Clash Of Kings :Building Expansion/Reform & Gain Additional Attribute #CokExclusive (WITH SUBTITLES)

Hey Guys, Welcome back, this is castle BAT, and today again, I bring a video from the test server. Before we start the video, I must say, as this is a test server, so features, stats shown in this video are for reference only, the actual data may vary based on situations. So in this video, we will talk about the buildings expansion feature. As you can see here, in many of the buildings inside our castle, we have this expand option. All the troop buildings have this expand option, the castle itself has this option too, and of-course other building too have this option. So let’s see what we can do with this expand option. So there are two parts to it. First you can do basic construction, and expand your buildings to level 30, this will give increase in your stats, depending on the building you are expanding. Now once you have maxed out the basic construction of a building, then you can further perform constructional reformation Constructional Reformation apart from increasing stats, also give additional attribute. So as I keep talking about my castle defense, as my castle defense is very important for me, so we will see how this expand and reform option can help me improve my defense. So let’s check the Barracks building, as you can see here the Basic Construction will give additional infantry buff, Health, Attack and Defense. Once we are done with the basic construction, then we the reform option gets unlocked. So I will first like to expand to get my infantry HP high, then focus on defense and damage. Now once you finish the reform option, the barrack building gives you infantry damage, very critical attribute. So now let’s check the various stages of building reform. Here you can see the different levels that you can reach in building reform. As you keep going to higher levels in reform, you gain more and more stats, and of-course maxing out will give you additional attribute. Like the castle reform gives me offensive damage. So now talking about other buildings that can be expanded and reformed. Turrets can be expanded and reformed, they will improve your defense and it also gives special attribute to increase defensive damage. With 2 turrets, you can gain 10% defensive damage, that is really cool. Likewise you can expand and reform the other troops buildings. Now if you are a rally maker, you may want to expand the hall of war, and gain buff to have additional size of your rally. You can also expand the Embassy, and gain attribute to increase your castle reinforcement size, and hence do better when defending rallies. You can also expand and reform the college to increase science speed. So with this expand and reform we have a lot of options to increase the stats. And of-course as you keep expanding and reforming buildings, you will gain rewards in the god of construction event. So this expand and reform option is very useful, I will suggest you to expand those buildings first that improve your defense. Now you can gather in sea the items that are needed for expansion and reform, plus there are packs too, that you can buy to get these materials. So I hope this helps, give us suggestions in the comment section, let us know about any topic you want a video guide on. Keep watching our channel, share, subscribe and like our videos, and most importantly have fun, bye bye.

20 thoughts on “Clash Of Kings :Building Expansion/Reform & Gain Additional Attribute #CokExclusive (WITH SUBTITLES)

  1. That's good to have a demo Castle but since you have the privilege I've seen all this for free how much would it cost to upgrade for an example Infantry how many packs to buy for Black Gold?bat

  2. Nothing been explained , we need to know how many black stones does it need to upgrade them to lvl 30 and how many white stones to expand them , anyway thanks for the video.

  3. Hi Batman I wanna know one thing if we are going to expand infantry hp to level 30 how much stones it will take?

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