3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Tractor-Trailer Crashes Into Home In Bucks County

  1. Yet another reason why Coca-Cola is hazardous to your health. I'm sure the driver is reading the want-ads this morning. Not even the Teamsters will stand up for this guy. But hey, thanks for providing the rest of us with some entertainment. As for the driver, who "suffered minor injuries," don't worry – the entire world is laughing at you now. I know that I sure am. Think I'll go have a Pepsi.

  2. This can happen in dense fog..  Looks like less about 50 feet from the curb to the front of the house.   I don't see skid marks, but with a wet road its hard to tell.
    .. Could be the driver didn't know he was off the road till he hit the curb.

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