Coming Home 🏠

– [Ruby] So are you nervous? – Yeah.
– How are you feeling? – I’m pretty nervous,
just like I was nervous seeing you guys. – Chaddie! – Chad!
– Oh, gosh! (giggles) – (screams) Chad! (giggles) I’m home, this is crazy. I’ve got so much stories.
– Yeah? – There’s so much dirt, ew!
– Ew! – [Ruby] She backs away (laughs). (women laughing) The kids are so grossed out by it. – Are we going in my room?
(child chuckles) – Ready?
– Okay. – One, two, three. – Oh, my goodness! (peppy funk music) (groovy funk music) That’s perfect. – Good morning, passengers,
we are going home. (groovy funk music) – [Chad] Mom, did you get a protein drink? – [Ruby] I did. – That’s a first. – [Ruby] Yeah, instead
of just chocolate milk. – [Chad] Instead of your Shamrock Clouds, you got your Core Power. – [Ruby] (chuckles) I’m
trying to eat healthy. (groovy funk music) So, are you nervous?
– Yeah. – [Ruby] How are you feeling? – I’m pretty nervous,
just like I was nervous seeing you guys, scared for seeing them. – [Kevin] Aw, there’s gonna
be nothing but love here. – [Chad] Oh, yeah. (relaxing harmonica music) Oh, my gosh, they’re in the window! – Chaddie! – Chad!
– Oh, gosh! (giggles) – (screams) Chad! (laughs) – [Chad] Oh, my gosh! – [Shari] Your voice is so
low, what happened to you? Wait, say something. – I lost my voice. (girls laughs)
Oh, my gosh. – His voice is so low! – [Abby] He sounds like he’s 20, mom. – Little, oh, my god,
you guys are so tall. – [Shari] How did you lose your voice? – So good to see you guys. I got sick,
(Shari laughs) like the last day. Oh, my gosh, you’re so big! And you look like a model, you look 16! – 16!
– I can’t, my gosh. And you dude, oh, my. I’m home, guys.
– Yeah! – And he got, he was baptized. – He was baptized!
– And I got my box. – You got your box? – Uh huh, wanna see? – Oh the chest?
– Yeah. – Yeah, I’ll see, I need to show you guys all my little cool things. I got gifts for all of you. – Aw, really?
– Handmade. – Aw!
– I made. – And we made a nice dinner for you. (Chad groans excitedly)
– Yeah, we got asparagus, we made
peanut butter cookies. – We had four pans. – We had four pans.
– Four pans, wow. I’m home, this is crazy! I’ve got so much stories.
– Yeah? – It’s gone!
(all laugh) It’s gone! (laughs)
– Yeah, it’s gone. – [Ruby] No more six pack. – Well, I mean, you can
still like, kind of see it. Are you gonna start working out again?
– Oh, yeah. Wow, the garage door, and everything. Oh, the Segway seat thingy-ma-bobs. – Yeah, we got those.
– Oh, man. – [Ruby] Does the front of
the house look different? – Beautiful, oh, my gosh, it looks amazing.
– Did you ever see the basement? – No.
– No. – Oh, I don’t remember what
he has and hasn’t seen. – I walked in, and my beds were stacked, everything was taped on the walls. (Shari laughs)
– It’s completely different. (Sharing shushes)
It’s really cool. – Okay. Look at that. (all giggle)
Oh, my gosh, what’s that? – [Ruby] What do you think of the… (kids laugh) – [Chad] Oh, my gosh. – And I know how–
– It’s so weird seeing you in the house.
– To play the piano and the harp now.
– It’s so peaceful! (Shari laughs)
Lets keep it that way, guys. (all laugh) I’m gonna keep it peaceful from now on, no more yellIng or fighting. – Well, I know how to play
the piano and the harp. – Can you play me a song right now? It’s adorable. (mid-tempo piano music) – Yeah, I taught here that.
– I remember when you were a little baby, and
now you’re playing the piano! – [Julie] Yeah, I taught her that song. – Whoa!
– And I know how to play “Twinkle, Twinkle,
Little Star” on the harp. – Can you play that for me? (laughs) Okay.
(all laugh) (“Twinkle, Twinkle,
Little Star” harp music) – Check the quick fish trap.
(all giggle) – What, what did he say? – [Ruby] He has to check a fish trap. That means he has to go pee. – Oh.
– Oh. – [Ruby] And if he has
to go check a bear trap– – Oh.
– That means he has to go poop.
(women giggle) – [Shari] Did he learn
this when he was gone? – Yeah. (laughs)
– Oh. (laughs) – I will say checking bear
traps out in the mountains made me appreciate toilets
a lot more. (chuckles) I checked four bear
traps while I was gone. – All right, one more. Okay, so look in here first. – [Ruby] Have you seen
this room all put together? – Yeah, I did, I did.
– Wait, come look downstairs. – I did see this room. – [Shari] You have to look downstairs. – [Chad] Wow! – [Julie] It’s kind of messy,
we just got out of there. – Just, what, what the? Dude!
– My crown! – It’s looks like, aw,
that’s such a pretty crown. And, holy crap.
– It’s surround speakers. – You’re gonna love this room.
– We got surround speakers, we’ve got speakers behind the couches. – I heard that you guys
got the Xbox taken. (kids laugh) – We didn’t care though.
– That’s okay, though, that’s okay.
– It was okay. (Chad sighs)
(kids laugh) Are we going to my room? – Yeah.
– Oh, okay. – Ready?
– Okay. – One, two, three. – Oh, my goodness!
(kids giggle) ANASAZI! What? What?
– This is my– – What?
(all laugh) What? – This is my box.
– Your bathroom has a new picture, too, Chad. – What? Pfft!
(all laugh) Pfft, like–
– We didn’t do anything in there.
– I know, but like, it’s my closet, like…
(all laugh) – My stuff! (laughs) Oh! – [Abby] You got a picture
in your bathroom, too. – [Kevin] We left some space for you to hang up your stuff from ANASAZI, too. – Oh, my gosh. – [Eve] You also got a new box. – Yeah, I love this so much.
(kids giggle) – Go look at your bathroom.
– I’m overwhelmed. (all giggle)
I will, I’m gonna read this first.
– That’s a cute letter. – “Chad, I miss you a lot. I’m glad that you are coming
on October 5, 2019, (chuckles) and your room is awesome, really. And, I don’t know if we are
going to get a punching bag, (chuckles) but that’s okay.
(kids giggle) So, I don’t care what our
room is going to be like.” Thank you, Russell, that
is very sweet of you. I enjoyed your other letters, too. It was awesome.
– Well, this is your bed. – This is, is this my bed? – Yeah.
– Okay. And, are they the same size? – No.
– No. – Oh, that’s a little
smaller, but that’s okay. – I got a new mattress.
– A new mattress? Yeah. – [Shari] Okay, go look at your bathroom. – I love this, and I love that. Wow, for hearts, home. – [Ruby] That’s the
actual one from ANASAZI, they took it off of the wall. – No, they didn’t.
– And they gave it to you. – [Ruby] And they gave it to you. – Wow, that is–
– They’ll get a new one made for them. – That is so sweet of them, wow. Everything just looks
so new, guys, like… (Chad whistles)
– Fresh start. – (whistles) Wow. Are you excited to live
in our little area, our man cave?
– Yeah! – (chuckles) Our man cave.
(Ruby laughs) – [Chad] Wow! We’re gonna have a lot of fun, dude. – [Kevin] Chad was like, he
had a layer of dirt on him. – [Shari] That’s gross. – [Abby] That’s okay, you took a shower, right?
– When you showered, was it like, black? (all chuckle)
– Yeah. – There’s so much dirt, ew!
– Ew! – [Ruby] She backs away. (laughs) (Shari laughs) – Did you make that?
– Did you make that knife? – I made the sheath. – Oh, that’s cool.
– This is is a century blade in this part.
– Why are you whispering? – ‘Cause I don’t want
to talk a ruin my voice. – [Kevin] It’s really lowering. – That’s really cool.
– Oh, yeah. – [Shari] Did you eat with that? What you do for it?
– That’s my cooking knife, and this is my knife, I made this. So, I took the blade,
and it was just a blade, and I found an antler,
and I boiled the antler, and shoved the blade inside of the antler. And then, got Super Glue
and mixed it with charcoal, and made that, and then,
carved a C into it. And then, took turquoise
powder that I found, and Super Glue–
– Where did you find turquoise powder? – You can find all kinds of stuff.
– The rocks, mother. Did you grind up a rock? – Russell’s gifting is in this. (child coughs)
– It’s a tick! (all laugh) – [Ruby] The kids are
so grossed out by it. – It’s a Cadillac hubcap.
– Chad, why would you bring that home? (laughs)
(Ruby laughs) – Memories. (laughs) – [Kevin] You said, now what were you telling us about metal?
(hubcap thuds softly) You said, out there, anything you find is metal–
– Anything you find metal, you use for a stove, ’cause
they don’t use any stoves. Oh, I still have the food. (laughs) – [All] Oh! – Now, it’s old, it will last for a week.
– It’s fresh, it’s brand new. – So, we got lentils.
– Ew. – Couple macs. – [Kevin] That’s your lunch today, kids. – Is that a potato? Ew! (laughs)
(Chad chuckles) – [Ruby] (gasps) Oh, you have the potatoes and onions in there still? – Beans, these are beans.
– Is that like a bean? What are those? – Grits, you know the ramen flavor that you put in your ramen?
– Oh! (coughs) – That’s ramen flavoring,
pepper, grits, butter. (chuckles) – (laughs) Ew! – [Kevin] Ask Chad what
his favorite snack is now. – [Shari] Is it butter? What is it? – Milk.
– Powdered milk. – Powdered milk.
– He made a dipping stick, and he would like dip it like Fun Dip in powdered milk.
– Ew! – [Chad] Rice. – What are you doing?
– Oh, Chad! – I’m just emptying everything out. – This is so disgusting.
– Oh! – [Shari] Your toothbrush was in there with your dirty clothes?
(women giggle) – [Ruby] (laughs) His
toothbrush is sitting on dirty underwear right
there, that’s great. (watch clinks)
(Chad giggles) – [Shari] Whoa, where’d you get that? – Mom gifted it to me at Family camp. This is a stop watch, that– – Pocket watch.
– Pocket watch, that you have to reset everyday. And, it’s a resemblance of
everyday is a new beginning, and we always get to reset. And if feel like in the morning, we all need to just take a moment, and kind of reset our brains,
and learn to forgive others, and have a new beginning. So, yeah.
– Amen. – This represents that. And then, dad gifted me this ring. He got this in Hawaii. And see, there’s a shell in a thin wood. (parents sniffling)
It kind of just really represents our relationship, and how we’re completely
two different people, and we’re still can grow together. That’s my cup. – [Shari] That’s disgusting. – [Abby] We got to keep all this? – I think we should send Shari there. (Shari laughs) This feels so good to have all my family. – Group hug. – [Ruby] All of us together again. – Group hug.
– Mom. – Bring it in, bring it in. – [Eve] Wow, it’s so dark in here. (all laugh) – [Chad] I love you. – It was so dark, I was trapped. – (growling) I missed her so much! (all giggle) – Can’t believe you can carry me, too! – Well, I can’t think of a
better time to come home. We’re going to watch General Conference, and just put the camera down for two days. – And shave. – And shave, and shower.
– Oh, I look gross with my creepy
glasses that change in the sun, on my– – I look pretty gross, too. My eyes are all puffy. Thank you for watching. We’re so glad that Chad
is home, we’re so excited to have all of our family together again. Chad, you were nervous to
see everyone, you okay? – I’m good.
– It went well? – It all went well. Good to see, I’m happy to see all of them. Pretty amazing. (peppy funk music)

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