beams formulas programs to detect how advance are their formulas ! Upon detections of slight realizations by super Battleships computers ! That is if USA Led satellites nuclear formulas programs are too advance then CHINA Must deactivate yet and back down while studying again another way to overtake the Nuclear formulas advancements of USA ! Because to insist to fire on USA NUke satellites might destroy China and all Asia because USA won't hesitate to fire on China even drop a warhead from Outerspace ! So do not provoke USA ! China leave to Japan the slight detections of how advance USA is because it can only be done by Softest Wares of slight formulas units of Formulas energies covers because once USA detects any nuclear formula movements programs they are going to switch on the Mother Computersystems automatic response to search and destroy ! Beware !! Warning ! USA Latest Update slightest examples most advance formula firelight is like a fireflies on earth so small and seem harmless but these are actual invisible nuclear units of formulas flying all over earth and outerspace all at the same time by Dimensions to other starzones testing experiments or by Horizon meant the shadows and lights decrease and increase of Lights of Sun and Earthlights reactions to each other , By twilight means the reactions of lights on earth with starslights , By Barriers means involves the factorial detections involvements of all living creatures on earth such that energies formulas are passing through the ears of humans and beast and continue to develop rapid advancements from Mother computers such that speed is done by super Mathematics because USA is using Mothercomputers now instead of Humans in super advancements decisions and all time works by formulas sped developments . They did these passing all scientific works on mother computer since about middle eighties and very final in the late years of the eighties ! Now a sparkle of light from USA satellites test survival transformations from energies to living spirits and have attemptd the Fission and fusion of nuclear lights that is to say they failed on these experiments worstening even during the nineties and even now ! Fusiosn and fission defines the all of a sudden assemblies of greatest nuclear energies combining all to form as large as stars and yet capable to be in the human form or any creature that can decide on it's own that is fusion but Fission refers to the combinations uses of all atoms earth and outerspace and all smaller units of energies nuclear formulas to form smaller types of creatures that are alive in the hope to develop the most advance souls of human images immediately ! These are all failures of USA ! So they shifted on the uses of Mothercomputers and battleships instead of creatures designs because these is yet easier ! Their problem eversince the cold war is what if the ancestors of Human races out race them in spiritual afterlife scientific Epic researches ! So that is their problem because they could not believe that arc angel Michael cannot surpass all living flesh scientific physical and enrgy experiments and if Arc angel Michael does surpass the living human physical Bodies scientific quest of perfections then does it mean also that ARc angel Michael and the rest of ancestors and angels passes infos on other racial ancestors ! These means a lot concerning Rascisms now on who can actually be winners victors of nuclear life race by human physical bodies and afterlife ancestral forces ! Because certainly Michael favors also all races of Humans and considers them all His children ! So it so foolish for the whites to be so overconfident that to think that arc angel Michael and all angels shall heed all Whites request to annihilate all coloured races ! because that is so improbable to Mother earth and Mother Sun and Mother Moon and all Mother Stars , in fact it is ridiculous ! Anyway my front is the afterlife all creatures involved even aliens on super ancestral frontiers and spiritual advancements of LIFE FORCES for Mother Earth Mainly first on the hUman Images frontlines !! >>> I never wanted to understimate any challenge or overstimate any Problem ! .. Courteously and Sincerely CHINA ! I LOVE YOU all Union of HUmankind!

  24. If India was never divided up.. then China could have never been able to come so far… All the countries surrounding India that were earlier a part of India are now under debt because of China…. N it's the strong democratic identity of India that is preventing China to enter this big region….

  25. The west had plenty of time to help make the world a better place but chose oppression of developing countries through military and economic means so you can control the peoples and their resources! So don't blame others for your own failures and crimes!

  26. Sooooooo, Germany could just own the stuff that Greece did with their money from Germany to solve Greek corruption problem

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  28. But the Malaysia warned the Philippines about this.. I'm half Philippines.. So..this is the Chinese money trap…China is made by the world.. And soon.. The China will own the world now..

  29. As a Indian I am happy that China is helping developing countries unless it compromises with sovereignty of that country.

  30. I laughed at the part where they stated that China is more willing to make deals with dictatorial countries than the West, taking into account the amount of western money flowing to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sudan… And all the countries China is trading with as well.

  31. So what's the down side of that??? If China wants to help then so be it. If their people migrate to these countries, what's so wrong about that? Chinese people will provide work and income to the locals like what they do in the Philippines (SM Supermalls and Philippine Airlines to name a few). As long as they don't manipulate the locals and destroy their identity I think we are all good here. How about the so called "The Great County On Earth" what does it do to help these developing countries??? Nothing! Appreciate your video though.


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