CoBuying a Home: Customer Story

My name is Genya Shimkin and I bought a home with CoBuy with my partner and our family. Each of us had our parents involved as well. So my dad helped out with the down payment, and my partner’s family also helped. A lot of our questions were around how is this going to work? What will it actually look like in reality? Is there any liability? We definitely had questions about how we would combine finances. And particularly because not everyone contributed the exact same amount, what if somebody who’s involved in the CoBuy has to stop working for some reason and doesn’t have an income anymore? What if someone passes away? What if some catastrophic thing happens? I think the big thing for us was making sure everybody felt like they were secure in their investment. Having a neutral third party was essential for us in this process. Knowing that there was a system in place for us already and that they would walk us through step-by-step feeling like everybody could have that peace of mind, of knowing what their responsibility was knowing what they were responsible for , and maybe more importantly what they weren’t responsible for really helped all of us feel more secure in the arrangement. There’s so much that we don’t know and you need to rely on professionals who do know that stuff, who you can trust. I would absolutely recommend CoBuy to folks looking to buy a home together.

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